"She's" The One [5SOS + 1D]


5. Secrets

- Matt's POV -

"That was sick!" I compliment as they come running off stage.

"Thanks man!" Calum grins as I give him a high five, fixing his hair afterwards. "Seriously, you guys are so good!" I emphasize, watching as Michael and Ashton sit together on the floor, Ashton lying across Michael's legs. "We appreciate it!" Luke nods excitedly, taking off his shirt. I stare at him, taking in how nice his body really is. "Matt?" Luke is staring at me in a funny way, and Ashton and Michael are smirking, Calum giggling to himself. "W-what?" I frown.

"Why were you staring at me?" Luke questions as he runs his fingers through his perfect quiff. I turn slightly pink from the embarrassment of getting caught. "I, uh... I must've just went off in a daydream. I didn't mean to stare at you, it was unintentional. Stop being so cocky." I raise an eyebrow, throwing a pillow at him. Luke laughs, throwing it on the floor. "I'm not cocky." He pouts. God damn, he was so cute! Wait, what?

"Sure you aren't!" I tease. "When are we leaving here?" I ask them, fiddling with the ends of my sleeves. "We're leaving in about twenty minutes." Ashton answers, poking Michael's face.

"Ashton!" He groans, swatting his hand away.

"Guys, I'll be back in a minute." Calum announces, getting up and walking off. "Wonder what that's all about." Michael wonders as he hits Ashton's hand away another time.

"He's probably ringing his girlfriend again." Ashton states as he results to poking Michael's leg instead. Michael lets out a sigh as Ashton continues to prod him, not bothering to stop him anymore. "I didn't know Calum had a girlfriend." I say.

"Yeah, her name's Ellie. She's really nice, although I don't know if they're happy in their relationship. They're don't seem like a couple when they're together." Luke explains, filling me in on the details. Luke throws Michael a controller, and that results in them playing video games together. I decide to get a bottle of water from the fridge, because I was getting thirsty, and also because I was bored of watching Fifa being played every second the boys could play it.

"I know." I hear Calum sigh from outside the bus. "I don't know what to do. It's not easy to say!" He groans. I can see him on the phone from where I'm standing, and while it's wrong; I continue to listen. "I know I should tell them, but it's not easy! I can't just come out and say it!" Calum sounds upset, and it makes me upset to hear him that way. The person on the other end of the line is speaking loud enough for me to hear. "Calum, I came out and said it. It's not that difficult!" It's a boy, that's for sure. That means he isn't talking to his girlfriend at all...

"Jackson, I can't just say it! I need to find the right time to tell them! Ellie doesn't mind pretending still!" Calum protests. "Calum, we can't keep relying on Ellie to lie! Sooner or later, the truth needs to come out!" The guy, Jackson, replies in a frustrated voice. "Jackson, give me some more time!" Calum begs. "If you can't just do it, then you clearly don't care about me enough." Jackson suggests sadly.

"Jackson! Y-you know that isn't true!" Calum whispers, his voice cracking. He's crying! My heart is literally about to break... "I love you, but you clearly don't feel the same. Bye Cal..."

"Jackson, wait-" The sound of the call ending causes Calum to stop. "But, I love you too..." He whispers, his voice hoarse. A tear slips down my cheek, and I quickly wipe it away. Calum turns around and I rush into the kitchen, getting out a bottle of water just as he comes back onto the bus. "Hey man!" I smile. "Hey!" He smiles back weakly.

"Did what you needed to do?" I ask him as I take a sip of my water. When I say that, he looks like he's just been wounded. "Uh, y-yeah." He nods.

"Good, good!" I say as I close the fridge and chug some of the water in my bottle. I guess being a guy is pretty beneficial, because I don't need to be embarrassed by drinking a bottle of water 'none-elegantly'. He just nods again and walks off. Poor Calum... I know that I've just discovered something I shouldn't have done.

For starters; Calum isn't dating Ellie at all. They don't seem like they're in a relationship, because they're not in one. Ellie's pretending to date Calum to hide that Calum's dating Jackson. To hide the fact that Calum's gay...


I groan as I stretch, climbing out of my bunk. After what I heard last night, I'm curious to see how Calum is today. He was so torn yesterday, and I felt so bad for him, because it must suck to have a fight with someone you love... "Morning Matteroo!" Ashton grins as I take a seat. "Matt-what?" I frown. Ashton giggles as he jumps down on the seat next to me, shrugging in response. Weird... "Morning guys!" Luke yawns, coming in with a bagel. "Morning!" I smile. Michael trudges in too, not saying anything. He takes Luke's bagel, Luke not bothering to protest. Michael isn't a morning person...

"Hey, where's Calum?" I ask as I look around.

"Still in his bunk. He seems upset." Luke says.

"He probably had a fight with Ellie or something." Michael suggests. I know exactly why he's upset, but they don't need to know that... "He might be tired." I shrug.

"Matt's probably right." Ashton nods in agreement.

"No wonder! He was up most the night!" Luke laughs.

"He was?" I question. Luke nods. "What was he doing?" I ask him, curiosity getting the better of me.

"He was playing guitar." Michael tells me, sounding slightly annoyed. "What? Kept you from getting your beauty sleep?" I smirk. "Yeah, until I put some headphones in." Michael nods. He can't sleep with Calum playing guitar, but he can sleep with music playing through his headphones? He's so strange! "We're getting to our destination soon!" Ashton points out.

