"She's" The One [5SOS + 1D]


8. "Lou, I swear I'm not going to date Luke!"

- Matt's POV -

"Mya, what the hell did Luke mean when he said you two almost kissed?" My brother asks sternly as I sit down on the seat in the 1D tour bus. Soundcheck finished about five minutes ago, and I'm not getting a lecture from Louis. Again. "Look, we were on the Ferris Wheel and he went in to kiss me. I admit, I went in to kiss him too, but-"

"You went in for the kiss as well?!" Louis shrieked, throwing his arms up in the air.

"Yes! But it didn't mean anything, Louis! I was caught up in the moment! We were on the Ferris Wheel, at the top, and the view was beautiful and I just got swept up in all of that. I promise!" I reason, trying to calm him down through worrying the 5SOS boys would hear us from their bus.

"You better be telling the truth, Mya!" He warns.

"Lou, I swear I'm not going to date Luke!" I promise, speaking the sad truth.

"Good. Because, whilst I know you may find that interesting, you can't date any of them when doing this dare... It could go so wrong!" My brother sighs, taking a seat next to me. "I know that, Louis, which is why it won't happen. I promise you!" I reassure, resting my head on his shoulder.

"Okay, I trust you." He smiles, giving me a hug.

"Thanks Lou." I whisper.

"You should probably get onto your bus, the 5SOS lads are going to be wondering where you are." Liam tells me as he climbs out of his bunk.

"Good idea. Bye, guys!" I wave at all five of the boys who had all pretty much watched Louis rant at me, getting off of the tour bus.

"Mya?" I nearly squealed as I bumped into someone, looking up to see Calum.

"How long have you been out here for?" I ask him as he steadies me.

"I heard nearly everything... We heard Louis raise his voice at one point, but we couldn't hear what he was saying to you... I persuading them that I'd be fine coming to see if everything's okay on my own." He tells me.

"Yeah, everything's fine." I nod, hoping to reassure him like I'd done with Louis a few moments ago.

"That's okay then!" He pats me on the back as we make our way back to the bus. When I get on, I'm instantly bombarded with questions from the rest of the band. "What happened? Did Mya get in trouble?" Luke squeaks worriedly.

"No, no. Louis raised his voice because Zayn made an inappropriate comment. He was fine about what happened." I lie, giving Luke and the others my best fake smile. They all seem to buy it, because they immediately go back to relaxing and continuing their conversation.

"So, I say we find a way to get you and Mya on a proper date. You can tell her how you feel and it'll be great!" Michael suggests, making Ashton get excited. "You're going to plan a date with Mya?" I frown, doing my best to hide my panic.

"Yeah!" Luke nods, turning back to Michael, "but what if she rejects me?" I don't want to hear their conversation, because it's just going to make me feel so much worse about everything, so I walk off to the bunks. Just as I'm about to climb in, I feel a tap on my shoulder. "Oh! Hey Calum." I grin, making sure I keep on my male voice. I don't want to accidentally have one of the others overhearing me speaking as myself... "Are you sure you're okay?" He checks, staring at me intently.

"No..." I sigh, feeling my bottom lip start to quiver. The tears immediately build up in my eyes and one silently slides down my cheek.

"Hey, don't cry!" Calum whispers with concern, wiping it away and pulling me in for a hug. I silently sob into his shirt, letting all of the stress and guilt and pain escape. "What's wrong?" He frowns as he passes me a tissue to clean my face up.

"I like Luke, Calum. That's what's wrong..." I reply quietly, "but I can't like him, because it's too risky... I don't want to hurt him, but I know that if I told him how I truly felt that it would cause so many problems if this dare accidentally went wrong."

"I can't tell you that you can't hurt him, because I know that it's not my place to say. But if you really think pushing him away is the best thing to do, then I'll support you through it all." Calum comforts, giving me another hug.

"Matt? Why are you crying?" Michael frowns.


"He's a little homesick." Calum covers for me. I shoot him a thankful look which is returned with a subtle smile.

"Sorry man! I know that it can suck. I get homesick occasionally too." Michael admits.

"I guess I just need to man up. This is a fun opportunity for me." I 'decide'.

"That's what I do!" Michael nods.

"I think I might just lie down for a little." I announce, climbing into my bunk.

"Sleep well, Matt." Calum whispers, shooting me a small thumbs up, before walking off to join Luke and Ashton with Michael. I close my curtain and turn onto my side, closing my eyes. Slowly, but surely, I feel the darkness surround my sense, sending me to sleep...


