"She's" The One [5SOS + 1D]


11. "You look really familiar to someone I know..."

- Matt's/Mya's POV -

"I need to tell you something, Luke..." I admit, biting down on my bottom lip.

"Are you coming out to me right now?" He jokes, laughing a little at himself.

"No, Luke..." I sigh in my normal voice. I see Luke suddenly staring at me, looking confused. I slowly pull of the wig and let my hair fall down around my shoulders. "M-Mya?" He whispers in disbelief.

"Hi, Luke..." I wave nervously.

"B-but you're Matt!" He frowns. I shake my head, feeling so guilty for lying to him.

"I've been pretending... For a dare-"

"What do you mean?!" Luke shouts.

"I'm so sorry, Luke... I truly am!" I cry as he stares at me with shock.

"You lied to me! You lied, Mya!" He yells, tears welling up in his eyes. I can't bring myself to speak... "I hate you!" He shrieks, running away as he sobs. I've ruined everything...

I wake up, breathing heavily. It was just a bad dream... I carefully climb out of my bunk and quietly take out some of my own clothes from the padlocked suitcase, walking off the tour bus. I sneak onto 1D's bus and into their bathroom, changing into my outfit and shoving the Matt outfit and wig into one of the sliding cupboards they have. As I leave the bathroom, I hold in a scream as I bump into someone. "Mya? What are you doing here?" Liam whispers with a frown, staring at me sleepily. "I just- It doesn't matter." I sigh, walking past him.

"You can talk to me you know..." He says quietly as he gently grabs my arm to stop me.

"You're clearly tired, I don't want to stress you out." I shrug.

"I've just woken up; I'm always the first awake. I'm not going back to bed." I bite my lip in thought, Liam waiting for my decision.

"Okay..." I nod. We walk down the bus and take a seat on the sofa seats together. "So, what are you doing on our bus, and why are you out of the Matt outfit?" Liam questions.

"I had a bad dream... In it, I told Luke the truth about my identity and he got angry with me. H-he was calling me a liar and he told me he hated me, and it felt so, so real." I explain, feeling tears brim in my eyes, "I just wanted to have a break of this whole Matt thing for a couple of hours..."

"Mya... Do you like Luke?" Liam asks as he puts a hand on my arm to calm me down. A tear slides down my cheek as I nod sadly. "This is so messed up..." He mutters to himself, "I'm so sorry you've been doing this alone, Mya..."

"No, it's okay. Calum's been really supportive." I tell him. He immediately seems to relax a little more, knowing someone is there for me with something I need them for. "What are you going to do about this whole Luke situation?" Liam frowns.

"I-I can't be with him, you know? Like, I just can't. It's too complicated with this whole dare thing as well, and I couldn't bare the thought of hurting him if he found out..." I ramble, fiddling with the ends of my sleeves.

"Mya, I'm so sorry that this is happening... If we hadn't have given you this stupid dare, then-"

"No, it's okay. I-it's not your fault... How was any of us supposed to know I'd start falling for one of the members of your opening act?" A few more tears slide down my cheeks as Liam pulls me in for a hug. "I'm always here for you, always. I know you say you've got Calum, but if you ever need a break from that side of things, you've got me as a fresh face. You're like a little sister to me, Mya. Always will be." Liam smiles, rubbing my back.

"Thanks, Liam..." I smile weakly, drying my tears with my sleeves, "I'm going out for a walk. I'll have my phone, so if you need me for anything, just give me a ring. I won't be gone long, hopefully I'll be back before the rest of my bus wake up." I explain, getting up from the seat.

Liam gives me another quick hug before I get off the bus and begin walking to wherever my feet decide to take me. I follow the sidewalk until I find myself outside Starbucks. London's fairly busy for this time in the morning, but then again they're probably heading to work or going about business. I push open the doors to my favourite coffee shop and make my way over to the counter. "Morning! What can I get for you today?" The barista asks politely. "I'll have a Nitro Cold Brew with a splash of skimmed milk, please." I say, waiting for the young woman to give me the price. Once she's given me it, I hand her the emergency fiver I have in my phone case and wait for change. "You can take a seat and I'll bring your drink over!" She smiles. I thank her and make my way over to the double seated table by the window, and stare outside at the people rushing past the coffee shop; a couple make their way past the window, the girl resting her head on the guys shoulder as they hold hands. They stop by my table and share a kiss, shouting for someone. A little girl, about six years old, comes running over and the guy swirls her around, her little face lighting up with excitement. "Here's your drink." The barista snaps me out of my trance and I thank her, taking a sip of my ordered drink. When I look back out of the window again, the couple and their child are gone. I sit back in my chair, considering whether calling Luke and cancelling tomorrow is a good idea, or if it's going to be the worst option to choose.

