The Unexpected Hero

Jasper Hoelfbach is out on a journey.In World War II there were mass Murdering of Jews,Jasper is a Jew;a Jewish Wizard.
With the Nazi rounding up the Jews he sets out to free them.
In a story of War and Auswitz ... Jasper is in a mission to save his people of their terrible Fate


1. 22 Juny 1941 Berlin 11:49 pm

Jasper's hands followed the trail of blood on his father's temple.His dead father.If he was only here twenty minutes ago when they threw it.Anger raged in him like a dog with rabbies.His father's Jewelry store was attacked,yes they were Jews.Emigrated from England to ecsape the Wizard War.From one war to another!

Men came in the middle of the night while he was in their upstairs apartment and his father here locking up.They started troughing rocks.Hitting his Father,killing him.His mother was executed two weeks ago.

He stood up,picking uphis bag making sure all of his things were seured locked in muggle and wizardring ways.There was enough potions and potion ingriedients in his bag,including a cauldron.He enlarged his bag with magic.His pockets as well.Now containig Gold and jewelry for trading in a time of need.

He walked through the broken doorway into the street.His Jewish mark was as clear as daylight pinned onto his jacket.He walked of into the street.

"Oi,you!You're a Jew!It is after after Aussgangssperre(curfew)!Get back in your Haus(house).!"said A man,a Nazi

"I wil not.German Idiot."muttered Jasper without turnig.Slowly unpocketing his wand.He carefully looks oround.Then he sees it.

"How dare you talk to me like that you Jude.Suurender in the name of Hitler!"

Jasper suddenly raises his arm and says,"Wingarduim Leviosa!"The dustbin started to fly upwards.Higher and higher .

Then he turns to see the Nazi's face.He was terrified,"Zauberer!Zauberer!"he screams.

"Obscuro!"said Jasper and a green material blindfolded the nazi.

"incarcerous!"he yells and he ties the Nazi up.

"And my last,Obliviate!Stupefy!"he yelled and the Nazi passed out without the memory of magic or a jew.




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