Guarding My Heart

May works at a Resort where all of the most famous people in the world vacation at. She is a Life Guards for the one of the many pools, But the pool isn't the only thing she has to guard. A long summer, hot guys, and lots of flirting. She has her heart to guard too.


4. Chapter 2-a thousand for anyone's tickets

"So when are you leaving" asked Ryan

"Anytime now" I answered

"I should probably go back to my room to grab my suitcase" I said as I started toward the hatch exit

"I'll be up in a minute" He answered

I climbed the ladder and exited our secret hatch.

"Marigold hurry up we have to catch the plane" Yelled Steven from downstairs

"Coming" I yelled back grabbing my evil purple suitcase and a small carry on which had some things for the plane ride.

My giant family was huddled by the door all of which ready to say good bye to me. Well beside my mom who was making out with Steven outside.

"Bye Ansel" I said giving him a curt nod and he did the same. Although we weren't that far apart in age we never really had a bond of any sort.

Next there was Aryan I gave him a small hug and moved over to the next Tyler offspring.

Baby Tova stood in front of me with tears in her eyes.

"Awe don't cry Tova, i'll be back in no time" I said pulling her into a tight hug

"Bot I will Miss Yow" She answered 

"I'll Facetime you everyday, I pinkie swear" I responded holding up my pinkie

As a silent agreement she held up her pinkie too 

Next there was Stella, she was the closest Sister I had in this family so it would be hard not to see her all the time.

"Bye Stel.."I was starting to say but was cut off by her saying

"Oh my gosh Marigold you are going to meet Leeeeeooooon and he's so famoooouuusss" She yelled 

"I'll miss you too" I laughed 

"Oh ya that too"she said wrapping me up into a hug

After our long embrace I moved over to Ryan. My Rock of the family. Honestly I could use a brake from some of my other siblings, but me and Ryan have not been separated at all since he got lost in the grocery store for a couple hours.

I looked up at him, he had tears in his eyes but still had a small smile on his face

"Don't have to much fun without us okay" He said giving me a playful smile which didn't quite reach his eyes

"I'll call you everyday" I said giving him a giant hug

"Marigold its time to go" Yelled Steven from outside

"Don't burn down the house when i'm gone" I said before grabbing my suitcase and carry one and walking out the door.

I hopped into Steven's range rover and rolled down my window.

"Bye Mom" I said even though she was paying no attention to me

She looked over for a brief second, but then returned all of her attention back to Steven

"I'll miss you too Marigold" I said sarcastically

Steven and Mom said there last goodbyes and we were off to the airport.

Unlike many of my other stepdads Steven wasn't much of a talker which I was thankful for. I put in my earbuds and listened to Shawn Mendes newest album hoping that it would take some of my stress away.

In the middle of Shawn singing Mercy Steven spoke up

"Leon will be meeting us one the plane, so you two can get to know each other" He said then let the silence fall between us again.

Honestly I never really knew about Leon being famous in till this morning when Stella brought it up, so I have no idea what he looks like or anything.

I guess I'll find out soon enough I thought to myself before I feel asleep.


"Marigold wake up we're here" Said Steven shaking my shoulder

"I'm up" I said jumping to my feet, I saw my reflection in the car next to us and I let out a shriek.

My hair was matted and my makeup was all smudged. I could honestly pass as a dumpster diver.

I quickly pulled my hair back into a ponytail and wiped my remaining makeup off. 

I guess it's going to be an all natural day i thought to myself

Steven grabbed my suitcase from the trunk and handed it to me.

We both dragged our bags toward our terminal, apparently Steven is well known around here. So we got to bypass security

A giant crowd of girls was surrounding the check in for what looked to be our plane number.

series of shouts could be heard.

"What they can't be sold out"

"I'll pay a thousand for anyone's tickets"

"Wow that's a lot of money" I thought to myself "I wonder what's so special about this plane" I said to Steven

He opened his mouth to respond but then was cut off by one of the man girls yelling.