What if I cancel and it hurts Luke even more? I would feel so much worse if I do that to him... My phone is in my hand, my eyes fixated on Luke's contact. It would take one quick phone call, and then I'd be out of having to see him tomorrow. But the trouble is that I really want to go, and cancelling seems like a terrible idea. I shove my phone in my back pocket and focus on finishing my drink instead, wanting to head back after to change into my Matt costume before the other guys wake up and wonder what's going on. When I finish the last bit of my drink, the sound of the door opening makes me look up. "Mya, there you are!" Calum grins, striding over to my table.

"Hey, Cal! Is anyone else on the bus awake? I kinda wanted to get back and change again before they did..." I admit, hoping the others were still sleeping back on the tour bus. "Yeah, they're fast asleep still. I woke up and saw you'd gone, and Liam was outside having a bit of fresh, so I asked if he'd seen you. He told me you were a bit upset and came out for a bit of a break from it all. I figured I'd check the nearest coffee shop and then ring if you weren't there. But, here you are!" He explains, giving me a cheesy smile at the end.

"Yeah... Bad dream." I answer, giving him a small smile in return.

"The boys will end up waking up shortly, so if you want to get changed again, then we should probably head back." He informs. I get up from my seat and follow Calum out of Starbucks.

We walk back to the arena, talking about Calum meeting Jackson tomorrow. "You excited?" I smirk, watching as he blushes, giving a small nod.

"I hope you have a brilliant day tomorrow." I grin as the tour buses come into sight.

"Hurry." Calum whispers. I race back onto the 1D bus and grab my outfit, changing back into my Matt clothes. Liam comes out of the bathroom as I finish putting on my wig. "Here ya go." He smiles as he helps straighten it out for me.

"Thanks, Liam." I say, racing back off the bus and meeting Calum outside of his bus. We sneak back on together, my normal clothes clutched in my arms. I make my way over to my suitcase and throw them into it as quickly as I can, ensuring it's properly padlocked shut. "Morning, Matt!" Ashton yawns as he strolls past me. "Morning!" I wave, mentally thanking myself for being so quick, and Calum for coming to get me when he did. The bus soon becomes loud as the rest of the band wakes up and joins us. "Can we gatecrash your date with Ellie?" Michael begs, groaning.

"Nope, sorry." Calum shakes his head in response.

"But Luke's seeing Mya, and you're leaving us to see Ellie! Me, Ash and Matt are going to be so bored!" Michael pouts.

"Even more bored; I'm not here either." I shrug.

"What?! Since when!" Michael shrieks, pretending to huff.

"I'm meeting a friend myself, because he's invited me to see him." I partially lie.

"Fine, me and Ashton can just be bored then." He scowls.

"You realise that their are another five guys on this tour?" Luke points out, chucking slightly.

"Oh yeah!" Michael's face instantly lights up with excitement. I laugh at his sudden change in emotion, sitting back.

"Matt, could I speak to you?" Luke whispers. I look from him, to Calum (who's giving me a nervous look), and nod. I follow the Australian lad off the bus and wait for what he has to say. "Do you think I have a chance with Mya?" He blurts out.

"I-huh?" I'm completely taken aback by the question, and I'm not sure what to answer with.

"Do you think that I have a shot with Mya?" He rephrases. I take a second to think of my answer. I need to make sure that what I tell him doesn't lead him on in any way. "I'm not sure... She can be quite hard to please, a-and she's also very picky about who she dates..." I explain.

"But we had a great time in Glasgow, and she laughed then. And then there was us almost kissing. Surely that's proof enough that she could be interested?" Luke challenges.

"I don't know... She can be quite a cow when she wants to be." Woah! Where the hell did that come from? I literally just insulted myself to push Luke away?!

"Hey, man! Don't say that about Mya, she's amazing!" Luke defends. I fight back the urge to feel happy by his comment. I can't let my guard down now... "I'm sorry. It's just, she's really high-maintenance, and she's always complaining. Trust me, I wouldn't bother with her." I pursue.

"Maybe she just didn't like you that much?" Luke suggests hopefully.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence," I joke quickly, "but I just don't think you should waste your time on someone like her. She's not actually that great." I can't believe I'm insulting myself to stop Luke being interested. What's wrong with me?...

"Okay?" Luke frowns, looking confused.

"Let's get the guys and meet 1D, and then we can go into the arena for soundcheck and stuff!" I bounce off, hoping he'll leave the conversation in the past. "Come on, guys! Let's get the others and get into that arena!" I call from the door of the bus, silence being my response. But then the sound of thudding footsteps getting closer and closer makes my eyes wide. "DOGGY PILE!" Michael shrieks, diving onto me. I hit the floor with a thud, groaning at the weight on top of me. "DON'T YOU DARE!" I yell, glaring at Ashton and Calum, who are currently smirking at me. "NO-" I'm cut off by the extra weight of two more people. "OW! GUYS!" I shout, wriggling from underneath them. No luck.

"What's going on out here?!" Harry laughs as he sees what's happening.