"Matt, the concert starts in ten minutes. You coming?" I groan as I'm woken up from my sleep, turning over to see Luke waiting for me.

"I'll be there in a minute." I whisper sleepily, trying to adjust my eyes. Luke leaves me to wake up properly running off of the bus to get ready to go perform. I slowly climb out of my bunk and straighten out my clothes, making my way off of the bus and into the arena. The sound of screaming fans can be heard throughout, and I smile. They're here to listen to my brother and the rest of the guys in One Direction. I'm so proud of Louis and how far he's come. He starts out on X Factor and now he's touring with his band mates, with an opening act and a tonne of fans who love his music. I may only be related to Louis through my dad and his mum, but he'll always be my real family, even if I don't always admit it. I suppose this is what Luke meant about his dream, because I sure as hell know how happy it makes Louis. Luke... I still need to think of how I'm going to distance myself from him. But for now, I'm going to enjoy my time on this tour, even if I'm enjoying it as the opposite gender...

"Hello, Glasgow! We are 5 Seconds of Summer, and it's an honor to be on this tour with One Direction and an honor to be playing here for you!" Ashton cheers, causing the crowd to scream. "This is a song that Calum wrote whilst we made our way here, and it's called 'Gotta Get Out'!" Michael shouts, causing everyone to scream again. The band begins to play their new song, and I'm taken by surprise by it. It's an acoustic song, and it's beautiful...

"Even when the sky is falling down, even when the earth is crumbling 'round my feet."

"Even when we try to say goodbye, and you can cut the tension with a knife in here."

"'Cause I know what'll happen, if we get through this."

"And if the earth ends up crumbling down to its knees baby, we just gotta get out, we just gotta get out. And if the skyscrapers tumble down and crash around baby, we just gotta get out, we just gotta get out."

"'Cause I feel so damn lost. And it comes with a cost, of being alone."

"Everything, is falling down. We're suffering, helpless thoughts and out we sing, prayers go to the sky."

"And if the earth ends up crumbling down to its knees baby, we just gotta get out, we just gotta get out (Gotta get, gotta get, gotta get out!) And if the skyscrapers tumble down and crash around baby, we just gotta get out, we just gotta get out."

"And if we fall, it's not your fault. Shadows covering, our selfish foes. And as our love, can go out on a high note."

"Even when the sky is falling down, even when the earth is crumbling 'round my feet... Around my feet!"

"And if the earth ends up crumbling down to its knees baby, we just gotta get out, we just gotta get out (Gotta get, gotta get, gotta get out!). And if the skyscrapers tumble down and crash around baby, we just gotta get out, we just gotta get out."

"And if the earth ends up crumbling down to its knees baby, we just gotta get out, we just gotta get out..."

The fans all begin to cheer and squeal as the song reaches the end, and I wipe away the tears that fell during the song. These boys were truly talented, and they deserved big things for their future. They play a few more songs before running off stage. "That was amazing!" I congratulate, patting each of them on the back as they come off. "Thanks Matt!" Calum grins triumphantly.

"Yeah, thanks!" Michael nods, giving me a pat on the back as well.

"You guys ready?" I hear Ashton ask. I turn around and see the 1D boys lining up at the side of the stage, ready to go on for the concert.

"Very much so. And that new song was great lads!" Harry compliments, making the four Australian guys beam with happiness.

"Looks like we're on." Zayn whispers. The boys all run out on stage and the crowd erupts into chaos. Yeah; they were definitely loved.

"Hello Glasgow!" Louis shouts, shrieks filling the entire arena.

"Let's get this show going!" Niall suggests, causing more shrieks to echo around. I love that I'm a part of this tour, because it's honestly amazing to see how supportive the fans are of both bands. It's extremely wonderful to experience...


The concert finished an hour ago, and we are currently travelling to the next tour location; Cardiff. "Have any of you ever been to Cardiff before?" I ask. We have a film playing, but I'm not sure what it actually is and I don't think the guys do either. "Nope! But it's exciting for us to go!" Calum expresses proudly, frowning at something strange happening on the screen. "Can we please turn this off? It's weird!" Michael groans, the rest of us agreeing with him. I get up and turn off the film, hearing Michael asking if anyone wants to play Fifa instead. Ashton lets out a groan at the idea, but Michael completely ignores it. "I'll play." Luke chimes in, grabbing two remotes for him and Michael to use.