"It's Steven Madrik"

"Oh that's Steven's last name "I thought to myself before i was trampled

"It's Leon Madrik's daaadddd" More girls yelled

"Arrrgg"I yelled from being pulled into a wall

To even make it worse blinding lights started flashing everywhere around us and people started yelling questions at me.

"Who are you?" "Are you Steven's or Leon's newest girlfriend" Questioned a pervy looking bald guy holding a bulky camera 

"Marigold where are you"Yelled Steven with panic written all over his face. Now he had a bunch of big bulky men surrounding him blocking all of the screaming girls.

"That's not fair" I thought to myself "Why does he get a wall of protection and I don't"

I tried to get back up but then was brutally pushed into the palm tree

"Over here" I yelled trying to be heard over all the noise.

Steven's head snapped over to mine, he caught the big bulky men's attention and started to motion toward me.

Half of the men left him and started pushing their way through the crowd towards me. 

"Marigold Tyler, correct?" Asked one of the younger guys. He looked around my age and may I say extremely fit and

"wait stop thinking about that, you are being trampled alive" I criticized myself

"Yes I am" I answered 

The extremely attractive man nodded then did a weird hand signal. Suddenly a protective wall of big muscular guys formed around me.

"Hi miss Marigold, we are Leon Mardik's body guards" Said the handsome man from earlier 

I nodded not really sure what to say

"My name is Finn" He said with a smile and held out his hand

I returned the smile and shook his hand.

The bodyguards and Finn lead me toward the entrance of the plane. as soon as I got into the hallway, the doors locked behind us leaving all of the crazy girls behind us. 

"Thank you all I would of been smashed if it weren't for you" I said giving them all a genuine smile

"Anytime" Said Finn before a frantic Steven came rushing over

"Marigold thank God you're okay are you hurt" he asked looking at my arms

"No i'm fine other than my knee and a couple of bruises." I said now looking down at my skinned knee 

"Stupid palm tree" I mumbled under my breath who ever knew they were do dangerous

" Finn and Conrad take her onto the plane and get a first aid kit for her knee" He said before he started walking back toward the door that blocked us from the screaming girls

"Where are you going" I asked frantically

He looked back over with his furious face softening

"I am going to talk to the manger of this place, those girls never should of had been able to get anywhere near you." He said with a stern look

"Thank you Steven" I responded

I do have to admit Steven is going to be one of the better stepdad's I have had. Unlike some of the other one's he seem's to actually care about my well being.


Finn and Conrad walked my slightly limping form up the stairs into the airplane. Unlike what I expected it was a Private Jet. I guess my step brother was more famous than I thought.

On the way to the plane I got to know Finn and Conrad pretty well. Conrad was 22 and was from Montana. He had signed a five year contract with Leon and only had to work with him for three for years. Even though he was a solid 6 feet tall he was quite shy and only added an occasional comment every once and a while. But overall I could find myself liking him as an older brother. He had that comforting feeling always surrounding him.

Finn on the other side was very loud, and confident and only 20 years old. He told me about how he was going to be a cop once he finished his contact and how this job was great experience. He cracked so many jokes, and made me laugh much more than I have in a long time. And with his charming smile and California boy tanned skin and hair, I had a feeling that I might like him  a bit more than my brother's bodyguard.

"Here you can sit here Marigold"Finn said motioning me towards the plush tan seat. 

"Conard and I will go get the first aid kit" We will be right back

As they walked off I rolled up my pant leg and looked at my cut, it wasn't that bad since I took the red cross course but it could get infected if I didn't treat it soon. 

I winced when I tried to move my leg to prop it up.

"You must be Marigold" Said a voice behind me 

At that moment I knew it was Leon

"Someone told me you needed a first aid kit" He said flashing me a smile which is how he probably got a lot of girl to swoon

I offered him a small smile of thanks 

"Maybe this summer won't be that bad after all." I thought to myself









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