Break On Me

"Maybe it's not about the happy ending.. Maybe it's about the story."

Sometimes it’s hard to accept what is, and it’s hard to go along with something even though you know you could do better.. But how come it’s so easy to slip up? So easy to say the wrong thing, use the wrong words, or even make the wrong moves? Sometimes we just all need to break.. in more ways than just mentally. I want you to know, that no matter what, I will always be here for you.. whether you like it or not, if you want me here or if you want me to live.. If you love me, or if you hate.. You can always break on me baby.

We loose ourselves in the things we love, we find ourselves there too..


8. Chapter 007


“Katherine Elizabeth, look at Daddy.’’ I whine out as Katie refuses to look at me, and has been for about five minutes now. ‘’C’mon angel.’’
‘’What’s up with you?’’ I hear Emmy say as the bedroom door opened, a laugh to her tone.
‘’Katie won’t look at me!’’ I groan as I look over my shoulder to see she was almost completely finished getting ready for her girls day with Carly.
“Aw, poor Daddy.’’ Emmy says as she comes over to us and pushes me out of the way. I watch closely as she leans down to the bed, putting her hands on either side of Katie’s body as she rubs her nose against Katie’s little exact replica, my girls were so cute.
‘’Who’s Mommy’s little lady bug? Hm? Why are you being so mean to Daddy?’’ Emmy says in her high pitched baby voice she uses on Katie all the time.
‘’C’mon, stop being a little brat and give Daddy a giggle.’’ Emmy laughs as she places a kiss on Katie’s forehead before leaning up.
I swear to god she has magical powers because as soon as I was back in front Katie she hosted herself up and got steady and looked up at me, giggling and all.
‘’Are you…?’’ I start to say, but I stop myself as I pick up Katie and hold her in my arm, taking her to the bathroom to grab the bow since I left it in there.
‘’Yes I have superpowers.’’ Emmy says with a smile as I enter the bedroom again after grabbing the hair accessory.
“Well you girls better have a good day.’’ I say as I hand off Katie to Emmy. I loved seeing them with each other.
Both so beautiful, so gorgeous, perfectly perfect.


“Think you’ll get a good report from the doctor?’’ Niall asks as he sits beside me in the waiting room chair, it was quiet in the room and barely full, just three other people besides us.
‘’Yeah, I guess. I don’t know, guess we’ll see.’’ I shrug with a sigh just as a door opens.
A woman, a few years over thirty, dressed in a pair of lavender scrubs, looks at the clipboard in her hands before calling out a name, ‘’Marvin Clarke?’’
I sigh, I was hoping it was me. I was ready to go home, to relax and wait for my girls to get home.
‘’Won’t be much longer.’’ Niall mumbles as he tosses the magazine he had been glued to for almost an hour now back onto the small, short table beside him.
Before I realized it, the woman returned and was preparing herself to say the next name on the appointment list.
‘’Harry Styles?’’
‘’Thank god.’’ I sigh out as I stand up, careful not to hurt myself.
‘’I’ll be waiting.’’ Niall says as I make my way over to the woman.
‘’Right down this hall, sir, take a left to room 31. Doctor should be straight in with you.’’ She smiles before stepping back into a small office area.
‘’Thank you.’’ I say with a kind smile as I follow her directions and go down the short hall and turn left.

The room was bright yellow, an average size. It was too happy for a hospital room, in my opinion. The door opened and a man in a crisp, clean, white lab coat appeared in the room, shutting the door behind him.
His hair was dark with hints and streaks of silver towards the front. His eyes were blue, bright, dark and averaged eyebrow thickness. His smile was kind and warm, his beard was evenly trimmed, his mustache thin and a slightly lighter shade than the rest of his hair.
He was tall, nearing six foot I’m sure. Not heavy set, but not skinny. He was fit and evened out throughout his whole body. As he removed his lab coat, I got a little nervous only for Emmy’s sake, not for mine.
I didn’t want anything else to be wrong with me, I didn’t want Emmy to have to do anything else for me. It’s my time to take care of her for a while, and I don’t want and don’t need it to end quick.
‘’Hello, Mr. Styles. I’m Dr. Logan. I’m just going to be doing a physical checkup on you before Dr. Neil comes in to examine your recoveries.’’ He says as he sits his clipboard on the counter. Dr. Logan grabs two gloves from the box and slides a hand into each one, letting it slap against his skin as he released the rubber from between his finger tips.
‘’When was the last time you used the restroom?’’ He asks as if it was a everyday question friends ask each other.
‘’Um, about two hours ago.’’ I sigh, I was too used to these kind of doctor-and-patient talks, I was tired of the same old questions.
‘’Are you stopped up? Stomach aches, head aches?’’ He asks as he sits in the stool and moves over closer to me.
‘’Alright then, let me take a look at your throat.’’ He says, gesturing for me to open my mouth. I open wide and look up at the ceiling, I’ve always found this part awkward, ever since I was a little kid.
“Okay, everything’s good in there. Let me check your lungs and your heartbeat.’’ He says as he presses the cold metal piece of his scope to my wrist to check my pulse. He then moves it to the left side of my chest, closing his eyes and leaning forward as he focused on my heart pace.
Dr. Logan then turns so that he’s able to reach my back where he presses the cold metal against my middle back. It was so cold I could feel it through my shirt.
‘’Alrighty then, you seem all fine. Definitely doing better.’’ He says as he rolls back to the counter on the stool and puts the tool down, picking up the pen and beginning to write something down.
‘’Just some questions for the form before I go.. When’s the last time you had any sexual intercourse?’’ He asks me.
‘’Last night.’’ I mumble, smirking only gently to myself.
“Alright, and last time you ate?’’
‘’This morning around nine.’’ I answer with a sigh.
‘’Okay, Dr. Neil will be right in with you.’’ He says with a smile as he stands up and goes to the door.
He doesn’t say anything as he exits the room, but I was glad. I didn’t feel like replying to anything at the moment.

I waited about ten minutes until the door opened again. A short Indian man who’ve I’ve met before on several occasions walks in with that same old smile on his face.
‘’Good afternoon, Harry.’’ He says, his accent hasn’t changed one bit.
‘’Good afternoon, Dr. Neil.’’ I say just as kindly back to him. His actual last name is completely unpronounceable for me so I’ve always called him by this first name, Neil, well since the accident I meant.
“So I’ve been looking at your recent X-Rays and I think that your leg has healed tremendously in such little time. So, as result of that, I’m going to release you of your brace and allow your leg to finish what little healing it has left to do.’’ He tells me as he looks down at the files in his hands.
‘’Finally.’’ I sigh with a smile.
‘’I bet your fiancé will be very happy now that you are able to do more for yourself. I remember she had a issue with that.’’ He smiles at me before staring down at the papers again.
‘’Will I need to come back?’’ I ask curiously, I really wanted to know.
‘’Yes. But, only in a few months. I will say three months, I’ll get your appointment set up and I will email you when the date is. But as of now you are good. Remember, now, if there is any pain or swelling you need to hurry on up to the ER.’’ He reminds him.
‘’Yes sir, I know. I don’t want that to happen though.’’ I nod with a small smile. I was just glad I was able to breathe knowing my leg isn’t broken or crushed.
Actually, I was happier that Emmy and I will finally be able to check up on everything, and yes, I mean everything.

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