Break On Me

"Maybe it's not about the happy ending.. Maybe it's about the story."

Sometimes it’s hard to accept what is, and it’s hard to go along with something even though you know you could do better.. But how come it’s so easy to slip up? So easy to say the wrong thing, use the wrong words, or even make the wrong moves? Sometimes we just all need to break.. in more ways than just mentally. I want you to know, that no matter what, I will always be here for you.. whether you like it or not, if you want me here or if you want me to live.. If you love me, or if you hate.. You can always break on me baby.

We loose ourselves in the things we love, we find ourselves there too..


12. Chapter 011

⏩Emmy’s POV⏪

I opened my eyes to see the ceiling. The lamp was on, lighting the room dimly, but enough for me to see. Suddenly I felt this weight atop me and I realized it was Harry. My hands in his hair, his arms around me. I smile gently as I kiss the top of his head, I liked being like this. Usually I was the one that slept on top of him, but different can be good..
My bottom lip got caught between my teeth as my body realized what was going on. My legs were still apart, Harry was still laying between me, he wasn’t inside of me, but he was rubbing against my sex, the way he does before we actually start.
His snoring made me smile, it always does. He says he hates it but I think it’s cute to be honest, I’ve always loved it.
I didn’t want to wake him, unaware of the time, so I closed my eyes and forced myself to drift off to sleep, leaving us like we were, peaceful and perfect.
“Emmy,’’ I felt a warm fan of breath on my face following a whisper of my name, ‘’Emmy? Baby.. wake up.’’
I scrunched my nose as I felt the breeze on my face again. Just as I was going to open my eyes, I felt a hand on my side, a large and soft hand. I knew it had to be Harry, who else would it be?
‘’C’mon baby.. we have guests over.’’ Harry says with a chuckle as he kisses my forehead firmly.
I feel him leave from above me, his hand gone from my side, his scent not in my nose anymore, his breath not airing on my face. He had gotten up, great.
I open my eyes, sitting up slowly as I rest my hands on each side of me, pressing them down into the soft mattress.
‘’My head hurts.’’ I mumble gently as I throw the cover off of me.
‘’I know baby..’’ Harry says as he turns around but he stops himself from saying anything else as his eyes land on my naked and cold body.
As my feet hit the ground, a few chills run up my spine. I reach for the robe that Harry had brought for me, but as I went to grab it, Harry stepped over to me and pushed my hand away from me, his mouth ajar as he stares at me.
‘’Is everything okay?’’ I ask as I put a hand over my chest, not sure of what was going on.
‘’Baby.. I’m.. sorry.’’ He whispers as he presses his hand against my hip, his eyes slowly roaming down m body.
‘’What.. what are you talking about?’’ I ask nervously, I was so confused and so afraid at the same time.
‘’Bruises.. all over your body.’’ Harry mumbles as he removes his hand from against my skin, ‘’I was too rough, I hurt you.. I.. I.. God, I’m so sorry Emmy.’’
‘’Harry, I’m fine. Nothing hurts-‘’
‘’No. I.. I grabbed you too hard, pinched you too hard, bite you too hard, held onto you too roughly.. I’m  sorry baby.’’ Harry sighs as he steps back from me as if I was some wild animal he couldn’t dare compete with.
‘’Harry, don’t be this way. I’m fine, okay?’’ I assure him with a smile, grabbing the robe and sliding it onto my arms.
‘’Just.. get a swim suit on.. I.. I can’t sit here and  stare at.. the marks I left on you. Just.. meet me downstairs.. whenever.. you’re ready.’’ Harry sighs as he runs a nervous, shaky hand through his hair before darting towards the door.
‘’Har-‘’ He slams the bedroom door hard before I could even think of what my reply was going to be.


