You tell me you're real but you disappear every time I need you.


1. introduction

Hi, I'm katie. There's not much to know about me and if there was then I can't remember it anyway. I suffer with a memory problem and that's basically ruined anything I decide to do with my life. I spend most of my time in my room eating chocolate watching Netflix but you can't ask me what I watch because I can't remember. I don't really see much point in doing anything with my life anymore, so I don't it's not like I'm going to remember it anyway is it?

I have one person in my life who claims to love me, claims to help me and claims he will look after me the best he can which is great, but the only memories I have of him are bad ones... I'm going to introduce you to a huge part of my life that changed me completely, the story of how I regained my memory.

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