The horror of your nightmares



Today is the day I make my confirmation. My aunt came in with her son Michael and my two seven year old cousins who are twins. We all go to the church and I am really nervous. I am wearing a navy blue dress with black flats with my hair curled. My mom grandma aunt and me go into our seats when I see Michael come out totally naked from head to toe. My siblings Jon and Erin are swinging on the alter with grace and Daniel the twins and my grandma is screaming from her seat at the kids. I just stand in the middle of the church with everyone looking at me. I stand with hesitation and then run out to the front of the church. I go out and everything just stops. I go to sit down on the bench and my auntie Katie comes out.

K- hey are you ok Sarah?

S- not really. I mean you saw what happened in there.

K- Sarah nothing happened in there other then you running out for no reason.

S- no reason! Michael was naked, grandma was screaming and the kids were playing on the alter as if it was a playground!

K- Sarah non of that happened. Do you think you are nervous about being confirmed?

S- maybe. But nothing happened in there?

K- no. And look here's Michael now with clothes on.

M- what are you talking about?

S- nothing. Thanks auntie.

We all went back in the church and I was confirmed and we then went home. It got dark really quick so me and my friend katlyn who is in 6th grade went on a walk. We went by Michael who was standing by a car. We hid behind bushes but he blew our cover. A flashlight flashed at us and we were done. Me and katlyn went over to talk to Michael. It was really dark but I looked over my shoulder and saw a shadow. I asked Michael softly if he saw the people too. He just put his hand on my shoulder and told us to run. Run run!! We all sprinted off and I grabbed katlyns hand so we didn't split. Michael took my arm and pulled me up to a playground area.

K- what is happening.

M- shh

S- Michael tell us who they are and why they are chasing us.

M- well they are a group of boys and I was friends with them and they wanted me to join. I said no because I was moving to Texas and the never let it down.

S- what do they do.

Before Michael could answer me they put their flashlight in us and we ran as fast as we could. Michael told us to go right and he go left to split them up and meet at grandmas house. Me and Katlyn went right and went through people's yards and under things and over things. When I looked back there were three boys chasing us but not the same guys before. It was really dark and none of us had flashlights. We were running and praying not to trip on anything. We climbed over a fence that led to a pool. We were trapped and the guys were over the fense. I pulled katlyns hand and saw the pool box to climb on and get over. Katlyn climbed over and I did as well. Before I was fully over the guy grabbed my ankle. I still could not see him.

S- Katlyn go and tell Michael that they got me.

K- I can't just leave you.

S- you have to or else Michael will come looking for us and will capture him as well and who knows what will happen.

K- bu.....

S- run!!!

Katlyn ran before the guy could get her and I willingly went over to them. I don't understand why I am taken but Katlyn got away and I know Michael will find a way to free me. It was sad but the guy who grabbed me was dressed in all black wearing a face mask. He had blue eyes and I was taller then him... Never mind but Back with Katlyn she ran through the woods and found a raccoon. She used it to hide behind a tree and have the guy chase the raccoon instead and run the other way to meet up with Michel. She ran to grandmas house and Michael was by there. She went inside and Michael scared her so bad she fell back to the door and didn't want the person to kill her. Michael just stood there laughing at her then gave her a hand up.

M- good you guys are here

K- .......well .....I am

M- no. What happened to Sarah?

K- they grabbed her ankle and she forced me to leave her to tell you.

M- classic.

K- well now what do we do.

M- nothing.

K- WHAT!!!! You are just saying that we just leave her to those people who chased us for a half hour in the dark through other people's property?!?!

M- yup.

K- you're ridiculous

M- do you know what these people do?

K- no because you told us to sprint away from them and never told us.

M- they are known as "the horror of your nightmares"

K- are you kidding me.

M- when I told them I didn't want to be apart of them they told me that when I come back they will get me and anyone I am with and never let them go.

K- so what is going to happen to Sarah?

M- well they probably made her unconscious and tied her up to a chair. She will wake up and be hooked up to a helmet that will read her deepest darkest fears and put them to test.


S- where am I

C- my name is Colton and you are in the worst spot you could dream of. Well not yet.

S- what the heck are you talking about?

C- did you dear cousin Michael tell you anything.

