The Alpha female didn't want to really take on the title from her deceased father. It was too hard to bear, but she could not let her pack down. Staying strong, she remained to lead the Coldharbour pack, her main mission to defeat Celdric of the Terrare.


4. Reflections

December 18th

I stared at my reflection through the lake's crystal clear waters. My eyes; red as blood, bright as the sun. My faint iris a blackish red. "Mother, what is happening?" I asked her, splashing my paw through the water. "I- I don't want to tell you, dear. You wouldn't be able to comprehend it-" I looked into her deeply. Like my eyes were searching through her very soul. "Mother," I growled slightly. "Tell. Me. Now." I didn't stutter. "You, you get it from your father, alright?" She sighed. "And?" I replied. "Do you understand the meaning of Coldharbour?" Mother asked. I shook my head slowly. "It's just the name of our pack?" I tilted my head. "For God's sake, Delilah, open your eyes! Vampire blood runs through you! You're a hybrid!" She yelled, and Caliber widened his own eyes.

I didn't know what to think. So many emotions ran through me too quickly. Caliber explained too me that I was 'transfixing', going through a transformation. It happened to my eyes, my teeth, my body... there was so much, and pain was involved, too. My teeth ached, my eyes burnt sometimes. Even my claws were extending far out, and my tail got longer. The transfix hurt more than everything after days, weeks. "You okay, Delilah?" Justin would sometimes ask me. I'd slightly nod in the burning pain that I was experiencing. I think my lying was starting too get better, too. I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing, but it's whatever works for me.

"Does it hurt?" My mother asked me. "No, not at all." I rolled my eyes at her question. How could transfixing not hurt? "We just haven't been conversing for a while." She sighed. "Go away," I growled under my breath. "Delilah, I'm your mother." She whispered, putting her ears down "I don't care!" I extended my claws, whipping them through the air. She stepped back, looking me into the eyes. "What has become of you..." "What has become of me? Oh, I don't know, in the same month my father dad and now I realize that I am a hybrid! And no one bothers to tell me of my history or bloodline? Wow, just great!" I hissed sarcastically. "Delilah, take it easy on your mother." Caliber sighed. "Oh, don't even get me started on you! You never notify me on anything; nor have you ever told me of my bloodline either!" I yelled more. "Delilah." I heard Justin. I blinked my eyes, feeling the slits within them. 

"What." I hissed. "Please, stop." He sat in front of me, looking down at me with his dark brown eyes. "Stop what?" I sighed. "Everything. Just stop." He nuzzled my neck, and I sighed, closing my eyes. "I'm sorry." I blurted, voice cracking from the cry. He smiled lightly, Caliber and Mother looked at each other. "I know you're going through a hard time, but you need to learn to control it. No, I don't know what any of this means, but you cannot just yell at you're mother like that, nor you're Commander that was once your father's partner." He whispered to me. "But-" "Yes, I know, they shouldn't" he interrupted me, and looked at the two, "keep things that interfere within and outside of the pack. You are the Alpha." He looked down at me. "You're eyes are changing back to their normal state." Mother said as she looked at me. "I'm sorry, mom." I said as my eyes fell. "It's okay. Only your father would know what to do... truth is, when we were together, he was completely fine. But later on, he said he was 'transfixing' but I never paid any mind too it until I noticed. But, he was always normal around you. He hoped that the bloodline wouldn't run through you, and that you'd have more my blood, but, it looks like you are a mini Altius." Mother smiled at me. "Only he would know what you are going through."

December 26th

I was really starting to get tired of being compared to my father after a while as the week went by. Despair had also had an evolution; nothing like mine, but he was now in a more capable feral form. He looked so majestic, and was still able to transfix back to a crow, which was good for the both of us. Everyone made it worse by asking me about his death; it was too much pressure. Why can't they just stop? If your parent died, would you want to keep being reminded of their death and how much you looked alike? Because I don't

No one ever seen the Terrare the past week, but who knows, maybe no one is reporting the sights to me still. "Delilah." I heard Justin's voice. "Yes?" I replied. "I have a question..." he stated. Oh no, not today... "What is it?" I hesitated. "Would you consider in being my mate?" He asked. I thought for a moment. I couldn't just leave him standing here, waiting, but, what should I say? Why was I even processing it... I liked him, but, what if I accidentally hurt him? "I don't know." I sighed. He looked hopeless. "What do you mean 'you don't know'"? He asked. "I could hurt you by an accidental mistake..." "Delilah, I can handle you. It's not that hard." "I haven't fully reached my form yet..." I replied. "I can still do it." "Give me some time..." "I gave you 5 years." Justin breathed. "Please." I said, and he walked away.

"You turned him down?" My mother asked. "Mother, not now." I sighed. "Okay, okay... I'm just saying, you can't just run this entire pack by yourself." "And why can't I?" "It's not traditional." "You did." "That's not the point." 'Not the point'? What could she mean by that? "It's my pack. I can do what I want." I stated. "She is right, you know." Caliber butted in. Great. Mother looked towards him, raising her face up to him. "Oh my, Delilah!"

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