Break On Me

"Maybe it's not about the happy ending.. Maybe it's about the story."

Sometimes it’s hard to accept what is, and it’s hard to go along with something even though you know you could do better.. But how come it’s so easy to slip up? So easy to say the wrong thing, use the wrong words, or even make the wrong moves? Sometimes we just all need to break.. in more ways than just mentally. I want you to know, that no matter what, I will always be here for you.. whether you like it or not, if you want me here or if you want me to live.. If you love me, or if you hate.. You can always break on me baby.

We loose ourselves in the things we love, we find ourselves there too..


10. Chapter 009

This Chapter As Sexual Parts,Please Read If You

Are Comfortable.




The room was silent. The open balcony doors gave me a nice breeze, allowing the curtains to flow in the gentle gusts of wind every now and then. I only had half of the lights on, barely that. I was trying to become relaxed, but it was to hard when your fiancé and your eleven month old baby where out and about on a Friday night without you.
I yawn for the third time in the past two minutes. I was tired, and I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if I dozed off mid thought again. I have a hard time sleeping without Emmy by my side, or Katie. So it most likely won’t happen. But there’s still a chance because I’ve been up since 6am and it’s somewhat near midnight.

“Oh my god, Harry, we have to talk about baby names!’’ Emmy squeals as I join her on the bed. Her belly was big and round, but the rest of her body was just as normal as before. She looked perfect, carrying my baby, preparing it for the world ahead.
Emmy and I didn’t know the sex of the baby, and we didn’t want to know until a month before the due date. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know really, but that’s what we decided on.
That time is a few weeks away, but it’s still fun to keep guessing around on names, so we finally might have a discussion on the baby’s name picks, it’s about time.
‘’Alright, these have to be the final choices.’’ Emmy says as she sits up and crosses her legs on the bed. I lay down in front of her so that I was facing her, one hand on her belly as the other held my head up.
“So our boy names we’ve been talking about are Lucas, Christopher, Jackson, Dalton, Hayden, and what was the other one?’’ I ask, it was on the tip of my tongue but I couldn’t get it out.
‘’Duh, okay. And then the middle names are Lee, Levi, James, and Evan.’’ I smile. Ironically it was one the names I picked out.
‘’And the girls are Victoria, Katherine, Jane, Alyssa, Elizabeth, and Rosalie, and the middle names are Leigh, Carter, Blair, Marie, and Anne.’’ Emmy finishes off our list.
‘’Alright, so.. what’s your favorite boy name out of all of them?’’ I ask Emmy, this was going to be the way we plan the names, Emmy’s plan.
‘’Hayden.’’ She smiles at the name, ‘’And yours?’’
‘’Hayden Lucas… Lucas Hayden? What sounds better?’’ Emmy asks, furrowing her eyebrows as she slouches her back down, confused on the final decision.
‘’Hayden Lucas Styles.’’ I smile gently, a part of me wanted it to be a boy, but the other wanted a little girl. Either way I will be proud and happy.
“And the girl?’’ Emmy asks, looking straight into my eyes as we go into making this huge decision.
I gulp gently, hoping that she likes the name as much as I do, ‘’Katherine.’’ It was the name I picked in the first place, and it’s a name I will always love.
‘’Elizabeth.’’ Emmy smiles at me.
‘’Katherine Elizabeth Styles.’’ I say, biting my lip at the sound of it, it was beautiful, it was perfect.
‘’And remember, our second choice just in case.’’ Emmy reminds me of this.
‘’Right, um, Noah.’’
‘’James.’’ Emmy says.
‘’Noah James Styles. We’re good at this.’’ I smile, laughing a little. Emmy giggles as she playfully rolls her eyes at me.
‘’Anne.’’ Emmy says with a smile as she looks at me, her eyes sparkling and beautiful as ever.
‘’Rosalie Anne Styles.’’ She says with a bright smile.
‘’I hope we have more kids, you know. So we can use these beautiful names.’’ I mumble, mainly to myself, but I knew before I said it that she would hear me.
‘’If we don’t, then we can get dogs and cats.’’ Emmy says.
I look up at her, furrowing my eyebrows rather confused at that.
‘’I’m joking, Harry!’’ She giggles a little as she grabs my hand and laces her fingers with mine, ‘’I’ve told you a million times.. I’ll have as many kids as you want, until I can’t have any more.’’
‘’Not too many, but just enough. Four?’’ I suggest with a small smile.
‘’Five.’’ Emmy corrects me.
‘’Oh, really? You’ve never told me about this number.’’ I smile as I sit up, still gripping tight on Emmy’s hand.
‘’Yep. We have two names picked out anyways.. why not?’’ She shrugs with a smile.
‘’I love you.’’ I say as I lean to her beautiful soft pink lips and press mine slowly against them.
‘’I love you more.’’ She whispers as she finishes the small distance and allows me to slide my tongue into her mouth.
Five. God.. What a future I have ahead of me. But what a beautiful one it’s going to be. Beautiful. Perfect.

