"She's" The One [5SOS + 1D]


6. "Calum!"

- Mya's POV - (the day of the party)

"No way, not happening. Nope!" Louis answers dismissively.

"But why?" I groan as he continues to play a video game with Niall. I'm currently on the 1D bus, trying to persuade my older brother to let me go to the party tonight. Their show was amazing last night, and the fans were definitely loving the 5SOS boys. "Because you're not! I'm not having any of them looking at you and feeling an attraction!" Louis crosses his arms in a way that said 'I'm going to have the last say'. I let out a frustrated growl and stomp off the bus, making my way back to the 5SOS bus instead. When I step on, the boys immediately bombard me. "So?!" Ashton squeals. "Can she come?!" Luke asks in anticipation.

"She's coming!" I nod, the boys all cheering excitedly as I tell them.

"Luke, you can finally talk to her!" Michael nudges him, a smirk on his face.

"Michael, shut up!" Luke mutters under his breath, making a subtle gesture at me.

"Luke, it's fine bro." I shrug, smiling at him.

"I just don't want you to get the wrong idea, especially with you dating her and all that." Luke says awkwardly as he scratches the back of his neck, a slight colour of pink rising to his cheeks. "It's still fine, 'cause we broke up." I 'reveal'. "Wait, what?" He frowns.

"She broke up with me." I explain, taking a seat on the chair.

"Oh no! Sorry to hear it!" Ashton pouts as he comes over.

"Don't worry about it. We both agreed it wasn't working out, and that it would be stupid to ruin our friendship over." I tell him, making sure he doesn't feel bad about it. "So, you're on good terms?" Luke questions. I nod in response. "That's okay then!" Michael smiles reassuringly.

"Yeah, it is." I agree, laughing at Ashton as he falls off the chair he was sitting on.

"Ow." He groans halfheartedly as he gets back onto it again, making sure he doesn't fall again. I don't even know how he did it in the first place, but it was funny to witness, and by the way that Michael and Luke are still snickering at him, they found it funnier than me.

"Where's Calum gone?" I think to myself, getting up and walking towards the kitchen area. I don't find him there, and I start to get a little worried, but I finally work out where he is. "Jackson, hi!" He sounds happy, which makes me smile like the love obsessed loser that I am. "I'm sorry about how we ended things the other night. Forgive me?" I hear Jackson say on the other end of the line. "I'll always forgive you!" Calum smiles, a relieved look on his face. "I'm sorry for pressuring you, too... I know it's hard to tell your band and family about it, so I won't keep pushing you to do it. I know you'll do it when you're ready." Jackson says.

"I love you, Jackson." Calum tells him. My heart is literally warm and fuzzy right about now, I'm not even kidding!

"I love you too, Calum. Now get on with the tour and continue to do me proud!" Jackson replies.

They say their goodbye's and I leave to join the rest of the boys before Calum sees me eavesdropping. "The bus is about to continue from our pit stop! Next stop; party central! Or 'sophisticated event' if you read the actual information." Ashton informs me when I sit back down. It's only then, that I realise I can't go as myself if 'Matt' is going to the party... "Yeah, about that..." I start.

"Don't you dare tell us you're not going!" Michael warns.

"I'm meeting my friends again..." I 'admit' guiltily.

"You suck!" Luke groans, throwing a pillow at me. I chuckle, watching as Michael kills some Zombies in the game he's currently playing. "At least you'll see Mya." I point out, and Luke instantly perks up.

Why is it that the mention of my name makes him react? I decide to ignore it and relax instead. I'm going to party as myself, and I can't wait to let my hair down; literally...


The boys left about ten minutes ago, and I'm currently in the bathroom of the tour bus to get myself ready. I'm already in my dress, and I'm adding the finishing touches to my hair and makeup. I apply some of my favourite lipstick and check my reflection in the mirror another time. Grabbing 'Matt's' clothes, and shoving them into a bag, I placed it on my bunk and closed the curtain, ensuring I grab my phone and get off the bus. I silently pray that I don't draw any attention to myself when I walk inside, because that would be embarrassing. I walk in through the doors and reach the top of some stairs. Thankfully, nobody's paying much attention to me. I notice the 5SOS boys in the crowd of people, and make my way towards them. "Mya, you came!" Calum grins happily, pulling me into a hug.

"Mya, you look so nice!" Ashton gasps, also hugging me. Michael engulfs me into a hug as well, and I turn to Luke. He's already staring at me, his jaw slightly dropped as he eyes me up and down.

