The Alpha female didn't want to really take on the title from her deceased father. It was too hard to bear, but she could not let her pack down. Staying strong, she remained to lead the Coldharbour pack, her main mission to defeat Celdric of the Terrare.


1. Hey there Delilah

December 6th

"Delilah, it's time." My mother said as she walked across the forest floor over to me. "Mother, I don't want to talk about this." I sighed, resting my head onto the tree branch. She looked up at me, and shook her head. "You've been avoiding this for too long, dear." Mother responded. I deeply sighed. This nightmare couldn't keep holding onto me any longer. My pack grieves as well as I, but I must take on the title. "Alright, fine. I will give the announcement." I submitted, and walked to the cliff.

"Wolves of Eldergleam, may I have your attention, please." I spoke up, swallowing the lump in my throat. "It has come to my attention that my father has passed from the war that has been fought with the Terrare, and our soldiers still remain fighting in his loss." I heard gasps in the crowd of thousands of wolves. "and, in my father's honor, I take on the title of Alpha." I walked away from the cliff, disappearing into the horizon, hearing howls of all kinds- from the elders, the pups- they all whistled through the brittle pine trees. "Delilah, are you okay?" Asked a voice. It was Justin, the wolf who had a longing crush on me. He was kind, and held a great passion for me. "I'll be fine." I managed to reply. "If you ever need anyone to talk to, I'm here for you." His eyes saddened. Justin stood there for a while until he moved away from the area. "You made the right decision." I heard my Mother. I hoped that she was right.

December 7th

The howls of the wolves ringed in my ears as I awoke in the misty morning, my paws in the grassy dew. The rest of the pack were asleep, it seemed as if I was the only one awake. Taking walks in the early sunrise were my favorite, but I was not feeling it today. "Delilah." I turned my head. It was a few of the hunters in the pack. "Yes?" I answered. "Would you like us to go out?" One of them asked. "How is our food supply?" I asked a wolf who managed the den that held the food. "Average, but more is better, right?" The wolf grinned. I nodded. "Yes, that is true." A large pack of hundreds that had pinpoints of different dens of food could manage more than enough. "Could you contact the others in the provinces, for me?" I asked one of them before the group left. They nodded, and howled.

"How are you holding up?" My Mother asked me as I went to check on her. "I'm... I'm okay, I think." I closed my eyes slightly. "We're all grieving, dear. This is not easy. Besides, you make a terrific leader. You have your father's soul within you." Mother, stop... "I know, Mother." I replied. "I just want you to know that everyone is here for you, and we love you." She sighed, and walked away. Watching the snow come into flurries from the new fluffy clouds, sitting on a cliff eagle-eye watching over the landscape seemed breathtaking as always on cold nights. The cold wind rustling through my largely white fur felt somewhat reassuring. 

December 8th

"Alpha Delilah-" "Please, call me Delilah." I smiled. "Delilah. When do you think the soldiers will return?" Asked a worried mother of one of the soldiers, I was assuming. "To give an honest answer, I am not sure. As you know, I am greatly concerned as well of their safety. I will be giving an announcement today about the situation. I pray that all are well; and the fallen we be saluted." I bowed my head. "You are truly like your father, Delilah. With the appearance of your mother." The she-wolf swayed her tail, and I tried to hold in my tears by giving a fake smile. 

I heard my feathered friend, Despair, my loyal crow companion fly by. Despair was the one who brought the messages to me. His immortality has been submissive towards my family for centuries... "Hello, old friend." I whispered to him. I went to isolated places to speak to him- yes, the pack knew of him, and was greatly alerted whenever he would fly across our province. But no one would ever pester me- they expected an announcement the next day. "Greetings, Delilah. You are the new leader, yes?" The crow chirped. I nodded. "Honored to be in your presence. I have news of the soldiers, madam."

I hesitantly swayed my tail for a moment. "Please, tell me." I sighed. "The soldiers have defeated the pack of Terrare; but the Alpha remains alive." Despair spoke. "I see." My eyes fell. "At least their pack has been sentenced to less; but the leader, Celdric himself will surely fall to his death the day he 'surrenders'." I replied. "That I hope is true, Alpha Delilah." He responded, and flew away once I nodded him off. "So, the soldiers should be arriving soon?" Asked one of the pack members. I slowly nodded. Over the night, I heard soft murmurs behind one of the trees. It sounded as if Justin was talking to someone. I eavesdropped closely. "Are you really sure you have feelings for Delilah? She does seem to have a cold heart, you know. Her father recently just passed, and, I mean... it's Delilah." I heard a voice. "Don't say that. Delilah is... different, y'know? Delilah's personality makes her, her." I heard Justin reply, and the whispers softened.

December 9th

"Delilah, can I talk to you?" I heard Justin's voice as I sensed him moving closer towards me. "Yes, what is it?" I asked him with assumption. "I've known you ever since we were pups, and, if this is bad timing, please tell me. But, have you ever had feelings for me?" He asked. My cheeks heated as, it was true that I did. "I-" I stuttered, "maybe." "Oh, Delilah, please don't say 'maybe'... you know I don't like 'maybe'." Justin slightly giggled. "I don't like confessing my feelings..." I sighed. "Now, I know that is not true. Everyone says you are uptight, but I don't believe it." He stepped closer to me, I could feel his body heat radiating onto me. My feather piercing on my ear flowed as he whispered into my ear, "I've loved you ever since I laid my eyes onto you." 

I've loved you ever since I laid my eyes onto you. His words echoed into the depths of my mind. Why couldn't I just say it back? Even when it was absolutely true... Justin had such charm like no other, he truly stuck out there above everybody else. Wolves would cower from me or secretly admire me, but I adored that Justin would deliberately show his feelings off for me, and told all his friends how much he had liked me... even his family knew. My father knew. "I think Justin is really the one for you." My Mother told me as I talked to her about the scenario. "Glad we're on the same page." I chuckled. "Speaking of pages, darling, would you mind fetching me some ingredients for this potion I am working on?" Mother asked me. She was an Alchemist of all kinds, a healer, and an Enchantress as myself, she taught me well.

"Like what?" I asked her. Mother handed me a paper, and I put in my satchel. "Just a few Deathbell and some Cotton." She replied. "Wow, simple this time?" I joked, and she laughed. I walked out of her alchemy station, and towards Justin who seemed to have been daydreaming, since there was a butterfly on his nose. "Justin?" I asked him, and he quickly snapped his jaws, the butterfly reacting to fly away. "Oh, Delilah. What is it?" Justin asked, shaking his head. "Would you like to come walk with me? I smiled. "Sure. Where to?" He asked. "Just to the meadows." I replied, trailing off.

December 10th

Snow still flurried onto the valleys of the province. "Delilah!" I heard my mother yell. Quickly, I padded to her den, her howl coming from her alchemy station. What have you created now, Mother? "I think I've done it!" I smelled something herbal, something sweet. "What is it?" I sniffed the aroma, trying to make out the senses. "You have such a great nose, darling." Mother laughed, nudging her nose against mine. I sat down, waiting for the answer to my question. "Oh, right. What I have created- or think I have created- is a healing potion." She smiled. "Another one?" I emphasized. "Yes, another one. This one cures much faster than my other attempt." She glanced at the potion, making dozens more. "Oh, that's great mother! Great for the wounded soldiers, too. Where's the recipe?" I asked. She always gave me a copy of her recipes, they were greatly important for the Alpha's archives. 

Mother handed me a copy as she sealed the potions, labeling them and stashing them away. "That's enough for today." I heard her sigh. "You should rest, mother." I suggested. "That sounds pleasant. I just might." She winked, and I smiled.

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