The Dearest day of James Potter's Life

For the Oneshot Writing Competition,
This is obviously a oneshot. It's about the Dearest Day of James Potter's Life.


1. The Wedding


"I do." Lily said.

"Then I pronounce you husband, and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

James and Lily kissed. And of course, someone out there just had to ruin the moment.

"Whoo!!" Sirius yelled. "GO PRONGS!!"

James rolled his eyes as he and Lily broke apart.

"LET'S GO EAT SOME CAKE, Y'ALL!" Sirius shouted, standing up and leading the way out of the hall.
​Sirius tried to tap his spoon against his glass, but instead just shattered it.

"Well, not what I was going for, but it got your attention, so I guess it works." Sirius cleared his throat. "We are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of my dear ​friend, James Potter, who usually goes stag, to Lily Evans, his ​dear ​bride. Anyone who went to school with this ​dear ​man knows that he's been fawning ​over her since she walked into his compartment, looking sweet as a doe. Now, this dear ​man has been my best friend since we met on the Hogwarts Express when we were eleven. Still owes me twenty Muggle ​bucks. I remember how he always insisted on ​going stag ​to all the group activities. And then, all those times we had to deal with Moony's furry little problem, which Prongs was such a dear ​about. I mean, we gathered to deal with that at least once a month. Once in a blue moon, we had to deal with it twice a month, but whatever. Lily, slow down on those chocolates, dear,  or you won't fit in that outfit you have picked out for tomorrow."

Lily sat shamelessly with her cheeks bulging with the chocolates she had stuffed into her mouth to keep from laughing. Taking an enormous swallow, she gestured to Sirius with her hand.

"Do go on, Sirius." she invited. "We all cant wait to hear what else you have to say."

"Yes, well, speaking as the underdog ​in this situation, I must say that I'm glad to have convinced Remus, the lone wolf, ​and Peter, that little rat, to join us in our dear ​group of friends, or I would be quite alone. I feel very safe in this dear ​group, and feel certain that none of us would do anything to harm another."

​"Are you finished, Sirius?" James asked through gritted teeth.

"Almost, ​dear ​friend." Sirius responded. "I must say, I couldn't have asked for a dearer friend. There. Now I'm finished."


After the reception, everyone lined up outside the door, waiting for James and Lily to emerge, heading off to their honeymoon in their Thestral-drawn carriage.

As the couple appeared, all the guest threw rice. Except for the other three Marauders. They threw red and gold glitter.


​Hey, guys! This is my second entry for the Oneshot Writing Competition. I hope you like it! I am allowed one more entry, but I am greatly enjoying writing oneshots. So, even once I've used my three entries, keep an eye out for some more oneshots by Brooke Weasley! I love you all, my little wiggleworms!

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