"I don't understand how you guys can enjoy this rubbish!" Ashton states, gesturing to the TV screen as they begin a game.

"Because we're normal?" Michael says.

"No, because you're abnormal." Ashton scoffs, earning a quick glare from Michael.

"What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, Ashton?" I inquire as he takes a seat in the space next to me on the chairs.

"I love reading books." He responds.

"Any specific genre?" I'm quite surprised by Ashton's interest in reading for fun. It's something I love doing, so I'm quite intrigued to know more about his opinions. "I love romance novels, but the guys laugh at me for it." Ashton admits, poking his tongue out at Michael as he snickers.

"Do you know what, Ashton? I love romance novels too." I reveal, causing the rest of the guys to stare at me.

"You're a strange child like Ash? Dude!" Michael pouts, making me laugh.

"Romance novels are actually great!" I defend, finding it amusing to see how disappointed Michael is about the situation.

"I love you even more now!" Ashton cheers, giving me a high five. I sit back and watch Luke and Michael play Fifa, Luke getting beaten every time. I'm not surprised considering the guys told me that Michael doesn't normally lose. I bet he'd be pretty annoyed if he knew he lost to a girl, but he shouldn't find that out, so it'll be fine. "I hope this tour doesn't go by too quickly, we love having you here!" Ashton informs me as Michael scores yet another goal against Luke. "It's true! You're pretty awesome!" Calum pipes up, also giving me a subtle wink at the end.

"I love being here!" I confess, Ashton gently punching me in the arm with approval.

"I'm pretty sure that Mya leaves the tour the same time as you do." Luke thinks out loud, causing Ashton to gently hit him around the back of the head.

"Ow!" He pouts.

"We're talking about Matt, and you're more interested in Mya again!" Ashton 'scolds'.

"It's cool, don't worry about it!" I laugh, "and yeah, she is."

"Well we best make the most of this tour then!" Calum encourages, all of us cheering in agreement.


A week has passed since our special heart-to-heart on the bus to Cardiff. We're now in Manchester. Both bands rocked the past few concerts, but Dublin's concert was definitely the highlight. The 1D boys performed 'Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air', which was very amusing to watch unfold. The fans seemed to really enjoy it too. "Manchester is going to rock!" Calum screeches as he runs up and down the bus. I rolled my eyes playfully at him. The other three are inside the arena, playing some weird game with One Direction. I couldn't be bothered going, and Calum wanted to keep me company. "Cal, what are you actually doing?" I giggle as he accidentally hits his arm off of one of the counters.

"Celebrating?" He winces, chuckling a little afterwards.

"Can you tell me a bit about you and Jackson?" I question as he takes a seat next to me.

"Sure!" Calum beams, clearly excited by me taking an interest in Jackson. "We've been dating for about 7 months, but about 2 months into the relationship, the guys started to pick up on how much time I was spending going out and not being around them. But I didn't want to tell them that I was into the same gender, so I told them that I was dating my friend Ellie, who I've known for about 2 years," he quickly shows me a picture of her before continuing, "they bought it, and that was that. But then they wanted to meet her, so I explained what was going on, because she knew I was gay from the start and she knew about my relationship with Jackson. She said she was happy to pretend to be my girlfriend, and I introduced her to the guys. Obviously being gay and being in a relationship, I didn't fancy doing anything that a couple does with Ellie, and I think the boys have picked up on that a little. But I'm pretty sure they just think we don't do PDA." Calum starts, giving me some background to his relationship.

"Of course, 7 months is a good way into a relationship, and having Ellie pretend for 5 months is quite a lot... So the argument you heard me and Jackson having was him basically being hurt because he thought that I didn't care about him, because I haven't come out to the guys yet... But of course that's not true. I'm just finding it a little difficult to tell them, because I don't want them to be mad at me or anything like that, but Jackson knows that now." He continues.

"It's sweet that Jackson is happy to wait until you're ready, not many people would." I admire.

"Exactly. That's one of the things I love most about him. He's also very sweet and he's gorgeous. And he loves me for who I am, which is something that's not easy to find. He's also a couple years older than me, and he's from London. But my favourite thing about him is his amazing commitment to me and the relationship we have. He moved to Australia to be closer to me, so I've promised to tell the guys by the end of this tour, so I can introduce them to him when we're home." I can't help but get slightly emotional.

