Two Young Hearts: Book 1

Sophie Foster made the worst mistake late at night... or, maybe the best accident.
(Rated M for a certain chapter, which I have labeled as Mature. All the ret is good for everyone)


3. Piecing It Together



Keefe ran up to Havenfield's doorstep first, but Sophie was right behind.

"Ha! I won," he declared triumphantly.

"H-Hey," Sophie panted, bending over and slipping off her shoes from her sore feet. "I was wearing heels."

She unlocked the door and they both rushed inside, getting away from the cold and immediately being envisioned in warmth. Sophie slid off her leather jacket and went straight to the kitchen and opened the fridge (or.... whatever elvin people use for fridges) , searching for food.

She had tried to walk in a straight line, but it ended up being wobbly and more like an odd zig-zag.

What's wrong with me? I'm drunk, aren't I? Grady would kill me...

"Hmmm... Oooh! Alden brought back some coke from his last mission in the Forbidden Cities!" Sophie announced excitedly, pulling out two of the glass bottles. She set them on the counter beside the fridge and then ducked her head straight back in, looking for some good leftovers. Sophie's eyes lit up when they landed on one particular food item.

Sophie gasped. "Mallowmelt!"

She grabbed out the dish and happily placed it next to the coke bottles. She closed the fridge and only when she turned around did she jump. Keefe was very close and standing right behind her.

"Keefe, don't do that! You scared me!"

Keefe kept his eyes locked on her bare arms and legs, not really paying attention to what she had said.

"Stop playing. It's not funny. Say something," Sophie said.

Keefe came closer and snaked an arm around her waist, pulling her flush up against him. Sophie gasped and Keefe leaned down and whispered into her ear, "You're beautiful, you know?"

Sophie blushed and realized her heart was beating loud and hard and she was breathing a little more faster. "K-Keefe, stop. You're drunk. You're saying thins get that you'll probably regret when you wake up and come to your senses."

Though, I'm probably just as drunk.

Keefe smirked into her hair. "Human references... What's 'drunk'?"

"Ok, well, maybe they have a different word for it here, but-"

Sophie let in a sharp intake of breath as she felt Keefe's breath on the skin of her neck. She shuddered as he breathed on her.

Keefe quietly snickered. "You like uh, admit it..."

"No, I don't. This is serio-"

Sophie let out a little yelp when his lips met her neck's sensitive skin and he pecked little kisses all around.

"Y-You shouldn't-"

Keefe slowly moved his way up to her jawline and Sophie thought she was going to lose her mind. Her heart and body thrummed.

She so badly wanted this. Needed this. Needed him.

Keefe's lips smiled on her skin as gently kissed near her ear, then peppered kisses down to her cheek and eventually got to the corner of her mouth.

Sophie's heart beat loudly in her ear as Keefe took a second to look into her eyes and smirk.

"M-Maybe we should-"

Keefe silenced her by covering her mouth with his and Sophie stiffened, staring open-eyes at him. Eventually, Sophie got into it and her eyes fluttered closed as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Without breaking the kiss, Keefe grabbed Sophie by the waist and hoisted her up off the ground. Sophie wrapped her legs around Keefe's hips and her back was pressed up against the fridge. Sophie let out a small whimper, she couldn't help it, and Keefe smiled against her lips before he broke away.

"Foster, those are some pretty strong emotions. What do you think your daddy would say?"

Sophie blushed madly. "Hey, you're the one who-"

Keefe kissed her again, except more firmly this time and any thoughts Sophie had of her retort melted and fizzled away.

Sophie knew this was getting serious by the way he began to touch her and how she could actually feel that his blood had begun to flow down south. His eyes twinkled, as well.

She was steaming hot, now, unlikely before and sweaty. Her hair was probably all messy and her breath most likely smelled of that horrid punch, but Keefe didn't seem to care. He just say there, gently kissing her.

Sophie and Keefe both broke apart and looked each other square in the eye.

"I-I hate you," Sophie said jokingly.

Keefe smirked. "Why?"

"Y-You got me wet! And this isn't my dress and I'm pretty sure some got onto it!"

Keefe laughed. "I didn't know ow I did did that to you Soph."

"Oh yeah?" Sophie challenged. "You're putching a rather large tent, mister."

Keefe rolled his eyes and kissed her harder and firmer than before and it left Sophie mind-blown. She strung her hand through his hair and relished the wet, heated, sloppy kiss.

They sent on for a few more minutes before they both had their fill of that and KEefe obviously wanted something more.


Sophie sighed. "Bedroom."

Keefe set her down and they both straightened their clothes, walking out of the kitchen and the then up stairs to the third floor. They stood in front of her bedroom door and before Sophie could open the door, Keefe pressed her up against it and kissed her agian. Sophie smiled big and bright against his mouth as she moved her hand along the door door, trying to find the door handle.

She found it eventually and opened the door, and the young both be Ike apart and stuff miles into the bedroom.

Sophie closed the bedroom door and her and Keefe sloppily and clumsily made their way to her bed. Keefe accidentally knocked over her lamp and Sophie giggled.

"O-Oops.." Keefe said as he climbed into the bed with her.

"Idiot," Sophie whispered as she wrapped an arm around his neck and hovered just above his lips.


Sophie's eyes went wide. "Slurps and Burps?"

Biana nodded.

"The store that Dex and Kesler work at?"

"Yes, Sophie," Biana said, rather annoyed.

"What's this about Slurps and Burps?"

Sophie and Biana jumped. "Ah!"

Spphie clutched her stomach. "Oh no..."

Biana got it and quickly flung up the toilet seat and Sophie wretched into it.

Della gasped. "Sophie! Biana, what's wrong with her?"

Biana nervously smiled answered chuckled. "Uh... W-well..."

Sophie took a deep breath and laid back against the bathtub edge again. "I... I don't really want to tell you. No offense."

Della frowned. "Why not? Sophie, you can trust me, you know that?"

Sophie shook her head. "You'll be disappointed in me. A-and then you'll tell Grady and Edaline a-and Alden won't want to talk to me ever again and Fitz and Dex won't ever even look at me and-"

"Sophie," Della said, stopping down and placing a hand on her shoulder. "I'm here for you. And if you don't want me to tell anyone, I won't. This will Ben out secret, ok?"

Sophie sighed. "Alright. I'll give you a hint. There's not just three people in this room."

Della frowned, not understanding. "What?"

Biana groaned. "Mom, she's pregnant!"

"Ok, we don't know that for sure," Sophie pointed out. 

Della nodded, finally understanding. "And I suppose you wanted a pregnancy test?"

Sophie nodded sheepishly as she stared at the tile floor.

Della stood up straight and pulled out a leaping crystal. "I'll be right back. And, Sophie, if you really are pregnant, we'll help you through everything, ok?"

Sophie nodded as the light swept Della away.


Oh boy...

Crappy chapter, sorry guys.

Love ya and until next time :)

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