"She's" The One [5SOS + 1D]


2. Meeting 5SOS

~ Mya's POV ~



"Okay, you ready for this?" Louis asks me.

"As ready as I can be." I sighed. I'm currently dressed up in Louis clothes. I had some bandage wrapped around my chest so it looked flat, and the boys had gone out and bought me a standard wig. I looked like an idiot to say the least, but at least random strangers thought I was a guy... "You remember everything?" My brother questions as he hauls out another bag from his car. "Yes, Louis!" I groaned.

"Show me." He demanded.



I rolled my eyes. "My name is Matthew Coleman, I met you at a bar and we hit it off straight away. You introduced me to the others and we've been good friends for a couple of years. And I enjoy playing Fifa." I recall.

"Show me your guy voice." Louis urges. I clear my throat and lower my voice the way I did when I practiced with the boys, "How's it going? I'm Matthew."



"You're gonna be fine without us by the looks and sounds of things." Liam smiles as he comes over. "Without you?" I frown.

"You didn't tell her yet?" Liam asks Louis.

"Yeah... You're not going to be with us when we're traveling and stuff." My brother chuckles nervously, scratching the back of his neck. "Well who am I going to be with?" I growl through gritted teeth. "Um... Our opening act." He replies.

"Who?!" I shriek.



"5 Seconds of Summer." Liam tells me.

"The band you told me about?" I question Louis. He nods. Great... Another bus pulls into the car park, and I instantly become jittery. "Don't worry, they're really nice. And remember; no swimming and always make sure the door is locked when you're having a shower. Otherwise; no money." Liam whispers. I watch as four really hot guys get off the bus. "Hey guys! You ready for the tour?!" Niall greets excitedly. "Duh!" The guy with drumsticks in his hands, nods.



"Is this the guy you told us about?" The one with dark hair asks, pointing at me. "Hey, I'm Matthew! But you can call me Matt." I speak in my guys voice, stretching out my hand to shake his. The guy hits it away and pulls me in for a bro hug. I remember practising it with Harry and Liam, and I notice Louis give me a subtle thumbs up to tell me I pulled it off. "I'm Calum!" He smiles. "I'm Michael!" The one with dark purple hair introduces, also giving me a bro hug. The guy with the drumsticks introduces himself as Ashton and we exchange a bro hug just like I'd done with the other two.



The fourth guy has a lip ring and an amazing blonde quiff on his head. "I'm Luke." He smiles, pulling me in for a hug too. "We're excited to have an extra bunk mate!" Ashton giggles.

"I'm excited to join you!" I nod.

"We'll see you later, Matt! We gotta go!" Louis waves goodbye to me, leaving me to stand there with the guys I just met. "That's our cue to get back onto our bus too." Michael informs me. I follow the guys onto their tour bus, taking in the surroundings I'd be living in for a month. I can do this for a month, no problem! Right?...



"So, Matt! How do you know the One Direction boys?" Calum asks as we sit down.

"Oh! I met Louis a couple of years ago, at a bar, and we sort of became friends from there! He introduced me to the other guys and we've been friends ever since!" I answer with the rehearsed story I'd been given. "Cool!" They smile. When I say they're hot, I literally mean it. The hottest one was definitely Luke, though. I don't know why, but he was just more attractive than the other three.



Don't get me wrong, the other three were extremely good looking, but Luke's blue eyes and blonde hair drew me to him. What am I even doing?! I can't like any of them that way! Calm down, Mya! You don't like him, you're just admiring his good looks! "Matt?" I snap out of my daydream and see Luke waving his hand in my face. "Sorry..." I mumble.

"We were asking if you knew Louis sister?" Michael asks me. "Oh, uh... M-Mya?" I stutter nervously. "So you know her?" Ashton questions. "Yeah!" I nod.



"Is she nice? We've not properly met her before." Luke tells me. Well, he was right now, but he didn't need to know that... "She's super nice. Always there to help!" I nod. God, if I was 'being me', I'd be so self-obsessed right now...

