Break On Me

"Maybe it's not about the happy ending.. Maybe it's about the story."

Sometimes it’s hard to accept what is, and it’s hard to go along with something even though you know you could do better.. But how come it’s so easy to slip up? So easy to say the wrong thing, use the wrong words, or even make the wrong moves? Sometimes we just all need to break.. in more ways than just mentally. I want you to know, that no matter what, I will always be here for you.. whether you like it or not, if you want me here or if you want me to live.. If you love me, or if you hate.. You can always break on me baby.

We loose ourselves in the things we love, we find ourselves there too..


53. Chapter 052


“Seriously, babe, she’s not going to understand what you’re saying!” Emmy laughs out as she puts her hand on my thigh, Katie sitting on my other one. I shake my head in denial at her, of course Katie will comprehend.
“She’ll know what I’m talking about, geez.’’ I mumble as I give her a smile, just so she doesn’t get mad at me for acting like a smart aleck – a behavior I apparently do often, according to Emmy. She just sighs out, probably rolling her eyes at me like usual.
“So guess what angel, Mommy and Daddy are going to give you-”
“Ha! Mommy and Daddy, hm? More like Mommy.” Emmy cuts me off with a nudge of her elbow into my side, laughing to herself at what I side.
“Same difference.” I mumble to her as I give her a glance.
“Completely different, honey.’’ She says. I know she’s just playing with me because I can hear her tone, she’s joking around. It’s cute though, she’s always cute to me.
Anyways, angel.” I smile at Katie, glad that her attention was still on me, “We’re going to give you a little brother or sister. What do you think about that?’’ I ask her with a grin.
“Da da.” She says, sticking her tongue out at me. I huff lightly, obviously she doesn’t get what I’m saying exactly, and that’s alright. “Told you, stupid.’’ Emmy says as she pats my shoulder before sliding her arm around my back, leaning against me for support.
“She’ll be old enough to understand when it gets here.’’ I remind her, Katie will be older by then and hopefully she will notice the baby taking away all of our attention – this will be hard, I can tell already.
“Depends on how long.. I’ve been pregnant.’’ Emmy mumbles beside me, that’s a fact I forgot about. Honestly it’s been a while since Emmy’s last period, however we can’t solely depend on that because she gets them irregularly.
“Can we wait.. a while before telling everyone.’’ She asks, bringing me from my thoughts about her. I look over in her direction as I no longer feel her beside me or on me. My eyes follow her as she stands up and walks slowly around the living room, just.. walking. I hope she’s okay.
“Yeah baby, as long as you want.’’ I tell her, glad to do as she requests. Besides, times for her are hard right now and she’s got a lot going on, and honestly I wouldn’t want to be harassed if I was in her place either. I thought popped into my head, I need to tell Emmy right now about the plans or else I’ll most likely forget for a few more days.
“Emmy, uh, we.. we’re going to LA in a few weeks.’’ I sigh out, looking into Katie’s big blue eyes, such a beautiful thing, just like all the rest of her features.
“Why?’’ She asks.
“Your.. dad and your sister.’’ I mumble, sticking my tongue out for a few seconds at Katie. She gives me that adorable giggle and I just smile at her, she’s such a good kid. She’s easy to please and easy to make laugh.
“Okay.’’ She replies.
I look up to make sure she actually was still in the room. That was entirely not the answer I expected to hear. But she was in here, rearranging the things on the coffee table.
“Are you sure you’re just… okay with it? Are you, are you sure babe? Because if you don’t want to go we can wait, I just thought maybe we can get it over with and-”
“Harry,” She cuts me off with a light laugh, her eyes meeting mine as she looks at me, “It’s okay, I promise. Besides.. I really want to go and meet them.’’ Emmy tells me.
I don’t say anything, only give her a nod before she walks into the kitchen. Okay, where’s my finance because that’s not her. She’s never just okay with something, and this time it’s actually important! What’s wrong with her? Maybe the baby is making her calmer.. Maybe her depression is easing up on her.. Better yet, maybe she smoked something before she went to bed last night.

Emmy Matthews – my Emmy, my girl – is never, and I mean absolutely never okay with anything. What the hell is going on now? It’s like I’m living with a whole new person. That’s alright, I’d rather be confused and dazed with her being okay with it over being upset for her complaining. All’s good, for now.


Hope you like it!.

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