I feel a blush crawling into my cheeks. "Y-you look... You look beautiful!" He compliments, still looking astonished.

"You don't look so bad yourself!" I tell him, gently tugging on the sleeve of his tux. Luke looks so happy to hear me say that, and I almost feel honored to have made him look so pleased about something. "Mya!" I tense up at the sound of my older brother's voice behind me. I'm probably going to die... "Hey Louis!" I smile innocently as I turn around. "Can I talk to you real quick?" He asks me, the look on his face showing pure agitation.

"Maybe later. I think I want to dance a little first." I reply, walking away and pulling Luke with me.

"What was all that about?" He frowns, biting down on his bottom lip.

"No idea." I laugh.

"Well; care to dance?" He offers me his hand. I gladly take it in mine and we dance along to the music. A song played by the orchestra starts playing, and me and Luke stare at each other a little awkwardly. "Do you still want to-"

"I'd be honored to still dance with you." I nod, giving him a smile as I move my body closer to his. He tenses for a few seconds before relaxing again, wrapping his arms around my waist as I wrap mine around his neck. There's no longer any distance between our bodies, and I feel a little nervous. Judging my Luke's fast heart rate, he was too... We sway from side to side together, me resting my head on his shoulder as the slow song continues to play through the speakers. "You really do look beautiful tonight." He whispers in my ear, sending chills down my body.

I notice my brother storming over to us, so I quickly grab Luke's hand. "What do you say we go away from everyone?" I suggest, Luke looking at my brother as I do so. "I think that would be best." He chuckles. We begin running up the stairs and through the doors, laughing as we sit on a bench to the left. "That was exhilarating!" I joke.

"I feel like your brother's going to end up killing me or something." Luke randomly blurts out.

"What gave you that idea?" I tease.

"Oh, I don't know. I mean, he looked pretty annoyed to see us dancing together." He plays along. We burst out laughing, our faces only inches away from each other.

I see Luke slowly starting to move in, and I feel myself doing the same thing. Just as we're about to kiss, my brother's voice calling out my name makes us jump apart. He comes around the corner and spots us on the bench. "Mya, I really need to talk to you." He urges sternly.

"I'll, uh- I'm gonna go back inside." Luke stutters, quickly getting up and walking past Louis.

"Hi, Louis! What can I do for you?" I ask innocently.

"Don't play dumb." He states. I let out a frustrated sigh as he sits next to me on the bench. "Mya, I told you not to come." He warns.

"I know, but I wanted to!" I protest.

"Mya, you went against what I said!" He points out. I shrug. "You realise how dangerous this is?" He questions, staring at me.

"Dangerous?" I frown, not understanding.

"Do you understand how dangerous it is to be doing this at the moment? If you keep going out of your 'Matt' character, you're making it more likely for you to slip up and ruin the whole thing." Louis explains. "And you know the rules of this dare; if the 5SOS guys find out you're Matt, you lose the dare." He adds. I realise that he's got a point... I really need the money, and I can't get it if I fail this dare... "I promise to tone it down... But I'd like to make it a rule to allow me to be Mya when I feel like it. Pretending to be a guy kind of sucks a lot of the time. Especially when I can't do the things I'd normally do as myself." I negotiate with my brother and he just shrugs.

"Fine. You can be yourself every now and then. But just make sure you don't mess up in front of the guys. They can't know about this, Mya." He warns.

"Liar." Me and Louis look up and my heart stops.

"Shit." I mutter. Calum runs back towards the doors. "Calum!" I shout, jumping up and running after him. "Calum, wait!" I beg as he enters the building.

"No way! You've lied to us, Mya! I can't believe you've been pretending to be Matt this whole time! You're sick!" He snipes.

"Calum, just let me explain!" I plead.

"I don't want to hear anything! I'm telling the other guys!" He declines, making his way to the stairs.

"Calum, please! You need to understand why!" I defend, grabbing his arm gently. He stops walking and sighs, turning to face me. "You've not got long, so you better make your explanation a good one." He tells me.

"This is literally a stupid dare that the 1D guys gave me before they started their tour. I'm a bit of a wimp, and they wanted to make me do something to toughen me up a bit, so they dared me to dress up and act like a guy for a month of their tour, and I had to settle in with you guys to make sure it happened. If I do this dare without getting caught, I get money-"

"You're playing us for money?" Calum frowns, looking a little hurt.