“Harry? Harry!’’ I heard my name being called several times. I jerk my eyes open and lean up, shocked and surprised that I had fallen asleep and didn’t even seem to notice.
‘’Emmy?’’ I say as I see her shadow coming from the open closet doors.
‘’I got lots of stuff, but I’ll show you in the morning.’’ She says with a smile as she turns the lights off and shuts the closet doors.
‘’Okay. Where’s my baby?’’ I ask curiously, not seeing her anywhere in the room.
‘’In her room, that okay?’’ Emmy asks as she looks over at me after reaching her side of the bed.
‘’Yeah, I was just making sure she was okay.’’ I nod a little as I turn my lamp off and lie back down, rolling onto my side so I could face Emmy.
‘’We had fun today. I really missed you.’’ Emmy says as she glances at me before continuing to undress herself.
‘’I’m glad. Um, the doctor told me I was fine, and to come back in a few months. Leg’s better and almost completely healed.’’ I remember that I needed to tell her this, so I told her as casual as possible.
‘’That’s good baby. I’m happy for you.’’ She smiles as she quickly skips over to the light switch and turns the lights off.
She by passes the balcony, but I knew she likes to sleep with the breeze in the room so I didn’t question it, and comes back to the bed.
‘’You seem very peppy tonight? What did you smoke with Carly?’’ I laugh as she crawls over to me and pushes me onto my back.
‘’Nothing, silly, I’m just happy to see you.’’ She says as she pulls the covers up and throws one leg over my waist before straddling my body.
I smirk as she pulls the covers back up and leans down, her hands on my cheeks as her lips connect to mine for a few seconds before she leans back.
‘’I missed you, that’s all.’’ She smirks, winking at me.
‘’I missed you to.’’ I whisper as I put my hands on her waist, her skin so soft.
Emmy doesn’t reply as she runs a hand down my side, her lips on mine again as I roughly fight my tongue against hers. God this was beautiful, she’s so beautiful, so perfect.
“Mmm.’’ Emmy moans to me as I squeeze her left cheek. She pulls away, smirking as she trails her small, fragile hands down my chest, stopping at my navel.
‘’Did you take a shower?’’ She asks curiously as she stares down at my abdomen after moving herself down on me, her crotch pressed into mine.
‘’No, I was going to in the morning.’’ I tell her.
‘’Good.’’ She winks before she slides herself down to my thighs and pushes my legs apart carefully. I smile a little, glad she was being gentle with me tonight. I’m still kind of shocked she took control like that, but I like it. Whatever she did today had her prepared for me and I like it.
‘’Please baby.. Don’t be a tease.’’ I mumble with a groan as Emmy’s hand ghosts over the bulge in my boxers. She smirks to me as she lies down between my legs, her right hand over my bulge as the other held her up.
‘’C’mon. Please.’’ I beg as she grabs my bulge and squeezes me tight. I moan out in pleasure as she does it a few more times before finally pulling the waist band of my boxers down.
My rock hard member slung free as she pulled them down over my butt, just so she could get a good position going.
‘’What made you so happy, Harry?’’ She giggles as she wraps her small hand around my cock.
‘’Mmm.. I think you know what made me so happy, baby girl.’’ I mumble as I lean on my elbows, the pillows not being stacked high enough, so I could watch her.
‘’You’re so naughty.’’ She says with a laugh as she leans on her elbows between my spread legs, her small body laying between them. I nearly have a heart attack as she slowly releases spit onto my tip.
‘’Hurry up.’’ I whisper as she licks up my shaft slowly, even slower as her tongue goes over the slit.
Emmy’s hand goes around my cock as she teases the tip with her lips, beautiful lips at that.


‘’Mmm. Fuck Em, you’re so good.’’ I moan out as she starts sucking on my tip, it wasn’t very powerful, but God did it feel fucking good.


‘’There you go baby, harder.’’ I grunt as she starts to roughly suck on the tip, her eyes staring straight into mine as she sucks hard, her tongue swirling around the very tip as she goes down further before finally taking a breath.
The string of spit connecting her lips and my cock looked so beautiful. It looked even more beautiful when she twirled it around her finger and sucked it clean.
I nearly exploded.
‘’Fuck.. yes baby, suck on Daddy’s cock like a good girl.’’ I tell her as I watch, I don’t touch her because I know she doesn’t want too rough tonight, just enough. I saved the rough stuff for our planned nights, and trust me so does she.
‘’Yes, yes.’’ I moan out as she begins to bob her head on my cock, looking so beautiful as she took me in her mouth, nearly the whole thing.
I noticed as she pulled off that she took a huge, deep breath a sign that she’s about to make me really moan. And I knew it. I moaned like crazy as she took my entire length, almost ten inches, into that pretty throat of hers.
She held it there for almost thirty seconds, the sound of her gagging on me made me want to shoot into her throat right then and there. But I can’t hurt my baby, that would be too much for her handle.
‘’Fuck.’’ The word escapes my lips as Emmy finally leans up, her lips and chin covered in a mix of spit and pre-cum.
‘’Mmm.. get ready baby, I’m gonna cum.’’ I say as I grab a hold of my shaft and begin to violently pump myself. Emmy watches closely, her mouth opened and her bottom lip just below my slit as she prepares herself for her favorite part.
‘’Almost baby, god damn. You’re such a good girl.. I’m gonna eat your pretty pussy so good baby. Daddy can’t wait to fuck you so good.. so nice baby.’’ I talk the talk she and I both love to hear in a time like this as I begin to get the waves of complete, absolute pleasure flowing through my body.
In seconds, I exploded all into Emmy’s mouth and all over her beautiful lips.


I pumped myself a few more good times, making sure I was done. Once I knew I was finished, I left the rest for Emmy to handle.
I moan as she licks my tip, getting all of my release off of me. I smirk as I see her lick her lips, moaning at the taste of my cum.
‘’Tastes so good.’’ She mumbles as she climbs back on top of me after removing her shirt, well my shirt. The only thing she had on and I knew that when she put it on, I should have known she was going to do something.
Such a naughty girl, oh but Daddy does love her so much. Yes, I do.



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