infatuation // lrh // 5sos

24 year old luke is infatuated with the 16 year old amber


1. prologue.

~ prologue

"luke, your appointment is called. instead of today, it is tuesday, 11 am in your office. i wanted to tell you earlier, but you didn't answer." my co worker trevor said into the phone, as i groaned. "well, whatever." my eyes were locked on the supermarket that i parked in front of.

"so, i'll see you monday, mate." i said, and received a small bye from him. i put my phone down, thinking about how annoying these people are that cancel appointments.

i really need something to make my day better. i could go the bar here nearby, but it's not that late. even though i'm pretty young, i co-own a office with trevor. he's been my best friend since we were both in elemantary school.

i scratched my jaw, noticing my stubble. i have to shave soon, even though it makes me look alot younger.

suddenly, the door of the supermarket opened, and two young girls came out, and one catched my attention. i changed my position, and placed my hand around the steering wheel. i noticed they both had a bag of m&m's, and two bottles of iced green tea.

my eyes followed the one girl, as i scanned her body. damn, this girl is beautiful. she had long, wavy, honey blonde hair that fell perfectly. her skin was lightly tanned. she wore a black halter crop top, and a pair of high dark blue jeans that hugged her waist perfectly. i can't believe i'm looking at girls almost half my age.

the girl laughed at something her friend said, showing her perfect white teeth. she turned around, giving me a great look of her ass, that was perfectly round. my tongue slowly ran over my lips, as i couldn't help but imagine her gagging on my cock, and my hand spanking her round ass.

her friend probably noticed me staring, because she looked me straight in my eyes, and whispered something to the girl. the girl immediately turned around, smirking at me.

my eyes widened, as i looked down, noticing my huge buldge. shit, what was this girl doing to me? nobody really knows that i like sex rather rough, but kinky? i don't know if you could call it that. this girl is making me want to bring her to my house right now, but i can resist. can i?

when i placed my stare back on the girls, they were saying goodbye to eachother, as the girl i had my eye on walked my direction. fuck, i need to know her name. should i go outside to ask her? is that even okay? without me even noticing, i suddenly heard a voice from my right window, since it was opened.

i cursed to myself, as i looked towards the direction of the voice. there she was. her elbows leaned on my car, her hands supporting her chin. "hi." her soft voice spoke, looking at me up and down. "hey." i said, acting like what happened before didn't exist. "why were you staring at me?" she said, looking at me with her eyebrows furrowed. "ehm.. i didn't." i said, looking away from her.

she giggled, as i looked at her again. oh, how i would love to take her in my car right now, right here. "yeah right. you could have just come over to me, mister." she said, as i bit my lip. "i was trying to look at you without anyone noticing." i managed to get out.

"well, dani noticed. so, is my ass nice?" she asked, as i stayed silently in my seat of the answer. she's making me want to do so many things. "i'm amber." she said, giggling after.

i still looked at her, my eyes moving down to her lips ever so often. "luke." i said, as she nodded, smiling widely at me. "ehm.. are you at the club moon tonight?" amber asked me, folding a piece of her hair behind her ear. i bit my lip, shrugging.

"i'll be there." she said, biting her lip as well. i smirked, giving her a nod. "then i'll be present as well, lady." i said, as she smiled, before heading off.


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