Break On Me

"Maybe it's not about the happy ending.. Maybe it's about the story."

Sometimes it’s hard to accept what is, and it’s hard to go along with something even though you know you could do better.. But how come it’s so easy to slip up? So easy to say the wrong thing, use the wrong words, or even make the wrong moves? Sometimes we just all need to break.. in more ways than just mentally. I want you to know, that no matter what, I will always be here for you.. whether you like it or not, if you want me here or if you want me to live.. If you love me, or if you hate.. You can always break on me baby.

We loose ourselves in the things we love, we find ourselves there too..


16. Chapter 015

-Next Day-


I smiled brightly at my work, proud of mine and Niall’s teamwork on the party decorations.
‘’See! I told you! Everything turned out great.’’ Niall says, patting my shoulder lightly before making his way into the kitchen.
The party was princess themed, just for our little princess. Everything was either pink or white, sparkle and glitter covered. We had a big blow-up Princess castle outside in the back for the kids to play on, I surprising know a lot of people with children, plus a lot of Emmy’s family are coming to visit as well, and most of them have kids of their own.
Everything looked amazing, Emmy included in that everything. She was in the kitchen with Sophia and Carly, making sure everything was set up correctly and all the food was out and displayed perfectly, the way she wanted it to be.
Niall and I hung streamers everywhere, thanks to the ladder there are white and pink glitter covered streamers and ribbons hanging from the ceiling fans and the chandelier. It all looked like a damn unicorn threw up, but whatever made Emmy happy makes me happy too, so I didn’t complain.
Besides, it’s for my little girl, not for me. I’d do anything for her, so that’s mainly why I’m proud of it.


“Oh, there she is! My little grandbaby! I haven’t seen her in ages!’’ Emmy’s mother says with her high pitched baby voice, holding her hands out as she comes over to me.
Katie says some baby talk, but I couldn’t make it out anyways so I assumed she was just trying to greet Stephanie.
I can’t wait until she talks more, like full sentences.. I can’t wait to have those cute conversations with her.. Gosh.. it’s all coming so soon, too soon.
‘’You want to go to Mimi?’’ I ask her with a smile as I pass her over to Stephanie after kissing her temple.
‘’My little angel! Mimi and Pawpaw have missed you so much!’’ She says, walking away and towards John with Katie. I didn’t mind, she had all right to get her, besides I can’t handle her all day, it’s too much pink for me.
I’m kidding.
‘’Harry?’’ I heard my mom call me. I turn around to see her coming over to me. She sighs as she stops in front of me, looking up as she puts her hand on her hip, I knew something was up.
‘’Yes?’’ I ask, furrowing my eyebrows lightly as I look at her annoyed expression.
‘’I haven’t gotten one moment with Katherine.. It’s very annoying, you know.’’ She mumbles, looking down at her feet.
‘’Mom, please, it’s fine okay? Stephanie and John never get to see-‘’
‘’They don’t live an ocean away, Harry.’’ She cuts me off, sighing deeply.
‘’You and Gemma visit a lot more than they do.’’ I remind her.
‘’Then that’s their fault, I’d like to see my grandchild too.’’ She shrugs, shaking her head lightly from side to side, not buying anything I was saying or trying to convince her.
‘’Well they want to see the baby as much as you do. You have to understand that those are Emmy’s parents, and you are mine. It’s a fifty-fifty split, okay? Katie loves her Nana as much as her Mimi and Pawpaw, okay?’’ I say, my hand on my mother’s cheek as I lean down closer to her, pressing my lips against her forehead.
‘’I love you, okay?’’ I whisper, putting my arms around her shoulders.
She sighs, dropping her hands from her waist and putting her arms around the small of my back, squeezing me tight.
‘’I love you too, baby. I’m sorry.. I just.. get jealous.’’ She tells me.
‘’I know, it’s fine.. just enjoy the party, I promise you’ll get to hold her soon.’’

