A Collection of Oneshots

This is just a collection of oneshots. Most will probably be Harry Potter. The occasional one will not.


7. Found You

"Hey, Sammy!" Taylor called down the high school hallway, hurrying to catch up with her friend. "What are you doing tonight?"

"Probably nothing." Samantha shrugged. "Why?"

"I've been looking for you," Taylor started. "I've already asked Emma and Brooklyn. I'm having a sleepover tonight, going through dinner tomorrow. Can you come?"

"Yeah, I can come." Samantha was looking through her phone. "We've got nothing happening tonight. I'll text my mom after school and tell her."

"Okay." Taylor grinned. "Just meet me by the front doors and we'll take the bus to my house."

"Right." Samantha said. "I've got to get to class, though, so I'll see you after school."

"'Kay." Taylor hugged her best friend, and the two hurried to their separate classes.


"So, we've got pizza, ice cream, cookies, and a bowl of random candy." Taylor surveyed the kitchen table. "And for movies, we've got Harry Potter, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, Hunger Games, Divergent, and Frozen. We'll stay up all night!"

"Which should we watch first?" Emma asked.

"I dunno." Samantha looked through the stack of movies. "Brook?"

"How about... Harry Potter?" Brooklyn suggested.

"That's an idea you haven't had before." Emma rolled her eyes at Samantha.

"Oh, be quiet, Em." Brooklyn laughed.

"I kind of like that idea." Taylor put in. "Harry Potter's good."

"Which one?" Samantha asked.

"Um, the first one?" Taylor said, in a tone implying that it was obvious. Which it kind of was. "We can't have a Harry Potter Movie Marathon by starting with, I dunno, the fourth one!"

"You do know that it takes nineteen hours and thirty-three minutes to watch every Harry Potter movie." Brooklyn said. "Not counting bathroom breaks, snack breaks, theory discussion breaks, disc changes, breaks because we're tired of sitting, and water breaks, right? We'd need an entire weekend to watch them all."

"Brooklyn the Mathmagician has a point." Samantha agreed.

"Have you realized we're kind of like the Marauders?" Emma asked. "I mean, there's four of us. We're best friends, but two of us, Taylor and Sammy, have been friends for longer, and they're like, the head pranksters, like James and Sirius. Then there's Brook, who's really smart, so she's like Remus, and she's also the one who makes sure Taylor and Sammy don't kill anyone. Then there's me, who you've all been friends with for the least amount of time, and is probably the one that nobody would expect to be a traitor, but has been working against you since the day we met, plotting your murder."

"Um, okay." Taylor looked a little scared. "You're not plotting our murder, though, right?"

"Well, if I was, I wouldn't tell you, would I?" Emma laughed ominously. Then she suddenly dropped

the facade. "But I'm not, don't worry."

"Okay, good!" Samantha laughed. "You had us a little worried there, Em!"

"Now, on to the movies!" Taylor declared.

Seven hours and four Harry Potter movies later, and it was almost three in the morning. Taylor stood and stretched.

"Alright, who wants to play a game?" she asked.

"Depends on which game it is." Brooklyn said.

Taylor smiled a mischievous smile that had never signified anything good. "The Midnight Game."

Samantha grinned, too. "The Midnight Game? That sounds fun. I've never played that before. What is it, exactly?"

"You take a stuffed animal." Taylor picked up a teddy bear. "And you cut it open. You take all the stuffing out and fill it with rice and the nail clippings of all the players, then sew it back up. Before you start, you have to pick a really good hiding spot. Anyway, then you fill a bathtub up with cold water. You drop the bear in the water and chant what you name it. Then you say, 'Now (bear's name) hides.' You leave the room and count to thirty. When you get back, you stab the bear with something, shouting, 'I found' and then whatever the bear's name is three times. Then you hide. You have thirty seconds to get to the designated hiding place. You have to manage to not get found until five in the morning. If the bear finds you before then, it stabs you with the same thing you stabbed it with. That's why it's recommended to not be a knife or anything, because then it could kill you. So we'd use a needle."

"But that's ridiculous." Brooklyn said. "Teddy bears don't come to life. They can't play hide and seek with you. And they can't find and stab you."

"Okay." Taylor said. "So you wanna use a knife when we play?"

"I don't want to play!" Brooklyn said. "This game is stupid! It's ridiculous! There is no point in this game except to scare the players!"

"Exactly!" Samantha sounded exasperated. "That is the point! It's a scary game! Taylor and I are playing."