"Harry, I swear to god. If you even-" He jumps on top of the pile and I start to feel like I'm suffocating.

"Okay, I-I can't breath." I gasp, using my strength to try and push them off me.

"You're gonna kill him!" Louis laughs, pulling them off of me, one by one.

"Thanks Louis." I cough, regaining my breathing again. I walk at the back of the group, Liam with me, as we head into the arena.

"You feeling any better?" He inquires as we walk inside.

"A little. Luke kinda ambushed me about whether I thought he had a chance with Mya... I kind of took the path of insulting myself and acting as if I was a terrible girlfriend?" I smile weakly, feeling stupid thinking about it now.

"You did that?" Liam chuckles. I nod, earning a small laugh from him.

"Whatever." I roll my eyes playfully, shoving him gently as we walk up some steps.

"No way!" Niall gasps excitedly. We walk over to see what the commotion is all about.

In the middle of the group of guys, there are two scooters. "I say we do teams and race!" Zayn suggests, earning nods and sounds of agreement from the rest of us. "There's ten of us, so five in each team!" I point out.

"I'm team captain for one of them!" Luke calls.

"I vote Matt to be the other one!" Calum smirks, giving me a subtle wink. This is going to be fun... Me and Luke take turns to pick our teams, and these were what we ended up with:

Matt's Team






Luke's Team






"Okay, pick an opponent each!" Ashton announces. Niall pairs off with Ashton, Louis pairs off with Harry, Liam pairs off with Michael, Calum pairs off with Zayn, which leaves me and Luke pairing off together. "Okay, so the two team captains will go last?" Liam wonders out loud.

"Sounds good." I nod in agreement.

"Okay, Niall and Ashton are up!" Harry shouts. The two boys get on a scooter each and line up to where we decided the start would be. A couple of the guys go down to the finish line to make sure they cross it, and the races begin...


"It's a tie? That's so unfair!" Luke pouts.

"Yeah! Now it puts pressure on one of us to win it!" I mock, earning a gentle punch in the arm from Luke himself, "you're going down, Hemmings."

"More like you're going down, Coleman!" Luke smirks. We get onto the scooters, everyone waiting by the finish line for us.

Liam counts us down, "3, 2, 1, GO!" I push my foot off the floor, allowing myself to shoot forwards. Luke suddenly shoots past me and I let out a groan, trying my best to speed up. "SUCKER!" He taunts as he looks back and smirks. And just like that, he flies off the scooter and lands on the floor.

"WOOOO!" I cheer loudly as I whiz past him and across the finish line, "Winner!" Luke lets out a groan from the floor and I laugh, leaving the rest of my team to celebrate us being victorious to help him off the ground. "This usually happens when you get cocky." I rise an eyebrow, chuckling as he pouts in defeat. "WE WIN, YOU GUYS LOSE!" Calum and Louis shriek, doing a victory dance together. I can't help but laugh when they start to bump hips together... "I'm using the bathroom, and I shall be back soon." I announce, walking past the group of boys all standing together in the hall. When I find the bathroom, I realise it's gender ones. There's no way I'm using the men's toilet, so I quickly scurry in through the female door, locking the cubicle door behind me. I'm only about five minutes, but when I walk back out of the bathroom, I'm met by Michael. "Dude, why are you in the lady's?" He frowns, probably thinking I'm an absolute freak.

"Their bathroom always smells better, dude." I shrug as if it's nothing important. Michael continues to stare at me for a few moments, before walking towards the door to the female toilets. "Wha-"

"You've got a point. What harm can it do?" He replies simply, walking inside. Oh my god, did I seriously just talk Michael into going into a female toilet? I'm such a weirdo! I make my way back to where the others were before, hearing a lot of shouting. "MATT, WATCH OU-" The warning isn't quick enough and isn't finished before someone comes colliding into me, knocking both of us to the floor. The person lands on top of me and I'm instantly staring into Luke's ocean blue eyes. We stay like this for a short while, and I can't bring myself to look away. Only difference is; neither can he... "You look really familiar to someone I know..." He whispers, looking puzzled. I immediately snap out of it.

"Uh, really? I guess I've just got one of those faces." I quickly reply, rolling him off me.

"Mate, are you okay?!" Ashton panics, rushing over to me.

"Yeah, man, I'm fine!" I nod, giving him a smile, "what were you guys even doing?"

"We were timing Luke to see how quick it would take him to reach the finish line..." Niall admits, looking a little guilty. So he should be.

"Oh, okay then." I say.

"Why are Matt and Luke on the floor?" Michael questions as he comes back from the bathroom.

"Long story." Luke goes, turning a little red. We both help each other off the floor, but I avoid eye contact. That's something that is definitely called a close call... He could have realized who I was, and that would've ruined the entire dare. "Soundcheck is starting!" Ashton announces, checking his watch. We all head to the stage, and I could swear Luke is staring at me the entire time... I hope he hasn't recognized me, I really do...

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