"She's" The One [5SOS + 1D]


7. "Glasgow, baby!"

- Matt's POV -




"Time for us to grace Glasgow with our presence!" Ashton cheers, running up and down the bus, swinging his shirt around in the air.

"Dude, what the hell are you doing?!" I chuckle, sitting down to eat the ready-made pancakes I took from the fridge. I'm extremely hungry this morning... "I'm celebrating! We're Australian, we haven't really been out of the country. This is the first time we're doing something like this and it's so much fun!" Ashton squeals. I need to try and remember that Ashton's a squealer, because it takes me by surprise each and every time he does it...

"Could you please stop being so loud?" I hear Michael groan as he comes trudging into view.

"Nope! It's your own fault for getting so wasted last night!" Ashton pokes out his tongue, continuing to cheer and dance around the bus.




I laugh a little as Michael throws a pillow at Ashton's face, causing the giddy Australian boy to stop his 'performance' and pretend to cry. Michael responds by rolling his eyes. "Are you guys always this lovely towards each other?" I tease.

"Michael's my secret lover." Ashton winks jokingly.

"Wait, but we're together!" I hear Calum gasp in mock horror.

"Calum, I can explain!" Ashton pretends to beg, getting onto his knees.

"What I want to know, is why my boyfriend is cheating! Michael, what the hell?!" Luke joins in, coming into view as well.

"Sorry Lucas, but Ashton had something that attracted me to him." Michael shrugs. I watch the scenario unfold and laugh at them all.




"I'm quite glad that I was placed on this bus!" I beam, finding the whole situation amusing.

"We're glad to have you!" Luke smiles, ruffling my hair.

"How come you're not as hungover as Michael? You were very drunk when I saw you last night!" I point out, frowning slightly.

"I'm quite immune to hangovers at the moment... I'm not sure why. Some days I'll be fine and on others, I'm completely dead to the world." Luke shrugs in response, stealing one of the pancakes from the pack of four. I give him a slight hit on the hand, but he smirks and starts eating it, taking a seat next to Michael. "So, how long till we reach Glasgow?" Calum asks as he flops himself onto the sofa.

"About five minutes!" Ashton claps excitedly, bouncing up and down a little before being stopped by Michael who kicks him in the shin. "Ouch!" Ashton pouts.

"Whatever!" Michael sarcastically answers.




I swallow another bit of pancake, making some conversation with the guys, "how was the party then?"

"It was amazing! I really enjoyed it!" Michael nods approvingly.

"It would've been better if you'd been there!" Ashton informs, making me tense up a little. I notice Calum looking at me awkwardly out of the corner of my eye, but I know he won't say anything. "Sorry again! But I'm glad you all enjoyed yourselves!" I grin.

"Well it was a whirlwind of emotions for Hemmings over there!" Ashton gestures over to Luke who gives him a small glare.

"What do you mean?" I question, feeling nervous to hear the answer.

"Well, he was excited to see Mya last night, and he especially loved that she danced with him. But then he got worried when Louis spoke to her outside. And then he was happy to see her back again, but then she had to leave. And so that made him upset, because he thought it was because she was bored of him which caused him to down a lot of drinks in about five minutes. Which is how he got so drunk." Ashton explains. I feel a pang of guilt wash over me as I look at Luke. He's red with humiliation, and it's all because of me.




Calum looks at me sympathetically. "Luke, I promise that wasn't it!" I reason, making sure I don't start speaking in my normal voice.

"How could you know that?" Luke protests sadly.

"B-because she rang me when I was back on the bus." I lie, hoping Luke will believe it.

"She did?" He frowns, a small smile appearing on his lips.

"Yes! And she said she had a really good time with you at the party, and she also said that she felt bad for having to leave as soon as she did, because she thought you were very sweet." I ramble. I catch Calum's eye and realize that I'm acting a little over the top...

"She said all of that?" Luke grins. I nod, which causes him to look the happiest I've ever seen him before.

