Endless Love

Avianna Clarke , a girl who struggles to move on after her boyfriend tragic and untimely death in a car crash she survived from but she soon learn to put everything in the past even if it breaks her heart or possibly cover the big hole in her soul read on and find out how Avianna finally realize it time to move on if she ever want to be happy but is she really ready to move on or she trying to find an easy way out of her heartbreak


2. projects projects ???





Hey, well that was some characters, very dramatic if I must say but I like it well you still got more of the story to learn more about this characters and watch how they handle situations and grow because even the meanest is hiding a pain deep inside them. well, read on to see what happen next after Avianna little talk with Miranda. go on read!!!!


Avianna Pov 

The door shut behind me and I took a moment to take a deep breath before walking down the hall to my next class, when I finally made it to my next class, I saw only a few students already in the class in their seats talking to each other. I was walking straight to my seat when I all of sudden found myself on the floor. I look behind me to see I trip over someone backpack. Just to make matters worst, students was already coming into the classroom since the lunch bell indicating lunch was over already rang, I could hear as students laugh at me and even hear some of them whisper comments. I got up on my knees and started picking up my books " I am so sorry " I hear a girl  start to say but I tune  her out just as I hear people say stuff like " what a klutz " " she is such a loser " " hey look, she is on her knees just like I like them" with more laughter . I finally got up and then walk straight to my seat without looking at anybody.  I sat down and place my bag on the seat next to me and then grab my headphones and put it on.  I look up to see the students who were blocking the door laughing have already started to walk to their seat while still whispering little comments to their friends. I took out my phone from my pocket and then unlock and went to my music to play the first song on my music list. 

I was doodling on my binder while listening to bullets by Data romance when someone came in front of me and took out my earphones from my ear. I snap my head up to see my teacher Mr miller in front of me " Arianna please tell me what group are you in for the project " he said looking at me " what project..." I said knowing full well why I didn't know about it. " you see everyone knows about the project we just talk about five minutes ago" he said raising his voice as he talked causing the rest of the students to laugh ." Now am not going to repeat myself at your expense so you can ask your group member what the project about,  This is a warning next time detention for two weeks " he said while walking away from me and back to the front of the class. I raise my hand and he raises his eyebrow at me " who is my group member " I said hoping it not with someone I can't work with and I have a lot of people who hates my guts in this class. " luke smith  " he said reading from off a paper. I signed in irritation of the fact that I had to work with none other than luke smith. I look around the class and lock eyes with luke who was staring at me with an amused look and a small grin on his face. I roll my eyes and look away praying the bell will ring. 

My last class of the day was uneventful and once the final bell rang, I was all packed up to leave, Today have been the worst day overall and I couldn't handle being in this building any longer. I put the last of my books that I didn't need in my locker and then look straight ahead to see a picture on the wall of the inside of my locker. it was a picture of Jessie and me on our spring formal. I reach my hand in my locker and took the picture off and blink my eyes so I won't cry again, I stare at the picture and I just felt my heart tighten. I can't keep holding on to him, I will never be happy so without a second thought, I rip the picture in half and toss it in the trash next to my locker. I sigh and then shut my locker to see luke leaning on the locker next to mine. he was looking at me with an intense expression on his face. " Are you okay, You know he was my friend and I miss him too mostly today since it is birthday " he said looking down making his long hair   fall in his face forming a curtain on his eyes . " yeah I know, we were going to your party the night he died " I said emotionless . he look up at me and you can almost see guilt in his light green eyes" it not your fault, it nobody fault expect the guy who hit us and left us to die, so about the project, we can either go to my place or yours whatever it cool with you " I said picking up my bag from off the floor " your place is fine " he said quickly and then started walking to the exit . when we got outside, I look around to only see my black jeep parked in the student parking lot. I walk toward my car and turn to luke who was standing next to the passenger side " Did you park somewhere else or something " I said opening the back seat and placing my backpack on the chair ." No, I ride the bus to school and home " he said putting his hands in his pants pocket " oh okay get in " I said walking around to the driver seat. 

Luke Pov 

The drive to Avinanna place was the longest and quietest 10 minutes of my life and I wanted so badly to say something but I couldn't think of anything to say to her. Without me noticing Avianna parked the car in front of a Yellow two story house with many flowers decorating the front porch, I got out the car and follow avianna up the stairs. I look around my surrounding as avianna open the door. we were in a nice neighborhood, the type of neighborhood where parents will love to raise their kids, it was a very quiet area. you could tell nothing happen here. I hear someone clear their throat and snap out of my thoughts to realize I was standing outside at the door staring in space while avianna stare at me with a confuse expression. I walk into the house and look around to see pictures of art decorating most of the walls. As I walk further into the house, I found myself into the living room with an average amount of pictures of Avianna and someone I guess is her mother on the walls and on the fireplace . " we can work in the kitchen but for now you can wait here while I go change " avianna said already near the stairs. I nodded and continue to look at the rest of the living room. there was very few furniture, basically only one coach and coffee table in front of it and a flat screen tv on the wall. The one thing in the room that caught my eyes the most was a grand piano in the far side of the room.  I walk over to it and touch the keys before lifting my head up to see avianna staring at me " Do you play? " she said tilting her head to the side, she was wearing some black leggings and  a oversize sweater and her long grey hair was let down from the bun it was in all day . " a little, I took lessons as kid but was never really good " I said looking down . For some reason, he felt nervous around her like he had to watch his actions or words around her. I have never had that feeling before and I don't like it. The luke smith I know won't act the way he was acting right now. plus the only reason I beg Mr miller to make me avianna partner was so I can get to her, I have always been fascinated by her. Is she really has broken has everyone says she is, I know losing Jessie must have hurt big which is why the guys told me not to go there with her this morning when I was telling them I wanted her. But hey I have a stubborn soul. Avianna is my new target and I intend to succeed in getting her. 


~~ When do I get my happily ever after, am so tired of being sad and alone .~~~~

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