"She's super pretty." Michael says.

"Agreed." Calum shouted loudly. This is so awkward... "Louis said she's travelling with them, but she's not gonna be around much, because she's coming to see sights and stuff. Apparently travelling is a passion of hers." Luke explains. I can't believe Louis remembered me telling him that... "Yeah, she wants to travel when she's older." I nod.



"You know a lot about her! Are you two close or something?" Calum chuckles.

Yeah, I know a lot because I'm her... "Yeah, we're super close. We're almost the same person!" I laugh. The boys all laugh too. If only they knew that I wasn't joking...






"No way did you just beat Michael at Fifa!" Luke gasps in shock. "Is it not allowed, or-"

"It's not that. It's just; no one can beat him, and you've done it!" Luke still looks shocked.

"You deserve an award or something!" Calum's jokes, giving me a high five. "I actually commend you. You're a great opponent, man!" Michael laughs, patting me on the back.

"Thanks, man!" I smile, patting him on the back too.



"I'm hungry!" Michael pouts.

"Get some pizza from the fridge then." Luke laughs. Michael's eyes instantly light up at the word 'pizza', and he practically races to the small kitchen area on the bus. "Guessing he likes pizza?" I say questioningly, raising an eyebrow. "'Like' is a massive understatement," Ashton sighs, making me laugh. Michael come back shortly after, a couple slices of pizza balancing in one hand as he uses the other to eat with.



"Dude, what are you doing?" I chuckle as I was him. "I'm pleasing the stomach." Michael answers in all seriousness. "Didn't tell you before, but your bunk is gonna be opposite Luke's. Is that okay?" Ashton checks, fixing his bandana. "Of course it's okay!" I grinned.

"You know what we didn't do?" Michael smirks. "What?" I frown at him.

"It's something the winner gets when he wins a game of Fifa..." Michael answers me.

"Oh..." Calum smirks too.



"What's going on?" I'm beyond confused right now... "DOGGY PILE!" Michael shrieks.

He jumps on me and I let out a groan of pain. The other guys all pile on top and I lie there, holding in the cries of pain nearly coming out of my mouth. This was squashing my boob so badly, and it was taking everything for me not to cry. "You can get off now!" I call from the bottom of the pile. The boys don't budge, so I use all of my strength to push them off me. "Ow!" Luke winces as he bangs his elbow off of the floor. "Karma sucks my friend." I smirked.



"Well, I think it's time we sleep. We'll be tired tomorrow during soundcheck otherwise." Ashton points out. "I agree..." Calum yawns. Now; how does one get into the bunk on a moving bus?...






I can't sleep on a moving bus. I keep nearly falling out occasionally, and I don't want to fall flat on my face in the middle of the night... I climb out of my bunk and quietly make my way through the bus. I'm gonna watch a movie, and I might let my boobs out of the bandage for a little while, because having them squashed constantly sucks a lot... I walk into the TV room to see Luke in shorts and no shirt. Naturally, being a girl, I cover my eyes with my hands. "S-sorry." I mutter, remembering to keep my voice low. "Matt, you don't have to cover your eyes y'know..." Luke chuckles.



"Uh... Right, of course!" I nod, hoping I don't blush with embarrassment. "You can't sleep either?" He asks me.

"Nope." I laugh. He pats the space next to him on the sofa, and I take a seat. "What are we watching?" I question.

"Skyfall." Luke answers, averting his eyes back onto the screen. "I love this film!" I smile as I sit and watch with him. I notice that Luke has a bowl of crisps next to him, and he catches me looking at it. "You can have some!" He offers, holding the bowl out to me. "Oh, thanks!" I gratefully took a few from the bowl and nibbled on one.



"What are you doing?" Luke laughs, looking at me with a frown on his face. I realise that this probably isn't how a guy eats crisps, and I instantly shove them in my mouth all at once. I earn another weird look from Luke, but he just goes back to watching the film. I really need to work on acting like a guy, because one mishap is all it takes to being caught...






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Love you all xo

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