"WE'RE HERE!" Ashton shrieks, causing the rest of us to jump at the sudden loud noise.

"Shut up!" Michael scolds, throwing another pillow at him.




The bus slowly pulls into the car park of the arena and we make our way off of the vehicle and onto hard ground. "Glasgow, baby!" Ashton says strangely, making me laugh a little. "When's soundcheck?" I wonder out loud.

"In a couple of hours." Calum tells me. The other three boys walk off ahead and make their way inside the arena, probably looking for some food. "You may want to dial it down a little." Calum laughs, jabbing me in the ribs slightly.

"Ouch! Okay, that hurts ya know!" I complain, playfully jabbing him back.

"Baby." He winks. I giggle as we begin walking towards the arena. The sound of my phone ringing makes us stop.

"One second," I say, pressing 'answer'. "Hello?" I greet, not knowing who's on the other end due to the number being unknown.

"Hey, Mya! It's Luke!" I pull the phone away and press it against me so Luke can't hear me.

"It's Luke!" I whisper loudly, slightly panicked.

"Answer him!" Calum urges. I take a deep breath and put the phone back to my ear again.

"Hey, Luke! Everything okay?" I reply.

"I-uh.. Yeah, everything's great! I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out with me today? Our soundcheck isn't until later this afternoon, and I figured it would be nice to go around Glasgow for a little bit?" He suggests, sounding extremely nervous about the offer.




I take a second to think before answering him, "I'd love to! Where should we meet?" Luke gives me the details of the arena (which I -obviously- already know) and we agree to meet in about fifteen minutes. "So I just agreed to spend the day with Luke..." I trail off, looking at Calum to see his reaction.

"Cute!" Calum winks.

"Not like that! I-I can't be interested in any of the guys. I made that promise to myself as well as my brother. It would be too risky." I shake my head, shutting down Calum's idea quickly. "How long do you have to get ready?" He questions me.

"Fifteen minutes..." I admit.

"Go and get ready then!" Calum gently pushes me back in the direction of the bus.

"Thanks Cal! And please think of a reason for Matt disappearing so suddenly! Thank you!" I called out, racing back onto the bus. I had to be done in less than fifteen minutes, so I could get off the bus without Luke seeing me. If he sees me coming off, the entire dare will be ruined... I grab an outfit from my padlocked case and throw it on, going completely bare faced, to avoid the hassle of taking makeup off later on. Once I'm ready, I throw my Matt outfit into the bag and close the bunk curtains again, putting the padlock on my case and rushing off the tour bus. I have about a minute or so left, so I decide to wait by the back door, which is where Luke texted me to meet him. Just as I reach the doors, Luke comes striding out, almost tripping over when he spots me.




"Hey!" I smile sweetly.

"H-hi, Mya!" He smiles back, stuttering a bit.

"So, where are we going?" I ask the blonde boy as we begin walking towards the front of the arena.

"I figured we could just walk through the town. There's supposed to be a small fair going on, so I thought that could be a nice thing to go to?" He explains, sounding as though he wants my approval. "That sounds like fun!" I nod, giving him a small smile. He looks happy to hear me say that, which I find quite cute. And no, I'm not worried about it, because it doesn't mean anything. About ten minutes later, me and Luke are in the middle of the town, the fair going on around us. "Fancy a game of hook-a-duck?" Luke chuckles.

"Sure!" I nod, following him to the stall. We spend some time, attempting to win the bear hanging on the wall, but we don't do a very good job. "Oh well! How about we go on the bumper cars?" I suggest. Luke agrees and we make our way over to the lively place of the fair. Me and Luke pay for a shared car, and I let Luke control, squealing every time someone crashes into us. We spent a couple of hours at the fair, going on different amusements and attempting different games for the big prizes. "We have some time to kill, right?" I check with Luke. When he nods, I ask if we can take a ride on the Ferris Wheel. "Of course we can!" He grins, taking my hand and guiding us through the crowds. He pays for a ride and we climb into our own carriage, the workers securing the door.




