Ny movella

The powers is about a girl. Someday she is together with her friends and get bitten by an animal. She gets magical powers she did not have before.


1. Prolog

The cat won't sit still. Frustration fills his head.

Calmly his friend catches the wild cat and hold it still.

He looks gratefully at his friend and turns towards the table.

Sorry for the cat he takes up the little black pill. The pill is the only one of it's kind.

It took years to develop the pill. The pill is an important factor in the upcoming war.

The black cat fights against the hands that holds it and try to avoid the pill, but the cat isn't strong enough.

When they finally gets the unwilling cat to eat the pill they quickly puts it into a little box.

With the cat and a hole bunch of opportunities they walk out to the car and drive down the road.

They don't get long before the car explodes.

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