Guarding My Heart

May works at a Resort where all of the most famous people in the world vacation at. She is a Life Guards for the one of the many pools, But the pool isn't the only thing she has to guard. A long summer, hot guys, and lots of flirting. She has her heart to guard too.


2. Chapter 1-stepdad's best friend

"Five thousand and twenty three dollars" I said aloud

This is how much I have been able to save in the past 3 years of life guarding at my local pool and baby sitting every Friday night. Even with my countless hours of dedication my savings were no where near enough. With Princeton's yearly tuition starting at forty thousand there is no way I can make my goal.

I brushed my long honey blonde hair over my shoulder, looking up into my mirror I could tell my stress of the situation was starting to show.

"Marigold, come downstairs your Uncle Steven is here" My mom called

My "Uncle as she calls him, is actually my stepdad's best friend. My Mother hasn't always been known to be the most faithful.My half siblings make up most of the areas population. She has been known to move onto to a new guy every couple months, leaving with more kids and less money than before. 

Steven is her newest prey, I bet by the end of the summer that we will be moved in with him.

As far as I know he seems like a nice guy, wealthy, charming, not married. Which is more than I can say about her previous guys. although my current step dad John has talked about him having a son named Leon, who I haven't had the pleasure to meet yet.

"Coming" I yelled back clearing my thoughts. Before quickly throwing on a sweatshirt over my camisole and running down to them.

"Marigold your Uncle and I have been talking lately" She said motioning me to the couch

I raised an eyebrow confused on where this was going. Did she already get divorced with John, that would be a new record for her, only 3 months. Or maybe he is going to.... before I could think of any other reasons Steven started talking.

"MariGold" "this might seem a little odd but at least consider it first" He said seriously

okay they are totally getting married  

"I will" I replied with my nose wrinkling in confusion

"Your Mother was telling me how you have been saving for college for the past couple years, and you are still quite a bit off from the sum you need" He said

I nodded in response

"You know how I work at the Hotel" He asked 

"yes I do" he's always bragging how he is totally loaded with cash, and how he could practically buy anything in the world.

"Now I am friends with the owner, and he agreed to pay for the rest if you work at the Resort for the summer" He said

My jaw dropped "that's a lot of money how is that possible!" I knew he had a lot of money but why would he want to waste it on me. All of my mothers men usually pretended I and my other half sibling didn't exist.

"He owed me a favor" He responded with a grin on his face

"OH MY GOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU" I yelled jumping up to hug him then my mother and then him again.

"Your welcome Marigold, now get packed we are leaving in an hour your job starts tomorrow" he said

"okay wait but what am I hired as" I asked frantically

"A life guard of course" he replied laughing "And better yet you get to meet your soon to be half brother Leon." he added grinning

"Okay I will start packing" I replied before I thought through what he just said "Half brother". I called it they are getting married. 

I ran back upstairs and grabbed my dusty purple suitcase from the closest and dragged over to my bed.

"Ryan can you help me pack" I yelled 

Ryan is one of my half brothers, from husband number four. He and I were the closest in age out of all of my other sibling, him at 17 and and i'm 18. Even though we may not be completely related, he is one of the few sibling I have who I consider family.

"What Mari" He asked running into my room with concern on his face

I gave him a small smile and pointed to my suitcase.

"Can you sit on it for me" I asked

With ten shirts, five tank tops, eight pair of shorts, one pair of pants and many pairs of flip flops, it was a tough job zipping that purple devil of a bag up.

We both fell to the ground out of breath.

"Ryan did you know that John and mom already got divorced" I asked looking over at him

He nodded with a slight grin on his face.

"they broke up two nights ago, apparently John wanting to watch  Hell's Kitchen over the Bachelor was a total deal breaker for mom."   

I laughed "I'm surprised they stuck together this long"

He nodded in agreement.

"Soo... what's the suitcase for" he asked gesturing the the purple overfilled bag that looked like it was ready to explode a second

"Uncle Steven, oh wait I mean step dad Steven offered me a job at his hotel" I mentioned hinting at the news of an additional member of our family.  

His jaws dropped 

"Well that's great about the job Mari, but you know that Steven has a kid right"

"Ya, Isn't his name Leon or something" I asked

"Ya as in the famous celebrity" a voice yelled from the other room

My younger sister Stella yelled coming into my room.

As any other tween Stella was currently obsessed with any half decent looking guy who was on Television.

"He is from the band The Linked, hes the lead singer Marigold" She yelled into my ear and then started her fangirling dance.

Although I loved Stella with all of my heart, times like this I swear we weren't related.

Ryan and I made eye contact and and motioned to leave. We both quietly tried backing out of the room to escape the fangirling madness.

"hey where are you to going, we can stalk.... or I mean causally research the band together" She said

"Run" Ryan yelled and we both sprinted toward our secret hiding spot that only the oldest Tyler's Children knew of.

The Tyler family is quite complicated, but in total there were 16 kids that we knew of. Some were step kids and other were from my mom. Only eight lived with us, the rest lived with our step dads or were given up for adoption. but know there was 17 when Steven and mom tied the knot.

The order of us eight went from Amara my oldest sister who was 25 she moved out last year with her husband Toby, then Ansel who shared the same dad as Amara is now 23, he stays at home to help support us with money. Then there was Asher who would of been 20 this year, we don't talk about him anymore, or else mom would kick us out. Then there's me at 18 one of the middle children. Then Ryan he was 17 his dad and my mom stuck together for a little while because they also had Stella and Aryan together who were twins both only 11 years old. Lastly the youngest Tyler child living with us was Tova who was only 3. 

With there being so many kids to support there was no question for why there was not enough money for any of us to go to college.

Ryan I ran toward the secret hatch hidden under the rug in the south walkway. 

Although my family was beyond poor my Mom's parent's bought her a giant house as her trust fund, so she would stop begging them for money.

We lifted up the hatch as slipped inside. 

Ryan and I were the last two Tyler children to know about the secret hatch, since we were the oldest Tyler children left in the house full time.

"that was close" Ryan said 

"Ya" I said

"so when are you leaving" he asked

"anytime now"I replied




First chapter finished, sorry it was a little boring and short

don't worry next  chapter will be super long and will have some exciting things happening 

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