Break On Me

"Maybe it's not about the happy ending.. Maybe it's about the story."

Sometimes it’s hard to accept what is, and it’s hard to go along with something even though you know you could do better.. But how come it’s so easy to slip up? So easy to say the wrong thing, use the wrong words, or even make the wrong moves? Sometimes we just all need to break.. in more ways than just mentally. I want you to know, that no matter what, I will always be here for you.. whether you like it or not, if you want me here or if you want me to live.. If you love me, or if you hate.. You can always break on me baby.

We loose ourselves in the things we love, we find ourselves there too..


35. Chapter 034

My eyes are glued on Katie’s as she blabs to me, words I can’t define but they sure are beautiful. I can’t stop thinking about the color of her eyes, the beautiful blue that darkens slightly around the edge of her irises, and then there’s the amazing part – the green around her pupils that blends into the blue. They were a true mix of mine and Harry’s, she had them both and that is just amazingly beautiful to me.
“Em.’’ Harry said, nudging my arm with his elbow. I look over at him, his eyes staring into mine. He gives me a light smile before raising his eyebrows and darts his eyes across the room, then back to me. I take the hint and look away from him, only to see my doctor coming into the room.
“Good morning, Emmy. How have you been, sweetheart?’’ Dr. Evans asks as she gives me a kind smile.
“Alright, I guess.’’ I say, what more could I say anyways, that was all and it was true. Harry turns in his chair slightly, holding his hands out for Katie.
I knew it would be best if I let him tend to her while I talked to my doctor, so I hand her over to him. She giggles as she sees whose possession she’s in now. He sticks his tongue out at her before giving her a smile. They are so cute when they do little things like that, just laughing and playing with each other. Small gestures, but massive impressions.
“She has gotten so big. Is she still a little angel?’’ She asks about Katie as she sits down in her chair at the desk.
“She can be at times, others she’s a little mean.’’ Harry says, laughing slightly.
Harry and my doctor got along well, he actually likes her and appreciates her. He told me that since she was the woman that helped me cope with everything, he’d might as well like her. I’m glad he does, sometimes he can be a little mean to other people to – probably where Katie gets it from.
“Alright, first things first.. How are you?’’ Dr. Evans asks, her smile so familiar to me. Harry got me the best doctor for my issues and I thank him for that in my head all the time, if I didn’t have her I’d most likely be lost with myself. She’s really understanding and she’s just a wonderful person.
“Well.. not too good right now, a lot of new problems have came up.’’ I sigh, glancing down at my lap before meeting her concerning eyes. She nods, telling me to go on.
“Harry and I.. had a little.. misunderstanding.. while we were on our trip.. and, you know, that.. bothered me but we’ve worked things out.’’ I admit to her, knowing not to lie to the person that is supposed to help me.
“Are there any more relationship.. problems going on?’’ She asks, her eyebrows furrowed. Her eyes move to Harry as she awaits my reply. He isn’t looking at her, but I know he’s listening. I gulp gently as I release a shaky breath. Harry bumps his knee against mine, it was on purpose and I know what that little move means.
“No, we’re fine.” I tell her.
Her eyes meet my nervous gaze once again and she nods, believing me for now, “I can tell there’s more, so go on.’’
“I received a.. letter in the mail a few days ago. And, well, I um.. it, Harry.’’ I stop myself, looking over at him to hopefully get his help. He gives me a glance before quickly taking my hint and continuing the confession on.
“Well that night she was awake and she was really sick, like she was throwing up and had a slight fever, headache and all that. I didn’t know what was wrong, so I kind of freaked out a little.. I think I um, scared her a little. But.. eventually she and I talked about it after I calmed her down.’’ He sighs, looking at me for a few seconds before back to Dr. Evans.
“And what did it say?’’ She asks.
Harry stands up, sitting Katie on my lap after pecking her forehead with his lips. I put my arms around her as she leans her head against me, she was getting tired. It didn’t take but a few seconds for him to reach her desk. My eyes stare at Harry’s back as he reaches into his pocket and grabs the folded pieces of paper.
My heart began to race, I was nervous, mainly because of the approach she will tell me to take in order to solve this, or at least make it better.

I put my hands behind my back as I watch the doctor begin to read the letters. I gulp out of nerves – perhaps I was more afraid of her soon to come solution than Emmy is, but I don’t know that for sure. I watch her dark brown eyes move over the words as she reads, her eyebrows twitching a little as she rolled her lips in, she was probably shocked. I know I was.
This is one of the most complicated things me and Emmy have went through together, and I’m pretty damn sure that nothing will compare to it in the future. My fiancé just found out that her entire childhood was caught up in a lie, and she has a man and a girl positively claiming to be her long lost family. How in hell am I supposed to help her with this? I can’t just say, oh well it’ll be okay! I can’t do that.
This shit was hurting me because I know.. I know I can’t do anything about it. I can’t take it away. I can’t tell her to ignore them. I can’t make them leave her alone, and I certainly can’t make her childhood disappear from her memory. There’s a long damn list of things I can’t do, and a very short list of what I can do.
The only thing I can do that I’m aware of is bring her to this damn doctor and pray to God that something good can come from all of this mess. I just don’t want her to break apart again, I don’t want her to think everything’s ruined.
I want her to be okay. That’s all.
“What did you tell her?’’ Dr. Evans’s voice whispers to me. I sigh as I try to think back to the short time, just wanting to make sure I got it right.
“I told her that I thought it would be best to do what they want, to meet them, and that.. you know, things would be easier on her.. But.. I don’t know if she wants that.’’ I mumble back, shaking my head lightly at the damn situation, I’m so sick and tired of us being this way – why can’t Emmy and I just be two normal people? Why can’t we just be okay?
“I think I can.. convince her of.. doing that.’’ She sighs before standing up, grabbing the back of her chair to pull it across the room.
It’s going to be a long day.  
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