Break On Me

"Maybe it's not about the happy ending.. Maybe it's about the story."

Sometimes it’s hard to accept what is, and it’s hard to go along with something even though you know you could do better.. But how come it’s so easy to slip up? So easy to say the wrong thing, use the wrong words, or even make the wrong moves? Sometimes we just all need to break.. in more ways than just mentally. I want you to know, that no matter what, I will always be here for you.. whether you like it or not, if you want me here or if you want me to live.. If you love me, or if you hate.. You can always break on me baby.

We loose ourselves in the things we love, we find ourselves there too..


6. Chapter 005


“The baby’s crying!’’ I hear Harry yell from the living room. Niall and I are trying to make dinner, it’s been going on for almost an hour now and we still don’t have the steaks on the grill or the damn oven even on.
‘’I got her.’’ Niall says as he walks past me quickly towards the doors. I highly appreciate him so much. It’s been a month since the accident and Harry’s still laid up on the couch or in the bed constantly. Thankfully, though, I take him to the doctor tomorrow so he can get the leg brace off.
Finally, it’s about damn time.
Tonight I was having a friend over, Harry and Niall both have met her before. Harry’s very familiar with her because she’s a designer and he’s worked with her on some projects before, that’s how I met her. She’s so kind and just the best friend every girl needs, the one I finally have.
Carly and her beautiful little girl Echo should be here in about half an hour, so Niall and I need to hurry up, or at least go faster.
Things have been fucking crazy around here lately. Harry’s getting to where he can do more things on his own, but he still has trouble going up the steps, not as much coming down though. He looks fine, he acts fine, let me take that back though. He acts like a damn two year old. He whines about every damn thing, he can’t do anything right, he can’t to anything on his own – that’s all he complains about. Every second. Every minute. Every. Fucking. Day.
But, thankfully for me and Niall mostly, the doctor told me he was going to prescribe some medicine to Harry that will calm his nerves, relax him, and help him get back to normal.

‘’Emmy, I need you to do something for me.’’ Harry says as soon as my butt hits the wooden chair, as usual.
‘’What is it now, Harry?’’ I ask as I sigh loudly. I didn’t care if Carly was over or not, she knew I was tense right now, she understands me and I really appreciate that.
Harry’s large hand easily covers mine as he sits his on top, sliding mine closer towards him. I look into those beautiful green eyes of his, he lightly smiles, those god damn cute dimples. I can’t resist the dimples, I just can’t.
‘’Don’t do anything else for me. That’s all I ask.’’ He says softly to me as he leans over and presses his lips against my forehead.
‘’Harry.’’ I sigh out, slightly upset with myself. I got loud again, but this time he didn’t get loud back.
‘’I love you. You’ve been doing everything, it’s time for you to take a long break.’’ He insists before leaning back in his chair and lacing our fingers together, pulling my hand under the table.
‘’It’s about damn time.’’ Niall took the words out of my silent thoughts. He laughs as he slouches down in his chair.
‘’Shut up, you idiot.’’ Harry and Niall share a laugh before Carly looks at me from across the table.
‘’Alright, now that you’re finally free,’’ She smiles brightly at me, ‘’I think I should take you out on a girls day! You, me, Echo, and Katie. Girls only.’’ Carly suggests, winking at me as she wiggles her eyebrows.
‘’I don’t know, I mean Har-‘’
‘’That sounds wonderful, Carly,’’ Harry cuts me off with a squeeze of my hand, ‘’I’ll get Niall to take me up to the doctor’s office instead. You need to go take some time for yourself baby. I know you will enjoy it.’’
I sigh, smiling as I look over at Harry, ‘’Okay. I will.’’
Now, I can’t wait for tomorrow. Finally, a day to breathe and relax. I love Harry to death, but a girl needs her own time every now and then.

Harry was laying in the bed already, we already put Katie to bed. Niall and Carly both have been gone for hours now. We finally made it upstairs after cleaning up the kitchen and living room.
The bed was perfectly made as Harry laid atop the covers, his arms folded behind his head, the light from the lamp shining on his bare skin, a layer of water still over him after his shower. As the light hits the water drops in just the right place they glisten on top of his tanned, tattooed skin.
His hair was still a little wet, but mostly dry. The smell of our shampoos mixed together always made me smile, just knowing I got to share that private time with him also had me bubbled up inside.
Harry’s ankles were folded, the soft covers under him, the fluffy pillows, and satin sheets. Those emerald green eyes staring a hole through me as I crossed the bedroom from the closet to the front of the bed. He smirks at me as I glance over at him.
Just as I feel my cheeks begin to burn, I realize I have to eventually take the towel from around my body.
‘’Why the change of heart earlier? Beginning to feel sorry for me?’’ I ask with a smile as I step to the dresser in the corner of the room, opposite of the closet.
‘’Kind of. I just realized you didn’t deserve the torture. I should have realized that weeks ago. You’ve done so much for me and I’ve done nothing for you.’’ Harry’s voice was just as raspy and sexy as very.
“Oh.’’ I say, actually surprised at how mature his reply was. I smile a little to myself, seeing how much he cares about me always makes me smile.
I grab one of Harry’s regular T-shirts from the top drawer along with a pair of my normal panties that didn’t have a matching bra to them. I just wanted to feel normal tonight, for now at least.
Once I’ve shut the drawers, I turn around and go back to the front of the bed. But, like I normally would, I turn my back to Harry.
‘’I don’t think so, darling. Turn on back around, now, you know better than to be like this.’’ Harry says, a small laugh leaving his mouth, a sign that he wasn’t being demanding. He just wanted to witness it, that’s all really.
I knew I was blushing, I blush at everything Harry says and does. I turn to face him, a tight grip still on my towel, won’t be there much longer, but as of this moment I wasn’t letting go. I watched Harry pick up his phone from the bed side table and do something on it real quick.
Before I had time to question it, he spoke, ‘’Your favorite song… it’s on replay.’’ He smiles as he sits the phone back on the bed, full volume.
‘’Strip it down..’’ Harry mumbles to me, throwing me a smirk as I sigh deeply, sitting the clothing items on the edge of the huge bed that I was in love with.
Slowly, I loosen the grip on the long white towel. Harry’s eyes widen as he licks his lips, watching closely, not blinking, keeping his eyes glued to me, to my body, to what belongs to him.
Just when he thought I was going to take it slow, I dropped the towel, feeling it fall around my feet. The cool breeze from open balcony doors hit my cold, damp skin. I shivered a tad as I went to throw an arm over my chest.
‘’No.. don’t.’’ Harry says as he sits up.
‘’Harry.. we can’t.’’ I sigh as I bite the inside of my cheek, trying to keep myself collected in all areas.


“C’mere baby.’’ I say as I pat my thigh lightly, gesturing for my girl to come take a seat on her favorite ride.
Emmy smirks as she climbs onto the bed and crawls the short distance to me. She stands on her knees as she puts her hands on my shoulders, beginning to carefully throw a leg around my waist so she could take a seat on my lap.
‘’There you go.’’ I whisper once she’s on my thighs and those beautiful legs are wrapped around my body.
She moans as my lips attach to her neck, hard. I start to lightly suck on her soft skin, finding that perfect spot as fast as ever.
‘’Ahh.. mmm Harry.’’ She moans out as she puts her arms around my neck, tangling those precious fingers in my hair.
She pressed her bare crotch down against mine. I moan against her smooth skin as I felt my cock twitch. I knew she’d love this, it’s been so long, a month and a couple of days, since she’s felt what she’s deserved.
Been to long since I’ve slid up in that tight entrance, kissing her sweet skin, feeling her sweat against mine.

Too long.  
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