A Collection of Oneshots

This is just a collection of oneshots. Most will probably be Harry Potter. The occasional one will not.


5. The DEERest Day of James Potter's Life

"We should transform tonight." James said, double-checking the book on the ground between them. "So we should stay the night in here."

"We have to sleep in here?" Sirius asked, looking around the decrepit house. 

"Would you rather the world know you're animagi?" Remus asked. "It's better this way."

"So now we wait?" Peter asked.

"So now we wait." James stretched out on the ground. 


James woke up in the middle of the night on the hard, unforgiving floor of The Shrieking Shack. At first, he thought it was his discomfort that had awoken him, when he became aware of the rat sitting on his leg.

"SIRIUS!" he bellowed trying to kick the rat off. The rat gave terrified squeaks, digging its claws into James's jeans. 

Sirius fell over, laughing.

"That's Peter, silly." he managed through his laughter. "I saw him transform."

James stopped kicking and pried Peter off his jeans.

"Sorry, mate." James said apologetically. "I thought you were a real rat." 

"Well, now it's between you an me, mate." Sirius said grimly. "May the best man win." 

"It's a competition now?" James asked.

"Come on, James." Remus said, exasperated. "It's you and Sirius. Everything's a competition." 


James awoke again, a few hours later, to a puppy sitting on his chest. The tiny dog was black, with curly fur. He yipped and ran in triumphant circles.

"Great." James muttered. "Now I owe you ten galleons." 

Concentrating as hard as he could, James sat completely still and silent for the next half an hour. He finally felt himself transform, and looked down. He was a small baby stag.

The three friends ran circles around Remus who was still asleep, making as much noise as possible. When he finally awoke, he looked at them.

"Great." he said. "A rat, a puppy, and a fawn. This'll be fun."

Peter, James, and Sirius reverted to human form. 

"Do you think our animagi say something about our personality?" James asked.

"Yeah, that makes sense!" Sirius said, excited. "James, you're like the king of the forest, who's not yet grown into his full ability, so you're a baby stag."

"And you're loyal, kind, and playful, so you're a puppy!" James grew excited, as well.

"So..." Peter looked at them. "Why am I a rat?"

James, Sirius, and Remus thought for a moment.

"I bet it's because you like cheese." Sirius decided.

Remus, James, and Peter murmured in agreement. 

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