"That's so beautiful... Do you have a picture of him?" I wipe away some of the tears as Calum pulls out his phone, bringing up a picture of Jackson (A/N: This is my best friend's cousin, and he's in love with Calum Hood. So - welcome to the story!). "Wow!" I nod approvingly. Calum's phone start to ring and Jackson's caller ID comes across the screen. "Speak of the devil." I wink, quietening down as Calum answers. He puts Jackson on speaker, which I find lovely of him. "How's my best friend doing?" Jackson says through the phone.

"I'm fantastic!" Calum replies, looking very content. I get up and go to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water from the fridge.

"Do you want a drink Cal?" I ask as I grab one for myself.

"Yeah, water please!" He replies.

"Who's that?" I hear Jackson question as I grab another bottle of water for Calum as well, making my way back over to him.

"Say hi, Mya!" Calum encourages.

"Hi, Jackson!" I greet.

"Hey, Mya!" He answers, "how do you know my name?"

"Yeah... Calum's told me about you!" I explain, hoping it won't cause any problems for Calum.

"Mya is Louis Tomlinson's sister, she's joining us on tour and she's part of our bus." Calum elaborates for his boyfriend, "she heard a couple of our phone calls, but she's keeping it to herself until I'm ready to tell the guys. Favor for a favor really."

"Favor for a favor? What, so you're doing her a favor for her when she does this for you?" Jackson questions, sounding confused. I start to explain the situation of the dare and how the rest of the band think I'm actually a guy. "Oh, that makes sense! Sorta..." Jackson chuckles, making me and Calum laugh a slightly.

"You seem like a very lovely friend, Mya!" Jackson compliments, making me smile.

"Thanks, Jackson! And from what I've heard about you, you're an amazing boyfriend to Cal!" I compliment in return.

"When do you guys go to London again?" Jackson asks.

"Oh, we're back in six days!" Calum replies.

"Do you think I could see you once? I'm down in London then for a holiday to see my family, and I'd love to see you before you move along on the tour again!" Jackson suggests, sounding hopeful for Calum to agree.

"I'd love that!" Calum grins excitedly. I watch Calum intently as he continues to talk to Jackson on the phone, his smile wider than I've ever seen it before... "I'm going to let you go so you can prep for the show tonight. And like always: I'm so proud of everything you're doing." Jackson says, causing Calum to blush. "I love you, Jackson! See you in a week!" He answers.

"I love you too, see you soon!" Jackson ends the call and leaves me and Calum to get up and meet up with the others in the arena.

"You two are very cute by the way!" I wink, giving him a small nudge as we walk towards the building. I receive a nudge in return, giggling as he pushes open the back doors. "HOW CAN I LOSE AT A GAME I CAME UP WITH?!" I hear Niall shriek.

Me and Calum come up the stairs and see Niall lying on the floor, everyone else laughing at him as he throws a baby tantrum. "Sorry, mate." Zayn laughs, earning a glare from the Irish boy currently sprawled out. "Ugh, whatever!" He pouts, getting up.

"What did we miss?" I frown, snorting a little.

"We played a random game with no name that Niall made up, and he ended up losing first." Harry explains the situation, me and Calum finding it pretty amusing. "You guys have fun on the bus?" Michael questions as he sits down.

"Matt got to speak to Ellie!" Calum nods, lying so easily. I guess 5 months gives you a lot of practice for that, and I wouldn't judge even if I wanted to; I'm currently lying too. "She okay?" Ashton inquires politely.

"She's great! She's actually coming to London in a week for a bit. So I'm going to take the day break we have then to go and see her for a bit." This time, Calum wasn't completely lying. After all - he's seeing Jackson then. "You two are definitely getting back into the relationship mode. We got a bit worried you two were having problems or something!" Luke admits, not much to Calum's surprise, as he already figured they thought that.

"Yeah, we're okay. We just don't do the whole PDA thing." Calum shrugs in response.

"I wonder how tonight's going to go." Liam wonders out loud as we all decide to sit down on the stage.

"Hopefully it goes well!" My brother states.

"Oh, by the way lads," Liam turns to the 5SOS boys, "we have a little thing for tonight's show that we'd love for you guys to do with us? We were thinking of doing 'Teenage Dirtbag' and we'd love if you cam on and performed it with us!"

"That sounds awesome!" Luke grins, making me smile too.

"Great!" Louis nods, giving each of them a pat on the back to thank them for agreeing. "Concert is in an hour, so we should probably get ourselves fully sorted out." He adds. One hour until this show is started and then finished. And then we're moving on to Liverpool...

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