More Than Friend

Harry Styles, a bad boy, loves Jade William and Luke Hemmings, her best guy friend, loves her as well...

Who did Jade William love?

Who mostly cares about Jade so much?

(Let find out!)


2. Prologue

More Than Friend





Luke Hemmings...

Who is it?

Look like you don't know a lot about him but I do.

He's Australian but he moves to America, kind of my older brother, kind, opened mind, never keep his secret to tell me about everything except the one who he like, easy to talk and being a fair person.

That's his personal.

We met at Middle school and apply to the same high school but now we were about to enter this high school together.

"I'm so excited!" I say excitingly.

Who am I?

I run toward the gate, I jump to turn to meet his beautiful sky eyes and his pale skin as he stops to walk to see me.

I give him a nice, wild smile and we were standing here as he stands further than where I stand here.

My name is Jade William.

We're 9th grade (We're 14 years old) and yep, we're freshmen.

He gives me a mature smile on his lip and he walks toward where I stand here.

"Come on!" I say, acting like a child.

We enter the high school while we examine at everything in the school and I run with Luke's arm toward the reception.

We say our name to the receptionist and they give us our schedule, our lessons.

We went to the locker as I examine sadly to see our schedule and we arrived at our locker. 

"We have a few classes together which is Algebra, Physical and History. We barely see ecah other." I say sadly.

"It's okay!" Luke says with his Austiralia accent as he put his hand on my shoulder.

"We see each other lots of times when we go home and come here. See? This..." He pauses.

He lets go of my shoulder and point toward the schedule papers.

"... is perfect. We have a different interest of something."

Luke's right!

He has a point.

You see, I'm so into Fashion and Luke's into musical, sometimes he wants to be basketball but he doesn't do it.


He told me!

He likes to sing a lot and play the guitar.

I look up at him and I go around where he stand as I got my locker.

"You're right!" I say.

I sigh sadly when I look down on the floor, and I put my lot of notebooks and pens as well in my locker.

Then I hear pitch screams from the girls further where we stand here and I look up at Luke as he looks behind when I saw what that about.

There is a seniors guy with his brown long curly hairs, beautiful orbs green eyes and his tan skin.

He wears a black top and black rip jean. 

"Who is this?" I ask while I examined at him.

"That's Harry Styles. The leader of the gang. The rumour says that he's actually bad boy and told us that we better to stay away from him." Luke explains.

Harry Styles?


It's too bad that we need to stay away!

With that, Harry Styles walks past us while he looks into my eyes and he gives me a small smirk.

"Okay, then! We better to go!" Luke suggests while he grabs my hand as he pulls me away.

With that, I shut my locker door before he grabs my hand and then we walk toward my homeroom class.

"Did you see this smirk on Harry's face?" I ask.

"Yes..." He says sadly.

I wonder why did he look at me like this?

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