Two Young Hearts: Book 1

Sophie Foster made the worst mistake late at night... or, maybe the best accident.
(Rated M for a certain chapter, which I have labeled as Mature. All the ret is good for everyone)


5. Healing Center

SETTING: This take some place about a week later from where we left off. Grady, Edaline, Fitz, Alden, Dex and Keefe have not figured out about Sophie's situation...




*laughing at my attempted evil laugh*


Sophie sat patiently on the cot in the Healing Center.

Della had ordered Sophie to go to Elwin for a checkup to make sure everything was all right with her and the baby.

At first, Sophie was hesitant, but the then Della pointed out that it could have been worse because she could have to be going to a total random elvin strange doctor, instead of Elwin.

Della talked delicately to Elwin about Sophie, ensuring that he would not tell anyone. Even Grady and Edaline.

"So..." Elwin said, entering the room and getting Sophie's attention. "How's it been going? Haven't see you at the Foster Center in a few days. New record."

Sophie blushed. "I'm guessing Della told you about..." Sophie indicated to her stomach.

Elwin nodded. "How have you been feeling lately? I see your stomach has started to expand a little."

Sophie looked down a tree her itty-bitty baby bump. "Yeah. I just... I can't believe that there's something living inside of me. Ya know?"

Elwin smiled as he came up but her on the cot. "I think I understand. Can you lay down for me and then I can show you your kid?"

Sophie frowned. "But I thought-"

Elwin shook his head. "I know that face and I know where you're going. You're gonna say something about how humans couldn't see their kid this early on. Well, guess what, Sophie? Elvin technology is advanced and I can even show you your baby's gender today, if you want."

Sophie's brows knit together. "Really?"

"Yes. Now, lay down, will ya?"

Solhie shrugged and laid back on the cot, waiting for Elwin to do something. He brought something like a tablet to her and Sophie frowned when when she looked at it but saw nothing. "Hey, I don't-"

Sophie gasped as Elwin snapped his fingers and a glowing orb appeared over her belly, then, the tablet-like-device sprang to life, showing a clear ultrasound.

"E-E-E-Elwin! I-I see it! Is that it?" Sophie asked excitedly, showing him the tablet and pointing to a little speck.

Elwin chuckled. "Yep."

It... It looks like a jellybean, Sophie thought. Jellybean! That's it! That's what's I can call you! How are ya doin' in there, Jellybean? You look so cute and tiny...

Elwin chuckled. "Sophie. I stopped a couple of minutes ago. The screen is blank."

She's shook her head, coming out of her trans to see that the screen really had gone black. "Oh..."

Elwin took it from her and laid it on another cot, then handed her a paper.

"Jellybean!" Sophie squealed when she a saw the ultrasound photo.


"It looks like a jellybean so that's what I'm calling it until it has a name." Sophie explained.

Elwin's face grew serious. "Have you decided to keep your kid?"

"Well, what, do you think I would just let it go and put it up for adoption?"

Elwin shrugged. "Well, I donno, does the father agree?"

Sophie clutched the photo to her chest. "I... I don't know who the father is."

"Do you want a DNA test for-"

"I don't think I want to know right now. There's just too much going on. Right now I just want to focus on Bean."

Elwin smiled. "Want to know what gender Bean is?"

Sophie nodded eagerly. 

"It's a..."



*gushing* I kinda want a Bean of my own. 😍

Also, sorry that this chapter was really bad. :(


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