The Secret to Happiness

*Complete* Have you ever wondered how to be happy? Well here is the secret.


40. Ch. 40

    Near the end of the first lap I had a crap in my stomach and wanted to quite. But I finished the lap and was so pleased. I stopped running and started to catch my breath. I was confused when everyone else continued to run. Weren’t they tired? Everyone passed me and I realized with a sickening feeling that the race was more than one of these eternal laps. I began to run again but I couldn’t seem to catch up. The cramp became more intense and my legs turned to Jell-O. I was convinced that I was going to die and never make it back. At last I gave up and didn’t care if I won or not. I just wanted to be done. I stopped running and walked at turtle speed the rest of the race. When I finished the race, I was the last one. All the other kids had finished long ago and were walking to the parking lot to go home. I was congratulated, given a participation metal, a small cup of water, a small cup of animal crackers and it was time to come home. Frustrated and in pain, I vowed I would never take part in another race for as long as I lived. 

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