Falling Into Misery (For AU contest)

Evelyn Mackeral is building a puzzle with her crush in a café. Next thing she knows she's in a whole new world with a whole new set of rules. Will she be able to fit in and most importantly, will she be able to get back?


2. In with the old, out with the new

I walked slowly down the misshapen tile path, as it slowly thinned out to this stone wall. I look down and up it, realizing how big it was. There was a huge string attached to something above my head. I pulled it lightly and a huge bell sounded out. Suddenly the stone wall bent in on itself revealing more of the path. I walked forward into a garden that I had never seen before. I heard a song playing afar and realized I knew the words. They were the words to a song from one of my favorite movies.

"Cat's and Rabbits would reside in fancy little houses and would wear shoes, and hats, and trousers," I sang out, not realizing I was singing until the whole garden chimed in with,

"In a world of my own." I jumped back into a daisy bush landing on my behind. 
"My pretty petals!" a shrill voice called out. I stood up to see a now wilted daisy weeping. 

"I'm so sorry..." I said slowly. I then stopped and thought for a second.

I know what's happened, I've hit my head and this really is all a dream. Who ever heard of talking flowers?

"Why we're just as real as you are!" cried a daffodil. 

"Of course you are," I reassured her. I slowly backed up when I felt something curl around my ankles. I looked down to see two vines entwined with me.

"Let me go!" I shouted. I turned to see an older woman chuckling behind me. "Help!" I told her. She snapped her fingers and the vines retreated as the daisies and other flowers stood straight up.

"I see you've met the flowers already." the woman told me.

"Um, yes," I said slowly. "You see, I'm not supposed to be here and I have no idea where is here. All I know is I fell through this weird puzzle and," she stopped me there.

"Evelyn." the woman spoke my name. "I remember my son telling me about you. He must have finally found a way to get you here."

"Your son?" I asked, clearly confused.

"Yes," she spoke clearly. "And it's time we enrolled you in school here. Otherwise, we must send you to elsewhere."

"What is elsewhere, and what school?" I asked again.

"Oh he told you nothing?" she shook her head lightly. "You see, I am the queen of this realm and my son is Dwight, as you may know him. His full name is Lucifer James Dwight Babbit Cortillia the second. He is the rightful heir to the throne of Gardenia."

"Is this Gardenia?" I asked once more.

"Why yes dear, it is," she spoke calmly. "And my son needs a wife to fulfill his title as prince which is where you come into the picture. " here I gulped.

"Are you saying I have to become a princess?" I asked concerned.

"Yes, darling. Now my son isn't out of high school yet so he will be coming home to attend high school here with you," she told me. She ushered me towards a door of which she came out of and we walked into a massive castle. 
A "Woah," escaped my mouth as I looked up to the ornate ceiling.

"Yes we do have a very nice living area here," she said. This one room was for a living room?

"So first we will get you new clothes and your ladies in waiting, Pricilla and Anastasia will help you prepare. Girls?" she called out. Two girls about in freshman year of college, while I as only a senior in high school walked out.

"This is who he fell for?" one asked aloud before covering her mouth up. "I'm sorry your highness," she bowed down to the ground. The other followed in pursuit. 

"Please, there is no need to bow," I said as politely as I could. They stood up as quickly as they could.

"This is Pricilla," the queen pointed to the girl in a green dress with black hair. "And this is Anastasia." she pointed to a girl with red hair in a pink dress.

"Pleasure to meet you," I told them. They gave me wide-eyed looks before curtsying. 

"Now let's get you off to find your dress." the queen gestured us out. She gave the girls a look and they grabbed my arms and walked me out of the room.

"So how'd you do it, huh?" Pricilla sneered at me after we got out of the room. "How'd you get him to like you?"

"Pris, lay off her. She's so confused already." Anastasia said simply. "You can call us Pris and Ana."

"That's great." I told them. 

"What color do you look best in?" Pris asked.

"Ooh what about Royal Blue?" Ana squealed.

"No Teal!" Pris screamed as they rushed me down the hall and into another room

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