"Oh, and all the lights in the house have to be off." Taylor suddenly remembered. "So if you two want to sit in the dark while we play, and hear the bear moving around, calling our names, searching for us, then fine by me. You can sit on that couch. Enjoy."

Emma looked nervous. "I'd rather play."

Brooklyn shook her head. "I'm not playing."

"Suit yourself." Samantha shrugged. "Let's go set up."

Brooklyn sat herself on the couch and listened as Taylor, Samantha, and Emma set up the game. She heard them name the bear Jim. And then all the lights turned off.

It was quite scary. She could hear the girls counting to thirty, and then heard them shouting, "We found Jim! We found Jim! We found Jim!"

And then she heard them hide. They'd picked a spot behind all the insulation in the attic, which was surprisingly easy to get to. Then all was silent. Brooklyn almost scoffed. Until she heard water slosh.

She had seen the shadows of all three girls go up the stairs to the attic. She was the only one downstairs. There was only the stupid bear in the bathtub. Nothing could be moving.

But water was sloshing. Something wet was slapping the tile of the bathroom. Brooklyn sat in absolute terror on the couch.

"Where are you?" A voice. A small voice. A smooth voice. A calm, steady voice.

A voice that was more terrifying than anything else that had happened that night.

Nobody any of the girls knew had that voice. Someone they didn't know was in the house.

"Sammy, Taylor, and Emma." the voice crooned. "I know you're in here. You left me a nice tool. I'm coming to find you."

To Brooklyn's horror, she saw the shadow of a creature appear in the door to the living room. It was deformed. It looked nothing like the teddy bear the girls had started out with. And it was holding a knife.

The stupid girls had used a knife.

Jim walked straight past Brooklyn without looking at her. She hadn't participated. She wasn't a part of the game. Jim couldn't see her. And that was when Brooklyn knew.

She was her best friends' only hope. If they wanted to live, Brooklyn would have to save them. Keep Jim occupied, so that he didn't find the girls.


"Sammy, Talor, and Emma." a voice crooned. "I know you're in here. You left me a nice tool. I'm coming to find you."

"What was that?" Emma whispered, terrified.

"Just Brooklyn." Taylor rolled her eyes at Sammy. "She's mad that we didn't try to make her play with us, so she's trying to scare us."

"Brooklyn doesn't sound like that." Sammy sounded uncertain.

"It's called acting, Sammy." Taylor said, exasperated. "Shh, I can hear her coming up here. We'll jump out and scare her."

The door to the attic banged open. Whatever was in the doorway, it was NOT Brooklyn. It seemed to be a deformed teddy bear.

"It's Jim!" Emma mouthed, horrified. "He has the knife! He has the knife!"

"Oh, girls." he whispered. "Come out. You're found. Save us both some time."

From downstairs, there came a massive bang. Jim turned, and flew down the stairs. He didn't walk. He actually flew.

"Brooklyn." Sammy mouthed at Taylor. "She just saved our lives!"

"Remind me to give Brooklyn whatever she wants once this game is over." Taylor whispered. The moment the words left her mouth, she knew she'd made a huge mistake. Jim reappeared in the doorway.

"I heard that, Taylor." he said. His voice was horribly calm, smooth, and steady. A rasping shout would have been less terrifying.


Jim turned slightly, confused, then headed back downstairs, and the three girls in the attic let out tiny breaths.

Brooklyn had saved their lives for the second time that night.


To Brooklyn's horror, Jim had started up the stairs to the attic. She heard him whisper at the top.

"Oh girls. Come out. You're found. Save us both some time."

Brooklyn ran to the kitchen, opened a window, and banged it shut as loud as she could. Jim immediately appeared at the foot of the stairs, and moved to investigate the window.

"Trying to escape?" he asked, walking right past Brooklyn, close enough to touch her, without even glancing at her. "It won't work. You can't leave the house until five. You've still got an hour."

There was a slight sound from the attic, that sounded almost like words. Brooklyn closed her eyes. Why would they talk after they'd just seen Jim with their own eyes?

Jim flew, actually flew, back up to the attic.

"I heard that, Taylor." That horrible, calm, smooth voice. Brooklyn would have preferred the voice of a terrifying movie villain.

Taking a deep breath, Brooklyn gathered all her courage.


She heard a slight shifting of weight, and then Jim appeared on the stairs again. Walking this time.

He's wearing himself out. Brooklyn realized. Using those powers wears him out.

She checked a clock. Four fifteen. Forty-five minutes before the game ended, and they were all safe.

