Lover and i



1. Lover and i.

i sat in the park and stared at Lover.

it was just us.

it was always just us.

it was just us against the world.

i loved it.

Lover had arrived unexpectedly to my house with a jean backpack on his back.

i had run up to Lover for an embrace. he had told me to grab a jacket earlier, and i had kissed Lover lightly then gone and had grabbed my blue sweatshirt with the yellow swirls on it. i had sat on the stairs and felt Lover's eyes on me as i pulled on my shoes. Lover had then taken my hand and we had left, the archaic front door closed behind us loudly.

we didn't look back.

our eyes were glued together. our hands were pressed and it was one right thing in the world.

at least one thing was right.

Lover had then led the way. we had walked down the streets and around corners until we stopped. i had looked around and disliked what i had seen.

it was a spot of land, surrounded by some trees on one side and on the other was a sidewalk. the trees looked dark and depressing. the sidewalk was chipped and gray and covered in gum. the grass was a dark shade of green than looked unhealthy. it was dark and mean and cold to the touch and didn't seem nice.

i didn't like it.

i didn't dare to tell Lover.

i watched Lover silently as the backpack was off and then on the dark grass. i watched as Lover unloaded many things that seemed heavy. bottles and such. finally, Lover pulled out a red blanket for the bottom of his bag. i had watched with gross fascination at how many things had fit in the backpack. Lover had laid out the blanket on the dark grass and then straightened out the corners. Lover patted for me to sit on the red blanket.

out of love, i obeyed. i sat. Lover moved some of the things from the backpack and put them on the blanket between us. then, Lover had placed a hand on my knee. i had glanced at the eyes i loved so dearly then looked at the array of things between us. 

there was cheese and bread. a few rounded and beloved metal utensils too. two light yellow glasses. a bottle of wine and several other things i hadn't thought could fit in the backpack.

i looked to Lover. 

i love you, i said. Lover repeated with the same adoration as in my voice. we leaned forward and kissed. 

then, we ate. 

cheese and bread and wine. 

we shouldn't be drinking this, i said. Lover laughed. 

i think the occasion says its okay, Lover said. 

what's the occasion, i asked. Lover only leaned forward and kissed the tip of my nose. we ate the rest and then i helped put the food back in the backpack. 

Lover then kissed me, there on the red blanket on the dark grass in a forgotten spot by some trees and chewed gum. 

then we cuddled once the kisses had spoken for us. arms around each other, warmth radiating between our bodies and we were the only people in the world.

i loved Lover. 

Lover loved me. 

we were an endless cycle of love and warmth and it was delicious. 

we cuddled. we stared into each others eyes. we kissed. we said sappy things to each other. we laughed about those sappy things moments later.

i wanted the moment to last forever.

it was just us.

us forever and ever.

Lover and i. 

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