"So, when do you think you'll get the money for Sydney?" Luke starts speaking to me about my plans, which makes me smile slightly.

"I'm hoping to get some money by the end of the tour. My brother says he found a way for me to get enough." I explain, only bending the truth slightly. "I'd love to see you again when we're both back in Sydney." Luke tells me, making me blush slightly.

"That would be really nice." I agree. "How about you? Any big plan or dream for Luke Hemmings?" I question.

"To have our own tour. It's been a dream of mine before the band even got together. I want us to have our very own tour with our very own opening act, have an album that we perform for the fans in the crowd. Sounds lame, right?" He chuckles, brushing it off like it's not important.

"That's not lame at all, it's a beautiful dream!" I encourage. He looks pleased to hear me say that. "I could see it too," I say honestly, "you guys are definitely talented enough to be that big. You've just got to believe it and keep on dreaming and working hard to achieve it."

"Thanks, Mya! You know, you're really motivational? You may have to be on the tour with us, cheering us on before we go on stage." He jokes.

"Sounds like a plan." I wink, giggling a little.




The Ferris Wheel stops with our carriage at the top. "The view's beautiful." I gasp, looking out at the city around me, "we need to get a picture with this view!" I moved closer to Luke and pull out my phone, opening up the camera. "Smile!" I sing, putting on a grin. Luke smiles too, and I take the picture, looking at it in triumph. I put my phone back into my pocket and look out at the view again. "It's truly breath-taking." I admire, looking out wistfully at the sight before me. "Extremely breath-taking..." Luke whispers in agreement. I look over to him, only to see that he's staring at me rather than at the sight of Glasgow. A blush crawls onto my cheeks as I realise that he's talking about me. Luke slowly starts to lean in, and for some reason I find myself leaning in as well. Just as our lips are about to touch, the sound of Luke's phone ringing causes us to separate. "Yes?" Luke answers, sounding slightly aggravated. "Soundcheck is happening in about twenty minutes, how long are you going to be?" I hear Michael on the other end of the phone. The Wheel begins moving again, indicating the ride is nearly over. "We'll be back soon." Luke informs, hanging up the phone. The silence between us becomes slightly awkward. When our carriage reaches the bottom, we climb out and begin walking back towards the hotel. "I had a lot of fun today!" I say truthfully, breaking the silence. "Me too! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!" Luke agrees, "we should hang out together again!"

"Definitely!" I nod as we continue our walk. We reach the arena and I say goodbye to Luke, waving him off as he goes into the arena for soundcheck.




When the coast is clear, I climb back onto the tour bus and change back into my Matt outfit for today, pinning my hair up and throwing on the wig. I ensure that I wrap my chest up again, shoving the clothes I just wore back into the padlocked suitcase. Once I'm done, I lock it again and check the wig in my reflection, straightening it out before climbing off of the bus and making my way towards the arena. I can hear the sound of the 5SOS boys in their soundcheck as I walk up some steps, instantly being greeted by Niall and Liam. "And where were you exactly?" Niall teases.

"Out with Luke." I answer simply, walking past him.

"Louis knows that, and I don't think he's best impressed about it..." Liam states worriedly.

"Nothing happened, and nothing is going to happen." I shrug, making my way towards the stage, leaving Niall and Liam behind.

"Oi!" I'm suddenly pulled to the side and face-to-face with my older brother. "Why were you out with Luke?!" Louis hisses, making sure he can't be heard by anyone else. "Because he invited me to spend the day with him, and because I wanted to." I sass, rolling my eyes at how childish he's acting.

"What did we agree about dating-"

"It wasn't a date, Lou, it was two friends hanging out together. I'm not interested in dating any of them!" I deadpan, hoping he'll drop the 'issue'.




"Fine." He sighs, letting me leave. I make my way to the side of the stage, watching as the 5SOS boys continue with their soundcheck.

"Sick song lads!" I compliment as they finish their set.

"Matt, you're back!" Ashton cheers as he gets down from his drum set, coming over to give me a hug.

