The New World Order

Let’s be honest, it’s always better to be the zombie in a zombie apocalypse. Less worries of being eaten alive and all that.

The apocalypse wasn’t the end of the world, it was just the beginning of a new one. A new world where my once fellow humans are trying to blow my head off any chance they can get that is.
I find it quite rude actually. I mean, I can’t blame them but that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it. And to think I was in school to save human lives… ha.
Human. How I wish I was one again but at the same time I’m happy I’m not.


2. Lonely

Before we continue I would like to apologize for getting all saddening and serious just in. That’s not how I usually roll. I like to keep the mood light, you know?

Now this questionable gray space I mentioned isn’t all that bad. I still don’t have to worry about getting eaten alive and of course there is the fact that I am more human than not which are both definitely a plus. But being fully cognitively aware with no internet is SO not a plus. I miss tumblr man.

Since the incident I’ve taken shelter in a mansion. You heard right, a glorious mansion. The closest house next to it is a two mile walk (I may or may not have counted how many steps it was to get that measurement. Go on, judge me). Anyway, it’s three stories tall with a sturdy metal perimeter fence surrounding it and its three acres of land. My favourite part of the house though is what the owner left behind; hella supplies. There are bins and bins of food in almost every room with the same amount of water stored in the other rooms. The entire living room is loaded with some pretty sick looking weapons and survival gear. When I first snooped around I found notes and a journal in the master bedroom. The owner, a dude named Antoine, as fate has it, was what people would use to call a nut job because he was prepared for an apocalypse. Honestly, I really, really appreciate the irony of the situation. It actually makes me quite happy knowing that Antoine bought all of this to protect himself from zombies and now, instead, a zombie is living off of all of it. Is that bad of me? Nah don’t think so. A girl’s gotta eat.

    But, of course I feel incredibly guilty. I destroyed an entire community and now I get to live in luxury? It doesn’t feel right but I know I can’t punish myself forever. Maybe that’s why I restrict myself from enjoying anything.


I haven’t been a completely useless bum this last month since I moved in. There is a library an hour and a half bike ride away where I have gone every other day, bringing back medical textbooks or student theses. I have decided that since I don’t have to worry about becoming infected and surviving, as well as having the ability to do normal human things, why not start looking for a cure?

Far-fetched I know but I got nothing better to do. Pre-apocalypse me never had time for anything besides working, going to school and studying so now, having nothing but free time is driving me crazy. What else am I to do all day with no internet, no friends and nowhere to go?

I’m sounding desperate now oops.

Look, I’m going to come out and just say it; I’m lonely. Pre-all-of-this, I was still lonely. Sure, I’ve had a few relationships, none worth remembering or mentioning though during high school and undergrad. But once I got into med school, trying to balance everything was hard enough so I just didn’t bother to go out and date. Now, seeing as every available potential love interest is either a mind-controlled zombie or a survivor, who, if they were smart, would try to blow my head off, dating is legitimately impossible.

Maybe I should make an ad and put it up around town tomorrow, like everyone use to do for missing pets or persons. It’d say something like “Desperate 28 year old women looking for a single person aged between 26 to 30. She’s kind of a zombie? But, like, not really but at the same time is? She may bite but she doesn’t mean to? Please don’t blow off her head? Turn applications into the basket below.”

I think I’m driving myself crazy reading these student theses and glossing over these textbooks again. I surprisingly remember most of it, but reading all of it the first time wasn’t exactly my idea of fun. Now reading it all again, searching frantically for anything important that could possibly lead to a cure and save millions of lives, is not what I would call ‘light reading’ or ‘reading for fun’. Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Unwind Dystology or the Harry Potter series is my idea of fun. Or Netflix. Ugh, now I’m high key missing netflix.

All matters aside, I’m turning in for the night.

I climb up two flights of stairs and reach the master bedroom. The electricity works since it runs off of a backup generator, but I prefer not to draw attention. The last thing I need is a human finding me and assuming we could work together. I crawl into the king sized bed and snuggle into the quilt and five overstuffed pillows.

It’s not long before I fall asleep.

*              *                    *                     *                         *                          *                    *                   *                     *

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