"I'll go wake him up." I get up from my seat, making my way to the bunks. The only bunk that's closed is Calum's...

"Calum?" I say quietly, pulling back the curtain.

"What?" He snaps. "S-sorry..." He mumbles, "I thought you were Luke again. He wouldn't leave me alone before..."

"It's cool... We're arriving at our next stop soon." I inform him. His eyes are red and puffy from crying, and my heart breaks again. I can't cry, because he'll be confused and also freaked out by me randomly crying. "Thanks for telling me. I'll get dressed now..." He nods, climbing out of his bunk and grabbing some clothes.

I leave him to change, going back and joining the rest of the boys. "He's getting dressed now." I tell them. Michael and Luke are playing Call Of Duty at the moment, and I recognise it because it's another game that the guys taught me to play before joining the tour. "DIEEEEE!" Michael shrieks, shooting in circles. "Dude! Shut up!" Ashton moans, covering his ears. "Sorry." He mumbles.

"Calum! You've finally left the cave!" Michael jokes as Calum comes and sits down. "Yeah..." He nods, letting out a forced chuckle. Jeez, he's torn up....

He sits in silence as Luke and Michael continue to play, leaving me and Ashton to have a conversation. "So, Ashton. Any girlfriend?" I wiggle my eyebrows. He chuckles, shaking his head. "Nope, no girlfriend. I didn't want to get into a relationship before going on tour, too difficult." He shrugs, fixing his red bandana. "How about you, Matt? Any girlfriend?" Ashton asks in return. I could lie right now, and solve any possible problems, but what I need to know that it might go wrong... Should I? "Yeah, I do actually." I smirk.

"Who?!" Ashton squeals. I didn't know boys could do that until I met Ashton... What the hell?! "Uh..." I take a deep breath before answering, "Mya." I see Luke tense up as he looks at me. "You're dating Mya?" He asks, a frown on his face.

"Yeah." I nod, holding in the urge to turn around and tell them it's a joke. "Oh..." He looks sad, which makes me feel bad. But, he wouldn't like me anyway, so he's probably just upset about something else. "That's so cool!" Ashton grins excitedly.

"It really is!" I nod, pretending to get excited myself. Why did I do that?!...


"You did what?!" Harry snorts.

"I told them I was dating Mya..." I groan, taking a sip of my Coke. "That's priceless!" Zayn laughs, clutching the arm of the chair to stop himself from falling onto the floor. "Stop laughing!" I whine, hiding my face in my hands. This is so embarrassing! "I can't believe you told them you were dating yourself!" My brother chuckles. I give him a glare to warn him not to join in. He holds his hands up in defense, eating his meal instead. "I didn't know what else to do! It's better than any of the guys to like me!" I point out, still feeling slightly embarrassed.

"I agree. Good call, Mya." Liam smiles reassuringly.

"This is why I like Liam the best." I mumble. He grins happily at me. "Ouch!" I groan as Louis playfully punches me in the arm. "At least he doesn't bully me like the rest of you!" I stick out my tongue. The 5SOS boys are currently out for their break, and I decided to hang out with my brother and the rest of One Direction. "I just don't understand why you guys think this is funny! I've got to pretend to be in a relationship with myself!" I point out. I literally want to crawl into a hole and never come out of it again at this point in time. "It was your choice!" Niall shrugs, quietly laughing himself.

"I hate everything!" I sigh, slamming my head onto the table. "Hey guys!" I sit up and see the 5SOS guys coming over to our table. Great. "Hey!" Louis greets, giving them all hugs. We all move over and I end up being squashed between Liam and Luke. This is just fantastic! Please note the sarcasm... "So, what have you guys been talking about?" Ashton asks giddily.

"Matt and Mya!" Harry smirks as he looks at me. Luke tenses next to me, and I notice him fiddling with his fingers under the table. "You two sound like you definitely suit each other!" Michael compliments as he ruffles his hair a little.

"Thanks." I reply 'appreciatively'.

"How long have you guys been together then?" Luke questions. "Uh... About 3 weeks or so? So, not very long." I answer nervously. "And do you love her?" He questions.

"I-uh, I don't know... It's not been long enough to decide." I shrug, slightly stressed with all of his questions. "So guys, ready for tonight's show?" Liam asks them, changing the subject. I give him a smile to thank him and mentally sigh with relief. Luke ends up forgetting about asking me stuff about my 'relationship' and joins in with the other guys' conversation about the upcoming concert this evening.

I scroll through my twitter feed, liking a couple of tweets from people, but other than that, it wasn't very interesting. "Do you reckon Mya would come to the party tomorrow night?" I ignore whoever asks the question, because it's most likely that they're asking Louis. "Matt." I look up and my eyes meet with Luke's. "Sorry, were you talking to me?" I chuckle. He nods. "I don't know." I shrug in answer to his previous question. "Most likely." I add, watching my brother tense up. His face tells me he won't let me go, but he can't stop me.

I continue to stare at Luke, admiring how good he looks from the side. His lip ring shines in the light of the sun beaming in through the windows, and he honestly looks like an angel from heaven right now. Yeah, I know what I'm saying. I know that Louis will probably run me over with the tour bus if he knew, but you can't help who you're attracted to. Yes, I said attracted. That's because, ladies and gentlemen, I'm most indefinitely attracted to Luke Hemmings...

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