“Can she walk yet?’’ Gemma asks me as her and I sit on her couch and watch as Katie crawls all around the floor, giggling with and chasing a few of the older kids.
The living room wasn’t too crowded, mostly everyone was outside with their kids or in the kitchen with Emmy and Stephanie.
“She’s been trying, but she can pull herself up quite well. But she crawls so fast I can’t even keep up with her sometimes.’’ I laugh a little as Gemma smiles, watching as Katie plays with the kids.
We warned all of them to be careful with the little ones and surprising they all have been doing good, no one’s gotten in trouble, no one has misbehaved nor has anyone fought or argued, so we are doing pretty good so far.
For now.
“Emmy was like that, too.’’ I heard the voice of Emmy’s father say behind me. I look over my shoulder to see he was standing behind the couch. It didn’t bother me, he had his rights.
‘’Really?’’ Gemma says, not taking her eyes off Katie.
‘’Yeah.’’ John says as he makes his way in front of us and sits down on one of the other couches, watching Katie play in the floor.
‘’Emmy was only fourteen months old when she started walking. But I’m not saying Katie will do the same because I’ve seen her pull herself up a few times this afternoon anyways.’’ He shrugs, just putting his opinion out there.
‘’Yeah, she’s doing well though.’’ I say with a smile as I see my little Princess look over in my direction. She responded well to the sound of mine and Emmy voices, as well as Niall’s, which wasn’t a shock. She loves her NiNi, besides he’s been here all the time since the beginning, so there’s no doubt in my mind.
“Dada.’’ She says with a smile, crawling quickly over to me. I smile as I lean over, holding my hands out for her.
She reaches me faster than I thought, giggling as I pick her up and hold her in the air. Her little giggles are what I live for, she’s so adorable and beautiful, God blessed me with this little angel, and with her mother too.
‘’Hey there, baby girl. Are you having fun!’’ I ask in my ‘’baby voice’’ which I only occasionally use. I sit her down on my lap so that she was leaning her back against my chest.
She grabs a hold of my thumb and sticks it into her mouth, it never bothered me and it never has.
She starts to bite on my finger, but it didn’t hurt. I understood her pain, tooth pain is the worst, especially when you’re little and your getting the teeth.
I’m almost thirty years old and I cry when I have a tooth ache, no lie.

“Just think.. she’ll be sixteen one day.’’ Emmy says as she sits down on the couch beside me. I put my arm around her, pulling her closer. She grabs my other hand, lacing our fingers together.
‘’Don’t remind me.’’ I sigh as I lean my head against hers.
She laughs a little, squeezing my hand tight. I return the favor as I watch my mother bounce Katie on her lap on the other couch across from me. She’s happy she got her time with the baby, alone and personal time.
I have to break myself from calling her a baby, she’s one year old. I know she’s technically still a baby, but one day she won’t be. But either way, she will always be my baby girl, my little angel.
Emmy leans to my ear, causing me to raise my head off of hers. She sighs before gulping lightly, getting ready to tell me whatever it was that was on her mind.
‘’I realized earlier.. that I slacked off on the pills.’’ She whispers softly, squeezing my hand tight, but in a nervous way. I could always tell the difference. There was nervous, happy, excited, upset, and every other emotion. They all feel the same, but I just know…
I don’t know how but I just do.
‘’We’ll take a test later on tonight.’’ I whisper to her softly, keeping this between us and only us.
‘’I might, I don't know though, I haven't been feeling sick.'', she replies with a nod as she releases my fingers, standing up and clapping her hands together to get everyone’s attention.
''I’m going to send someone to gather everyone else up, but as for you all can I kindly request if you join us in the kitchen?’’ Emmy smiles, she’s a good hostess for sure.
I would just be like ‘’get your asses in the damn kitchen for cake or you don’t shit.’’ I’m kidding, I’m not that rude..

Katie sat in her high chair with just a diaper and a plain grey onesie on, Emmy didn’t want to get her outfit dirty or messy as usual, so this was nothing new to me.


Her little eyes light up as I light the huge number one candle on her own little personal cake that sat on the high chair tray. She giggled, trying to reach for it but Emmy held her hands back to keep things clean for now.






(Actual Party Cake)



‘’Hold on sweetheart.’’ Emmy whispers into her ear, kissing her temple softly.
Once I knew the candle flame wouldn't go out, I stepped back and watched as everyone got ready to sing to her. Emmy kept her hands from the fire, but she just wanted that cake.
Niall was recording this for us, and has been since the party began almost two hours ago.
‘’Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!’’ I sang along to Katie as I leaned closer to her. She had her eyes on me, smiling big and bright as we finished off the song, ‘’Happy birthday dear Katie, happy birthday to you!’’
‘’Blow the candle.’’ I whispered, knowing she doesn’t care about that damn candle. I make a wish for her quickly and blow a stream of air at the candle. It blows out and everyone cheers.
She squeals as Emmy lets her hands go. Katie goes right for the cake, digging her little hands into the icing mainly. She brings one hand to her mouth, licking the pink and white icing off her hand before beginning to suck on it.
Everyone was laughing and in awe at her. But soon enough Liam brought the bigger cake, the one for everyone else, to the kitchen table where he and Sophia helped Emmy serve it out.
‘’Is it good baby girl?’’ I ask, leaning to her as she digs her hands in it again.
Katie sticks her hand in my face, wanting me to eat some of it. I laugh a little as I allow her to put it against my lips, but honestly she wasn’t going to be sticking her cake and slobber covered hand into my mouth right now, I love her to death but no.. not today.

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