1. New chapter

His soft breath hits my cheek and suddenly I'm drawn in by his eyes. His eyes, green like a pine tree with a hint of emerald. He completely mesmerised me in every way, the perfect guy in my mind. He had the face of an angel. His breath smelt of coffee and peanut butter bagels with the hit of a breath mint, it completely drew me in. With every word I could feel myself becoming more and more intrigued by him. "Can I buy you a drink Darla?" I escape from the forest that are his eyes and give a quick glance around. The place is buzzing with life, the dance floor is packed, even the dj is rocking it. I look to the giant Alice in wonderland styled clock, 2:30, "I really shouldn't, I need to get home, I have class tomorrow" "come on, one shot won't hurt right?" I look back to Tilly, who starts to tap her feet impatiently. "Darla we need to go my uber is here and we staying with my mom tonight we have to go now". Before I can answer Charlie joins our conversation and offers me a lift home. I agree, he seems nice enough. "Be careful!" Tilly whispers and she races down to catch her uber. I turn to Charlie to ask about the shots but he has them ordered so I take them as fast as lightning. "Good job, bravo" he says. But as the seconds go by everything gets slower, blurred and out of focus. I get up to go outside but I collapse and everything goes black.

I wake up and the stench of shit and pine fills my nostrils. Where am I ? The hard wood floor of the dance floor has been replaced with the wet leaves and bark that lay along the dirt of the forest floor. A familiar breath hits my cheek, the coffee still being prominent through the layers of alcohol. "Don't move" he whispered. His words hitting me, I finally grasp my situation. "" The words are a struggle from my raspy voice. He doesn't react, only continuing harder. Tears start to fall along my cheeks and onto my lips, they are salty, warm."please" I beg once more, it's so quiet, so faint and he continues to use me. I look onward into the forest, the eyes that I had once seen beauty in, they twist and become more and more evil with every thrust. I'm defenceless, shamed, broken and he knows it. He knows, he knows I have no escape

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