"She's" The One [5SOS + 1D]


1. Prolouge

~ Mya's POV ~


"I'm not playing." I declined, crossing my arms over my chest as I clutched my book. "Why, Mya? Are you a chicken?" Zayn teased.

"No!" I shook my head in frustration.

"Mya, I'm your brother. What I say, goes!" Louis shouted from the garden. "Fact, Louis; you're my stepbrother." I argued. I could feel myself getting more annoyed by the second. "Mya, stop being a boring wimp and play truth or dare with us!" Louis complained.


I rolled my eyes and stormed outside, seeing five guys sat around the fire pit. "Fine." I sighed, sitting in the spare chair next to Liam. "Niall, truth or dare?" My brother asked.

"Dare!" Niall answered as if it was obvious.

"I dare you to lick Harry's foot." Louis smirked. Of course he would... Harry rolled his eyes and removed his socks, letting Niall lick his foot. "Thanks for washing your feet." The Irish boy grimaced.


"Zayn, truth or dare?" Niall asked the boy who was laughing. Zayn cleared his throat before answering, "truth."

"How much hair product do you use?" Niall smirked. Seriously? "What a waste of a question." I muttered. No one heard me, because Zayn answered when I spoke, "I use about 5 different products for my hair..." He looked a little embarrassed, which caused me to accidentally let out a giggle. "Is that funny to you, Mya?" Zayn glared at me, and then smirked deviously. "Truth or dare, Mya?" He asked.


Damn. If I chose 'dare', he'd undoubtedly give me something awful to do. But, if I chose 'truth', they'd all make fun of me... "Dare." I breathed out, closing my eyes in the hope that he'd be nice. Fat chance of that though... The boys were all whispering to each other. I was pretty sure it was against the rules, but I kept my mouth shut about it. "I've got it!" Zayn shouted. He quickly whispered his idea to the boys, and they conversed some more before going back to their seats. "Okay, Mya. We all dare you to dress and act like a guy for a month of our tour." Zayn announced.


"What?! No way!" I shrieked. Were they crazy?! "You have to! You chose 'dare', remember?" Niall shrugged. "There's no way I'm pretending to be a guy for whole month!" I defended.

"Mya; if you do the dare, we'll give you money." Louis told me. "You're seriously going to bribe me into doing this stupid dare?!" I protested.


"Mya... We know you're working hard to get money to travel to Sydney and live with your mum. We'll give you the money to travel there, and the money to look after her long enough until you can get a professional carer for her... It'll save you have to work your ass off." Liam explained. He had a good point... My mum lived back in Australia. When her and my dad split up, dad dragged me to England with him. He met Louis mum and then we moved in with them. And then, my dad left her too, and he didn't bother taking me with him.


Louis is like my real brother, because he was always there for me. But then I found out that my mum was seriously ill, and I didn't want to ask Johannah for the money, because I'm not even her child and she still took care of me. "Fine, okay." I gave in, watching as the boys all celebrated. "You guys are helping me though!" I added, rolling my eyes at how stupid I was for agreeing to this. "Of course we'll help!" Harry winked. Someone pray for me...





This story is going to be based off of the film; She's The Man, which stars Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum. So, if this story seems similar, it's because it was the inspiration for it. I watched it this morning, and I got super inspired to write my own version!

I hope you enjoy! Xx

- Kerry 💖

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