The Secret to Happiness

*Complete* Have you ever wondered how to be happy? Well here is the secret.


2. Ch. 2

Don’t give up on me just yet. From one teenager to another, I know how difficult it can be to feel real happiness. We often get used to wearing a mask of fake laughs and smiles to the point where we wonder if happiness is ever real at times. With all the stress and pressure put on our age group to get good grades, have our future planned out, act mature, make all the right decisions, be balanced with sports, talents, school and be yourself all at the same time; it can get exhausting at times. And yet, doesn’t it seem like everyone around you has it together and is managing all this just fine while you’re being crushed under the weight of it all? Like every teenager, I feel this daily and I want to share my secret with anyone else who may be struggling just as I was not too long ago.

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