The Secret to Happiness

*Complete* Have you ever wondered how to be happy? Well here is the secret.


26. Ch. 26

After getting my snack I stayed in the kitchen and listened to a few minutes of the movie. It was one I’ve seen countless times and didn’t need to see the screen to know exactly what’s going on. In Ratatouille, Remy, a resident of Paris, appreciates good food and has quite a sophisticated taste in food. He wants to become a chef so he can create and enjoy cooking to his heart's delight. But, Remy is a rat. When he winds up in the sewer beneath one of Paris' finest restaurants, the rodent finds himself ideally placed to realize his dream. I had come into the kitchen when Remy is having a talk with his father. His dad believes that rats can’t be chefs for humans; it’s asking to get killed. He wants his son to give up his crazy dream and come home. His dad tells him that you can’t change nature. To which Remy replies, “Change is nature, dad, the part that we can influence. And it starts, when we decide.” 

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