The Alpha female didn't want to really take on the title from her deceased father. It was too hard to bear, but she could not let her pack down. Staying strong, she remained to lead the Coldharbour pack, her main mission to defeat Celdric of the Terrare.


2. Salutations

December 11th

Despair flew over the trees, giving my ears an alert. "Delilah! Delilah!" I heard many howls, and quickly jumped to my paws. I ran outside of my den, and saw many, many figures ahead upon a hill. "The soldiers are back!" was scream I heard from everywhere I looked. I quickly jumped to the cliff to get a good look. It was true, the soldiers were back. "Oh, Delilah! The soldiers are back, I need you to gather up the rest of the healers for me for preparation!" I heard my mother howl. Sighing, I howled for the attention of the healers. "All healers of the pack, please head towards the Countess! Move quickly." And wolves ran everywhere.

While the healers where prepping with my Mother, the rest of the pack stood in rows, watching the soldiers make an entrance into Eldergleam once more. "Thank you for your service." I saluted many of them, as well as the others. Justin stood beside me, the only thing you could hear in the forest were thousands of padded paws walking along the floor. The feathers on my collar and piercing whipped in the cold wind. The snow was getting much more heavier as the days went by. I watched as many of the wounded soldiers went towards the healers' den. I slowly got up from my position, making once more another announcement.

"As you all know, our soldiers have returned safely today. We all thank them for what they have done. All though the loss of my father is still engraved into our minds, this will not stop us from defeating the Terrare, and becoming greater as the pack of Coldharbour." I stated loudly. The wolves howled quietly, their sounds echoing on each living feature in the forest. The soldiers were resting- walking across tundras and mountains was certainly tiring. 

December 12th

I shook the snow off of my glistening fur, checking on the wounded soldiers. "I am sorry for your loss, Delilah." Said Commander Caliber. "We all grieve for my Father, Caliber." I sighed. "That is right, young one." His bodily figure larger than mine- stood over me. He sure was fit as the great Commander. "Could you... could you in detail tell me what happened in the battle, Caliber?" I asked steadily, trying not to cry. "Well, Delilah... are you sure?" Caliber asked back. I nodded. "During the battle- all of troops, of course, were fighting the pack of Terrare. Me and your Father were fighting Celdric, when, his Commander- swooped down and grabbed your father by the neck- throwing him off of a cliff, we immediately killed off the rest of the pack and retreated home once Celdric was gone- no longer to be seen." My eyes widened. "Celdric's, Commander? That coward of a wolf? His figure is merely no such of a standard to my fathers! How could he have done that?" I yelled. "I was surprised, too. But- anyone can end anyone by the neck, Delilah." Caliber sighed.

"You're right, Caliber." I replied, sitting down. Commander Caliber was always like an uncle figure to me, he gave me advice and has always been my father's partner in crime. Gosh, me and my father had such a close relationship. Yes, me and my mother did, too, but my father toughened me up, and my mother softened me up. They both balanced out my personality, but now Caliber was back home. I was now once more balanced. "Are you two bonding?" My mother walked near us. Caliber nodded, looking at her. "Yeah." I sighed, gaining courage. "That's good." She tried to smile, but couldn't seem to find out how. "Anyway, Delilah, it's best that you lead the pack with the best attitude." Commander Caliber breathed out. "He's right." My mother chipped in. Assuming that the warm welcome and discussion was over, I walked away from the two.

December 13th

"Delilah, you cannot just run this pack all by yourself." My mother told me when we sat to watch the sun rise. "I don't intend too." I smiled to myself, noticing my mother caught it. "You plan to be mates with Justin, yes?" She giggled. "Maybe." I slowly worded each letter. "Oh, you two would be so cute together! He is surely just the one!" My mother chirped. I laughed at her excitement. "I think so too, mother." I chuckled. "I want too see little Delilah's and Justin's running around." She added. Mother... "Not just yet." I laughed. "A mother can dream." She happily sighed. "Keep dreaming." I replied, walking away to check on Justin. We've been hanging out a lot recently and had many talks.
I walked over to Justin, noticing that he was asleep. "Hello, Delilah." He opened one eye. I jumped, I didn't expect him to be awake. "Did I scare you?" Justin gave me a sleepy, toothy grin. "A little." I laughed, sitting next to him. "If you're going to ask me to go somewhere- I'm not getting up." He closed his eye. I quietly stepped away. "I was kidding!" He quickly jumped to his paws, and I laughed. "I swear, you mess with my mind sometimes.

You're always on my mind." Justin chuckled. "Awe." I blushed. I never talked about my feelings that much, it would be weird for me to say something like that. But, he knew that, I was never pressured for anything. "I'm going to go check on the soldiers, okay?" I told Justin. He nodded, and followed along with me. My mother was sure to be tending to them, still. "How are they?" I asked my mother who was whirling around the healer's den. "Some broken bones, scars, nothing I can't handle." She kept eyeing down books. "Well, best of luck, Countess." Justin smiled at her. "Thank you." She nodded and smiled. "Alright, well, we'll be going now." I said. "Wouldn't want to keep you guys waiting." My mother winked at me, and a smile formed at the corner of my lips, as Justin's slit eyes looked back into mine. He was trying to communicate with me- 'You use telepathy?' I asked him. 'Of course. I've been trying to find a way to link to your mind all day. You had a shield over it, silly.' 'Oh, sorry. I do that only to protect myself.' 'I understand.' We smiled at each other as my mother looked at us in confusion, but didn't mind as she went back to her studies.

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