You owe me. Brooklyn though savagely, trying to send a mental message to her friends. I've saved your life twice so far tonight. Putting mine in constant risk, I might add. You're all going to owe me so much if we live to see breakfast.

Jim was searching the house very thoroughly.

"I'll find you girls." he whispered, yet somehow Brooklyn knew that Emma, Taylor, and Samantha could hear him like he was right next to them. "I'll find you three. Whoever else is in this house, that's not playing, you'll never see your friends again. They won't make it until morning."

Brooklyn noticed that as he talked, he missed the smaller places. He loses focus when he's talking.

"Jim." Brooklyn said, moving around the room. "You'll never find us. We will make it until morning. Our friend that you can't see will make sure you don't find us. She'll keep us safe. We believe in her."

"WHERE ARE YOU." Jim thundered. He skipped over the living room completely. He seemed to forget the attic stairs were there. "I'VE SEARCHED THE ENTIRE HOUSE. WHERE. ARE. YOU."

"I told you." Brooklyn said in her softest, creepiest voice, still moving around the house, so Jim couldn't figure out which room her voice was coming from. "You'll never find us. We're-"

At that moment, she felt a stabbing pain in her leg. Looking down, she saw that Jim had the knife in her shin.

"I may not be able to see you." he said wickedly. "But I can still feel you. I've found you, Brooklyn. Nice try. Confusing me. Nobody's ever done that before. But I know that your friends are in the attic. They'll never see you again. And you'll never see them."

Brooklyn wrenched the knife out of her leg and ran. She could feel the blood running down her leg. Jim had stabbed deep. It was hard to run. She checked a clock as she ran up to the attic. Four fifty-five. Five minutes. If they could survive just five more minutes, then they'd be safe.

Brooklyn arrived in the attic. Four minutes. She saw Jim creeping silently closer to the insulation, which was moving slightly. Her friends were trembling behind it. Three minutes. Jim raised the knife, preparing to strike, when Brooklyn leapt on him from behind. Jim twisted and planted the blade into her shoulder. Two minutes. Yelling, Brooklyn wrenched the knife out of Jim's grip and staggered to her feet, triumphant. One minute. Jim stood, giving Brooklyn a horrifying look. Thirty seconds. The knife disappeared from her hand, and Jim had possession over it again.

"Any last words, Brooklyn?" he asked.

"Yeah." Brooklyn panted. "Time's Up."

"What?" Jim looked at the clock on the wall. "No! NO!"

The power left the bear, and he collapsed, an innocent teddy bear once more.

"Is it... gone?" Emma sounded as if she had been crying.

"Yeah." Brooklyn panted, sliding down the wall into a sitting position. "It's gone. We're good. We're safe. What do we do with it now?"

Taylor emerged from behind the insulation, followed by Sammy and Emma. Emma's face was covered in tears. Sammy was very pale. Taylor was shaking uncontrollably.

"Brooklyn!" Taylor hurried over to her side. "Are you okay?"

"Um, yeah." Brooklyn was still panting, exhausted from the fight, and the terror. "I'll be okay. What do we do with Jim?"

"We have to remove the rice and nail clippings." Taylor looked unconvinced as to Brooklyn's well-being, but didn't push it. "Then we bury it. If we do anything else, destroy it completely, then the evil spirit will leave and haunt us forever."

"Okay." Sammy nodded. "Do you need help walking, Brooke?"

"No." Brooklyn shook her head, staggaring to her feet. "I'll be okay."

The four friends hurried into the backyard and dug a kind of grave. Placing Jim in a box, Emma tied it shut, before tossing it into the makeshift 'grave.' The girls covered the box with soil, before hurrying inside, not looking back.

"I've learned my lesson." Taylor said, as soon as they were all seated in the living room. "Thank you so much, Brooklyn. You literally risked your life to save ours. For the next three weeks, I'm going to buy you anything you want."

"Good." Brooklyn leaned back and closed her eyes, letting Emma wrap a bandage around her leg. "First thing I want is the biggest chocolate bar you can find."

The four girls burst out laughing, and resumed their night of movies, food and fun.

But out in the yard, the soil was shifting. Pieces were sliding down the sides of the mound. The smooth mound became disturbed. And then a hand burst out. Not a human hand. The hand of a teddy bear. A deformed, clawed hand.

It pulled the rest of it's body out of the dirt, and staggared to its feet, before slowly, slowly, making its way towards the house.

The end 

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