The Secret to Happiness

*Complete* Have you ever wondered how to be happy? Well here is the secret.


39. Ch. 39

In kindergarten and first grade I was on a running team called the Land Sharks. Through the year we played games after school and would run for fun. I loved taking part in this after-school activity and at the end of the year we were going to have a big race. I didn’t understand how races worked and when my couch asked if I wanted to run one lap or two, I signed up for two. When the day of the race came, I looked at the track and my mouth dropped. Never in all of my young life had I seen a track and I thought it was enormous. When the race began I ran as fast as I could. But halfway through the first lap, I started to get tired. It became a chore to finish the lap and extremely difficult. However, I kept up with all of the other racers who seemed to be years older than me. 

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