Lovers of time

A tragic love story


2. Chapter 1

“I would rather die than continuing living in this kingdom, ruled by a greedy and cruel king, who are oblivious to his people's suffering.” Her voice were loud and clear, and it wasn’t only the rich and royal who heard it. It was like the whole wide world, heard that sentence. “How dare you say that to your king?!” the guards yell, and about 5 guards run towards her. They force her down on her knees, but she stare directly in the king’s eyes. “That man, who is sitting on the throne and is desired by women, is not my king” she says, almost spitting the words out. That moment, all was silent. Not a single sound, could be heard. “Behead her.” The proud kings mighty voice was now only a hoarse whisper. The guards pulls her up from the ground and drags her out of the grand hall.

They reach the prison and lead her to the darkest cell, far away from the others. This was the cell for the one who had committed treason. She knew she wouldn’t survive. She crawls over to a corner, leaning on the wall as she closes her eyes. There is red marks on her wrists, from the guards who had dragged her away. But the pain she is feeling outside is nothing compared to the pain in her heart. The thoughts and memories flows in front of her eyes as she thinks back to the times, where nothing was wrong and everything was light and easy.  


It was about 15 years ago, when I was 12 years old. My mother and father isn’t rich or wealthy, but they are good parents, educating me to be a proper lady even though our family is a servant. My older brother is smart and wise, so he got into the royal academics. We don’t see him often but we get a lot of letters, with promises that he will help us. Because of him and our parents, I’m willing to give it my best being a lady with class. The only thing I aren't  willing to give up on, is books. When I read a book, it feels like I can touch the stars and travel the world, just by turning the page. But proper ladies, doesn't read books or daydream. Nor do they say their opinion out loud when it matters to politics. A real lady does cultural things like playing music, painting or sing. But those things doesn’t interest me.

I’m walking on the street, reading a book about physics and theories. Suddenly I bump into someone. I look up, and see a handsome boy. “Do you know who I am?” He asks, clearly a stuck up. “I’m sorry” I quickly look down, and try to walk by him. Suddenly he grabs me by the arm, pulls me back. “I am the -” I take his hand of my arm. “I don’t care who you are” I make a try to leave again, but he still pulls me back. “Tsk… listen up, you can’t just leave in the presence of the ro-” he says. “I can’t huh?” I stamp as hard as I can on his foot, but he doesn't flinch. I can clearly see that it hurt but why doesn’t he let go? “You’re annoying” I say. I did try to be polite at first but that he wouldn’t listen to so I didn’t have another choice, than playing dirty. “Your highness, what are you doing?” A guard coming up to us, asking. “I was just trying to get this little girl to understand who I am” he explains, pointing at me. This is a perfect chance to snuck away.

I look around, securing that nobody is watching. Luckily there isn’t anybody watching, and the rude boy is busy talking to the guard. I slowly take a step back. One step, two, three and four. Quickly I turn and start running away with my book under my arm. “Hey! Stop!” I hear the boy yell. I start running faster and between all the walking people, who are staring at the chase.

My heart beats loudly and after awhile I’m starting to get tired. But I can hear that they are still chasing me, so I make my way into an ally. Beggars are sitting on the ground, and a woman catch my eye. She is breastfeeding a child, and two other children is standing behind her. There is dirt on their faces and their eyes are screaming of hunger.

I look back and can’t see the guard and boy anymore. I pull out my luch, a simple bread, and give it to the woman and children. “T-thank you so much” the tears is streaming from her eyes as she gratefully receive the bread. I smile at the little family, and walk away.

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