The Alpha female didn't want to really take on the title from her deceased father. It was too hard to bear, but she could not let her pack down. Staying strong, she remained to lead the Coldharbour pack, her main mission to defeat Celdric of the Terrare.


5. Collapse

December 27th

"Delilah... Delilah!" 
"Delilah, please..."

Huh? I heard many voices shouting at me. "Delilah!" I saw mother, screaming. I couldn't hear. It was like I had gone deaf, but, I seem so calm... why? My vision was blurry. I felt weird. My breathing was different. I twirled my fingers... wait. What? Fingers!? I quickly jumped up. Mother, Caliber, Justin and other wolves were so much taller than me? What? "What the Hell..." I whispered. "What happened to her..." Justin asked, sniffing me, his nose nudged me to the ground. "Oh, sorry..." I seemed so vulnerable! What's happening! "Delilah, Delilah... shh, calm down, I'll explain. Caliber come with me." Obviously Caliber and mother knew what was happening. 

"Delilah, there are so many more secrets within your blood." Mother said. "I noticed." I tried to get used to my new body. "You look so beautiful, though." Mother tried to reassure me. Nice. Even though I have no idea of what I look like, or even the slightest idea of what's going on. "Delilah, you're a shapeshifter." Mother said. What? A shapeshifter... You can turn into whatever animal, Delilah; and that, that is your human form." Caliber added. "Was father able to do this?" I asked mother. She nodded. I really am like my father...

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