“Someone looks very happy to be here.’’ I hear Niall say as I slide the patio doors back shut, the concrete was rough on my bare feet as I made my way over to the pool.
‘’I’m just not feeling well.’’ I mumble as I sigh to myself, sitting down at one of the small exterior décor tables.
‘’Oh, yeah.. not feeling well. Mmhm, we’ve heard.’’ Niall smirks, winking at me before jumping off the diving board, making a big slash.
‘’Liam?’’ I say as I notice him in the far corner of the pool, his back to me.
‘’Oh, hey Emmy!’’ He basically yells as he looks over his broad shoulder, that smile on his face.
He moves aside, giving me a view of a girl maybe the same age as him, but could be younger. I raise my eyebrows, not really sure about anything right now.
‘’This is my girlfriend, Sophia. Longtime friend.’’ Liam says as he gestures his hand towards her.
The girl had her hair pulled up on top of her head, a messy bun that looked much better than how I had mine at the moment. She climbed up the ladder, with Liam’s assistance, quickly. As soon as her feet hit the ground she was speed walking over to me, water dripping from her as she hurried to me.
She reached me and I stood up, smiling as she smiled at me, studying my face, ‘’You must be Emmy? I’ve heard a lot about you. Nice to meet you, I’m Sophia.’’ She smiles, her pretty eyes staring into mine as I shake her hand kindly.
‘’Yes, I’m Emmy. Nice to meet you to.’’ I smile back as she drops my hand and looks my body up and down.
‘’Well, you must be tired? You got anything under that extra large robe?’’ She laughs a little as she grabs the tie and undoes it.
‘’I-‘’ My protest didn’t even help, she stepped closer to me and yanked the sleeves down my arms, removing Harry’s bath robe completely from my body, letting it hit the ground around my feet.
‘’Oh my god. I love this color!’’ She says with a smile as she points at the big bow on my bathing suit.
‘’Thank you. I have better ones, but I just threw this on real quick.’’ I say, releasing a laugh as she steps back some.
‘’Well, Harry was right, you are very beautiful. Now, come for a swim!’’ She laughs as she turns on her heel and runs for the pool, not slowing down as she reaches the edge, but instead jumping in with a high pitched squeal.
‘’Ni?’’ I say as I go to the edge of the pool at the shallow end where he was just moping slowly through the water. I carefully sit down, my legs pressed together as I put my hands under my thighs, watching as Niall hurried over to me.
‘’Yeah, love?’’ He asks, looking up at me with sincerity in his blue eyes.
‘’Where’s.. Harry?’’ I mumble lightly, not even seeing him when I came out here.
‘’He’s inside with Louise, he gave Katie a quick bath before she got here.’’ Niall says with a light smile.
‘’What.. what did he tell you.. you know, about.. last night and all?’’ I ask curiously as I look away from his eyes. I couldn’t look dead at him, not right now at least.
‘’He just told us that you guys had a nice time, romantic and all that. He didn’t go into too much detail. But I, uh, I see the bruises.. and I’ve seen the marks on him too.’’ Niall smirks a little at me as rests his arms on my knees, leaning on me as he looks up at me, still smirking.
‘’Oh.. his back.’’ I blush a little as I realize what he was referring to.
‘’And his sides, his arms, his face. You’re pretty rough, you know.’’ He winks before pushing himself off me and standing up in the four foot deep water.
‘’He’ll be out here soon.’’ He says, wiggling his eyebrows before ducking under the water, swimming towards the deeper end. Hopefully he’s still not in his moody state, but you never can tell when it came to Harry.



I was drying Katie off as I sat in the rocking chair in her nursery. I sigh with a smile as I look over in the corner and see her pile of Pillow-Pets, multiple sizes, several different kinds. She’s going to love them more once she’s old enough to realize that they ‘’turned into stuff animals’’.
This room won’t actually be her room forever, it’s just the nursery for now. We are planning on starting on her legit bedroom a few months before she turns three, so she can feel more like a ‘’big girl’’ you know.
As for the nursery, however, we are going to keep it the way it is when we are through with it just in case we decide to have anymore. And if we do and it’s a boy then we can change things, nothing to worry about.
Finally I had gotten Katie completely dried off, her little body shivering in my arms. I stand up and take her over to the changing table. I lay her down gently, sitting my hand on her stomach to keep her still and in place while I reach for a body suit, or onesie, whatever they’re called. Emmy keeps some plain white ones in one of the drawers in the changing table, they’re nothing too fancy just plain old things, mainly used for days like this when we had nothing planned.
“Calm down, Princess, Daddy’s just going to get you dressed.’’ I say softly as I slide the clothing item over her head carefully, hoping not to hurt her. I pull her arms through gently, I knew how to be safe and fragile with her, she is way too soft and breakable to be so rough. Besides, I couldn’t never hurt my little angel, never.
Once I had gotten her dressed and the buttons snapped in place, I slide a pair of pink socks on her little feet, they get cold too often and I hate risking things when it came to her. Katie’s eyes were locked on mine as I picked her up and held her in front of me.
‘’You are so beautiful, Katherine. It surely is going to be hard for Daddy to let you go one day, give you to someone else. I dread it, but yet I don’t. Do you know why?’’ I ask her, obviously knowing I’m not going to receive a reply, maybe a giggle or a smile, but nothing more than that, but that was okay with me.
‘’Because I can’t wait to see how you are as a beautiful young lady. A smile on your face as you start that new chapter of life. Going to college, getting the job of your dreams, having kids, raising them to be the best they can be, just like I do for you. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. Hopefully I will get to, though. I pray every day that God will let me live as long as humanly possible, just so I can watch you grow and succeed in life. I love you, baby girl, with all of my heart.’’ I gently press my lips to Katie’s forehead, her skin soft and clean, smells like baby powder and lotion.
I smile a little as she grabs a hand full of my hair, tugging on it as she giggles at me. I love my little cupcake, so much.
As I turned off the light, my phone vibrated in my back pocket. I sigh as I take it out and unlock it, seeing a message from Emmy has bent sent. I open the message and read it, great.

Emmy: Niall and Liam have blunts.

Me: I know…

Emmy: I’m warning you now Harry, you better not even think about it.

Me: I’m not Emmy, relax okay?!

Emmy: Well sorry that I fucking care about you. I don’t want you doing that shit. You already know how I feel about it!

Me: I know, okay? I understand. Besides, I’ve been clean for over a year, just calm down baby.

Emmy: Don’t tell me to fucking calm down.

Me: You overreact, you know that? I try time and time again to get to realize that I don’t do that shit anymore, okay! I have a daughter that means more than the world to me and I would never do that stupid shit to myself and risk anything. And I have YOU. AND I WANT TO KEEP YOU. So why do you think I would do that?

Emmy: Because you have before.


Emmy: Whatever.
What Ya Think. Hope You Lovelys Like It. ~Angie
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