"Yeah! Sorry for running off so quickly!" I apologize, receiving a hug from Michael too.

"It's cool! If you need caffeine from Starbucks, you need it. Can't help that!" Calum shrugs, giving me a small wink.

"Thank you..." I whisper as he pulls me in for a hug. He sends me a smile.

"Are you going to greet Matt or not, Luke?" Michael sighs, shoving him gently.

"S-sorry... Hi Matt." Luke greets weakly. I frown a little at how strange he's acting, but then I realize that it's probably because of me...

"Everything okay?" I question with concern as I watch him fiddle with the ends of his sleeves, not paying much attention to anyone at all.

"Apparently Michael completely ruined his day with Mya. He said they were about to kiss when Michael rang him to bring him back here." Ashton announces loudly. "Kiss?" I jump at the voice of my older brother behind me, knowing I was going to be questioned and lectured later on.

"Y-yeah... But we didn't." Luke stutters nervously, not making eye contact.




"Okay..." My brother replies, "Matt, I need your help with a couple things after soundcheck is over." Crap... I sigh as I walk off stage and make my way to the tour bus. I'm not going to wait for the lecture, I'll just pass the time doing something else instead. "Matt?" I hear someone shouting and turn around to see Luke walking over to me. "Everything alright?" I smile at him.

"C-could I talk to you? About Mya?" He asks quietly, looking at me with hope.

"I-uh... Sure!" I nod, taking a seat with him on the chairs.

"Okay... I went out with her today, and it was a lot of fun. We went to a fair in the town, and we had a laugh, messed around a little. She wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel, and I happily agreed. On our way up to the top, we had a deep conversation about our dreams, and she was so supportive of mine... It was really nice," Luke begins, smiling as he recalls some of the events, "When we reached the top, she was so excited about the view of the city, and it was the most adorable thing I've seen; the way her eyes lit up, and how her smile was so genuine and beautiful..." I feel my chest tighten at his words, feeling some tears burning at the back of my eyes. He really took that in about me? "What Ashton said was true: we almost kissed... But when we were interrupted, the journey back was a little awkward. I feel like she's not actually interested in me, which would suck if it's true. I really like Mya, Matt, and I'm not sure what to do. Louis is never going to be happy if something happens between us, and I don't think she wants it either..."




I stare at Luke sadly, seeing how confused and upset he is about the situation. I can't believe I did this to him! "Okay... Can I ask why you're so interested in Mya?" I know I shouldn't ask that, but I need to know why anyone like Luke would like someone as unimportant as me...

"She's Mya; she's sweet, and funny. She's always up for a laugh, and she doesn't realize just how stunning she is. The way her eyes crinkle up when she laughs, the way her eyes practically sparkle when she sees something she loves, her smile being something that could easily light up the room... And the way that she accepts me for me, rather than avoiding me completely because of her brother." Luke's answer causes the tears to brim in my eyes, and I blink them away as quickly as possible, to prevent him from noticing. "That's really sweet..." I reply, giving Luke a reassuring squeeze.

"What should I do?" He sighs, waiting for me to give him some advice. But what did I want him to do? I think about my answer for a second, before replying, "I can't tell you what you should or shouldn't do... It all depends on whether Mya likes you the way you like her. Maybe finding out would be the best way to start." I suggest. Luke smiles hugely, giving me a really big hug,

"thanks Matt! I'll do that!" I watch as he races off of the bus, leaving me on my own to go over what just happened. Did I seriously just tell Luke to ask me how I felt about him? What am I doing?!




Do I like Luke? I mean, he's sweet and he's extremely good looking. But do I like him more than a friend? It doesn't take me very long to get the answer; I do like Luke, but I can't... As hard as it is to admit that, I can't like Luke. I can't like him, because liking him when doing this dare is probably the worst thing I could do. If he finds out about this dare, he'll never forgive me. He won't speak to me ever again, and I'll blow all of my chances, so I can't like him right now... The only problem is - how am I going to tell him that without completely breaking his heart?...


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