"Let me finish." I sigh, "my mum is sick, too sick to do anything for herself. She can't even do the basics, like brush her own hair or dress herself. I need this money to move to Australia again and pay for special care equipment and to pay for professionals to help her. I can't do it on my own, and my café job pays nothing! I know it's not the best way to get money, but it's not a privilege, it's a necessity." I explain, hoping he'll understand.

I watch as he stands in thought for a while. I'm full of nerves, because the second he tells the others, the dare's over and I get no money... "I'm sorry to hear about your mum..." He apologizes sadly.

"Me too... But I know that I can help her if I can get the money." I emphasize.

"I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions, Mya. I won't say anything," I relax my stiffened body at his words, "I hope you get money." I smile at him gratefully. He's about to walk down the stares, when a thought occurs to me. I feel like he should know that I'm aware of his secret, especially when he now knows mine... "Calum? I need to tell you something else..." I tell him, which makes him stop walking, coming back opposite me.

"What is it?" He questions. I take a deep breath and sigh.

"I-I know about your secret." I admit guiltily, looking at him to see his reaction.

"My secret?" He frowns, not quite catching on to what I'm saying.

"I-" I take a deep breath again before continuing, "I know... I know you're gay." He turns pale, as though he just saw a ghost, and he backs away a little. "W-what are you going on about?" He stutters.

"Calum, it's fine. I'm not going to say anything!" I promise, putting my hand on his shoulder. "Especially when you're not telling anyone about mine." I add, hoping it makes him relax and trust what I'm telling him.

"How did you, ya know..."

"Find out?" I finish. He nods, looking embarrassed by it all. "I heard a couple of your phone calls with Jackson... Like, the one when he hung up on you, and when you made up. I didn't want to say anything, because I know you're trying to tell the guys and stuff in your own way and time. Just know that you can come to me whenever you like. I won't judge you, I won't laugh; I'll support you." I reassure.

"Thanks, Mya... I appreciate it." He grins, "let's go back to the party. The others are gonna think we've died or something." He jokes, making me laugh.

We make our way back to the others, who are currently dancing like idiots on the dance floor. I giggle as I watch Luke stumble forward and nearly fall on the floor right in front of me. "M-Mya! Hi!" He chuckles, going bright red.

"Hi!" I smile, holding back my laughter. He looks so embarrassed, and I don't want to make him feel any more uncomfortable about it. "I think I'm gonna leave now. I have some friends to meet." I tell the blonde boy. His face shows sadness and I instantly feel guilty. "I'll see you again soon," I answer truthfully, "here's my number!" His face lights up, as if I'd just given him a penguin toy (which I know he loves, because I've seen his giant penguin in his bunk that he always sleeps with), and I put my phone number into his phone. I say goodbye to the rest of the boys and give them my number too, making sure to say goodbye to the One Direction guys too. I leave the party, knowing that Calum is going to ensure the boys don't catch me getting dressed as 'Matt' on the tour bus. I suppose that having one of them knowing isn't so bad, because I know that I have someone to prevent the rest finding out.

I quickly unzip my dress, letting it drop to the floor as I pull out some of Louis clothes to put on. I fumble with the bandage, clipping it together before shoving his top on, sliding some of his jeans on too. I hear some talking outside, and I curse under my breath, shoving my hair up and putting on the wig, remembering to shove my dress into my bag. I throw the bag onto my bunk again, grabbing some makeup wipes for my face. I can hear the boys coming onto the bus, and I panic, knowing I haven't gotten all the makeup off my face yet. I scrub it with the wipes I have, finally getting it off. I throw the wipes into the bathroom bin, because I don't have any time to throw it away somewhere else.

When I come out of the bathroom, the boys all come onto the bus. When I said 'come', I actually meant 'stumbled'. Michael and Luke were completely wasted, and I don't understand how they could've gotten so drunk when I'd seen them about five minutes ago, and they weren't even tipsy. Then again, I hadn't actually spoken to Michael, I'd only seen Luke and Calum before I'd left... So how had Luke gotten so drunk in the space of five minutes? "Heeeeey bud!" Luke slurred, throwing his arm around my shoulder.

"You're wasted." I laughed in my guy voice.

"No, I'm not- I'm tired." He whined, grabbing onto my like a small child. I sighed and helped him to his bunk, opening the curtain and supporting him as he climbed into it. "Goodnight, Luke." I whispered as he cuddled into his pillow.

"Goodnight, Matt." He replied sleepily. I smiled tiredly and closed the curtain to his bunk, going across to my own and climbing into it. Today was definitely a stressful one, but I'm glad it ended well...



I hope you enjoyed it! x

- Kerry xo

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