"She's" The One [5SOS + 1D]


3. Meeting 5SOS... 'Again'

- Matt's POV -



I wake up lying across Luke. I have no idea how we ended up in this position, but I quickly get off him. "Time to get up." I say, calming myself down a little. Luke begins to stir, and he rubs his eyes sleepily. God; he looks so cute right now... "Stop, Mya!" I mentally scold.

"Morning, Matt!" Luke smiles as he stands up. "Morning!" I reply, hoping I don't sound awkward or uncomfortable. "We've got our sound check in about 30 minutes, but we arrive at our destination in about 10 minutes, if that." Ashton explains.



"I wonder if we'll see Mya today!" Michael smiles excitedly. I immediately tense up, but relax before any of the guys notice. "Matt, do you think we'll see her today? She might meet us if she knows you're there!" Calum points out.

"I'll text her and ask!" I suggest, smiling at them. "Awesome!" Ashton grins. What was that?! "I'll text her"?! I'm such an idiot...

I take out my phone and text Louis to ask if he'll let me go out as Mya for a little while.



M: Louissss x

L: Myaaaaa x

M: Can I be myself today? The boys want to meet me...xx

L: No way

M: Pleeeeease!

L: Hell no, Mya!

M: Louis, I'm still gonna do the dare!

L: You're not doing it, cause I'm not having them flirting with you!



"So; what did she say?" Michael asks me.

"Uh..." What do I say?! "She said that she can't wait to meet you!" I tell them enthusiastically. "Yes!" Calum cheers. Luke smiles happily. Only issue is; how am I supposed to leave them as Matt?...






"Do you seriously have to leave?!" Luke pouts.

"If you want to meet Mya, then yeah." I think. "Sorry man; I haven't seen my mates for a little while, so we're hanging out today!" I apologise. "Fine... We'll see you at soundcheck though, yeah?" Ashton checks, fixing his bandana again. "Definitely." I nod. I wave to them as they leave me on the bus, and I watch them skulk off. When they're gone, I race to my bunk and grab some of my own clothes, taking them to the bathroom with me.



I take off my brothers clothes and change into my own, taking off the wig so my brown hair falls around my shoulders. God, I've missed feeling natural... I quickly apply some makeup and shove the clothes into my bag on the way past my bunk. When I see the coast is clear, I leave the bus and walk inside the arena. It's huge... I'm not sure how I'm supposed to find the guys, but I hear laughter coming from down the hall and decide that's what I need to follow. I end up at the side of the stage, and I see the 5SOS boys messing around on the stage. They're playing a song, but it's not one that I've heard before... I assume it's one of theirs, and it's really good.



"You call me up. It's like a broken record, saying that your heart hurts. That you never get over him, getting over you."

"And you end up crying, and I end up lying. Cause I'm just a sucker for anything that you do."

"And when the phone call finally ends, you say thanks for being a friend. And we're going in circles again and again."

"I dedicate this song to you; the one who never sees the truth. That I could take away your hurt, heartbreak girl!"

"Hold you tight, straight through the daylight. I'm right here, when you gonna realise? That I'm your cure, heartbreak girl!"



I cut them off by clapping, and they all stop in shock. "Who-"

"Hey guys! 5 Seconds of Summer, right?" I beam, walking onto the stage. "Mya!" Ashton shrieks excitedly, abandoning his set of drums to come and give me a hug. "You're Ashton?" I 'check'. He gives me a nod.

"Michael, that's you?" I point to Michael as if I haven't met him before. He also nods, giving me a hug too. "Calum?" I 'ask' as I look right at him. "That's me!" Calum grins as he pulls me in for a hug.



"So that means you're Luke?" I say as I turn to the blonde boy I've been getting too comfortable around recently... He stands there and stares at me, making me blush a little. "Luke!" Michael gently shoves him, and he snaps out of his daydream. "Uh, y-yeah! H-hi!" He stutters nervously. I smile and give him a hug, and he tenses up in surprise first before he hugs back. "Mya!" I swivel around at the familiar voice of my older brother. He has a pretend smile plastered on his face.

"Hey, Louis!" I reply innocently.

"What are you doing here?" Zayn smirks, thinking I've given up on the dare already. "Matt had some friends to hang with, and he texted me to ask if I'd hang with the guys, because they wanted to meet me!" I explain, looking intently at how the boys would react. Especially Louis. "Anyway," I turn back to the guys, "what was that song you were playing? It's awesome!" I compliment. Luke blushes at my comment. "That song was 'Heartbreak Girl', and Luke and I wrote it!" Calum informs.



"Seriously?" I ask in surprise, looking at Luke. He nods, still blushing ferociously. "We'll be back in a second!" Michael announces, all four of them leaving me and the others on the stage. "Mya, I said no!" Louis whispers loudly. "I know, but they really wanted to meet me!" I complain.

"So 'Matt's' gone then?" Harry asks, a smirk evident on his face. "No, I'm still doing this dare. I just wanted the boys to be able to meet me." I shrug, fixing my hair.



"Fine, you can be yourself! But not after today!" Louis scolds. I squeal happily and hug him, "thanks Lou!"

"Anything for my sister." He sighs jokingly, rubbing my back. "Aloha!" Ashton greets randomly as the guys all come back. "Hi..." I frown, laughing at him. "Your laugh is adorable!" Luke blurts out. He instantly stops talking after he says it, and I blush at his words. Louis stares at Luke for a second, and then notices my reaction. I watch as he narrows his eyes.



"So; do you play anything?" Calum asks, stopping the awkward silence. "I play all of these!" I answer, gesturing to their instruments.

"You sing?" Michael questions as he fiddles with his guitar pick. "Oh, no." I shake my head. "Liar." Niall says through a cough.

"What?" Ashton frowns.

"Nothing." I rush out. The guys look at me and Niall weirdly. "How's your traveling dream going?" Ashton smiles, turning to me. "I'm hoping to travel to Sydney in a months time." I reply.



"Hope it works out! Sydney is the bomb!" Calum admires. "I know!" I nod, remembering how nice it was when I lived there. I check the time on my phone and realise that their sound check starts in 5 minutes... "I've gotta go!" I pull a sad face.

"Really?! But we only just met you!" Michael pouts. "Sorry, but my friends have finished their swimming and I'm meeting them for coffee! See you around?" I offer. They all nod happily, giving me a hug in turn. I wave as I leave them, running to the bus the second I'm out of sight.



When I'm back on the bus, I wrap the bandage around my chest and shove my hair up into my wig, putting Louis' clothes on again. I shove my clothes in my bag, racing off the bus and back into the arena. I walk up the steps and onto the stage, seeing all nine boys talking. "Hey guys!" I greet in my guy voice. Their heads all snap in my direction, and I earn a 'hi' from each of them. "Have fun with your friends?" Niall asks sarcastically. The guys don't notice the tone, thankfully, and I breath a mental sigh of relief. "They were great! Glad I met up with them!" I nod, faking a smile. "Mya just left then?" I ask.



"How'd you know that?" Zayn deviously questioned. "Because I just spoke to her on my way in." I replied in triumph.

"Sound check is go!" Paul shouted from the sidelines. Both bands got up from the floor and I followed suit, the 5SOS lads going first...






A/N: Second chapter is done! I'm actually proud of myself for updating so quickly! Xx

Thanks for being supportive as always x

lotta love ~ Kerry xo

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