Something I wanted for years.

I always wanted something so bad and it is a puppy.
My parents said that I can't have one, because we first have to get a house. Parents always say that if we want something really bad. One time when I asked they said " You can get a puppy if you can show us that you will take care of it." I looked like they would be crazy. Like seriously, How can you go outside without a dog and then people will look at you and say that you are training to get a puppy. That is just stupid. Like seriously, would you go outside and stand there for about 30 minutes.


1. What did I do


      OMG today is my worst day ever. I called my friend and I asked her what to wear for the protest. 

Oh did you not know about it? Than let me tell you. 

So everything happened one week ago. My school got canceled for no reason and that I found out that WE are going to not have school, because they are shutting it down. Everyone was so made that we all said that we are going to protest about saving our school.

I said that our colors of our clothes for the protest should be red and white so everyone said that it could be a really good idea. 

2 hours later

GIVE US BACK OUR SCHOOL !!! We started protesting and...................................................................

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