Well Colton told me everything Michel told Katlyn and what I will be dealing with. Colton said he was the one who grabbed me and took me away. I finally saw his face. I could tell he had blond hair, blue eyes and I thought he was really cute. Colton attached the helmet to my head and went to a back room with three other guys. The two who went after Michael and the other kid who chased me and Katlyn. I was in a classroom with no desks and nothing but a chair and a couch with a tv. Colton told be to brace my self for what was going to happen. He turned on the thing and It just felt like pulling a piece of hair through my ear and head. It really didn't hurt but kinda tickled. It was over and they were still in the back. I could hear what they were saying. So I just sat there waiting for what was coming to me.

---------- Colton

I looked at the screen and didn't know what to do. I never saw anyone with this top fear before and didn't know how to face it. The screen said Sarah's top fear, 3 major fears and 3 small fears. 3 major fears were failing, tickling And loosing family. The three small fears were snakes and spiders, ghosts and monsters, and darkness. Sarah's major fear was being rejected by a guy she liked. I looked at the other guys and they had an idea that would never work. I did more research with Sarah's brain to see the perfect type of guy for her. It came up guys with blue eyes, blond hair, sporty, funny, kind and cares about her. One guy said that Colton would be perfect with some lying and role playing. Colton went out to see Sarah and didn't know what to do.

-------- Sarah

I have been sitting here for almost an hour in total darkness. I saw a light come from the room Colton came out of. He came over and talked to me. I was still nervous but acted like I hated him.

C- so Sarah after lots of research we found your biggest fears.

S- great then can you tell me because I am not even sure.

C- no but maybe later.

S- so what are you going to do to me.

C- do you like me.

S- what! You mean the guy who captured me just to torture me is asking me if I like him.

C- well

S- of course not.

C- ok. Now I am going to spray you with this to knock you out and forget everything about us.

S- fine but I do not like you.

Colton sprayed me and I woke up at Saint Kevins on the playground.

I started getting up and I see two people running to me. It was Michael and Katlyn. They ask me what happened but I told them I don't remember anything. We went in the school and sat in a class room. Michael asked me a lot of questions. I got up closed the door and all the blinds. Locked the doors and told them not to say anything.

S- ok so this boy sprayed me with something he said would erase my memory of everything about what happened.

M- so it didn't work did it.

S- well I can't remember any faces but I remember what happened.

I told Michael and Katlyn what happened and what they were going to do to me. Katlyn was really scared so we brought her home and it was just me and Michael. We were walking home to my house until a boy comes up to us. Michel puts his arm in front of me and the boy said that he just wanted to ask me a question. I didn't know who it was until I went closer. I couldn't believe it. It was Colton. He was in my grade for 2 years then left for high school. I had a crush on him since day one.

C- hey Sarah do you remember me.

S- of course. I mean yes I do. What are you doing here?

C- I just want to tell you something.

S- what is it.

M- Sarah be carful. You never know.

S- I am ok. I knew him for 2 years.

I looked at Colton and he looked guilty of something but I reminded him that he wanted to tell me something.

C- oh right. Well I know you like me.

My face went blank and Michael just stood there like he saw a ghost.

S- w..hat

C- I need to tell you that I don't like you. And you need to move on and forget me. Sorry

He walked off into the dark. And I didn't know what to do. I went to the side of the rode and sat down. I just cried. Michael came over and put his arm around me.

M- Sarah that was rough.

S- I know now what my top fear is and I remember who tied me down and captured me.

M- who did it.

S- Colton. This guy said he couldn't tell me my fears yet and he just did.

M- what was it.

S- rejection.... From him.

M- oh Sarah I am really sorry.

S- it's my fault for holding on to nothing for so long.

Michel let me cry into him for a good 10 minutes and then we got up and started to walk home. When we stood up another figure came running in our direction. I really didn't care anymore and let him come to me. He came right up to me, took my shoulders and kissed me. When he pulled away I saw that it was Colton and when he ran away he dropped a piece of paper. It said:

Dear Sarah,

I am truly sorry for what I put you through. Not just today but also during school. I saw how you looked at me but never took the hints. I really liked you and should have treated you better. My group is not to torture people but to concur there fear. You concurred your biggest fear and will never fear it again. Tell Michael that we also concurred his fear and will soon understand. Sarah You are a brilliant person and very kind to sacrifice yourself for your friends freedom at the pool. I don't think I will see you again but good luck and remember to never be afraid of your fears.

Sincerely Colton

The end

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