sugar // afi // 5sos

in which ashton has cravings for a sweet girl

disclaimer: lil kinky


3. two.


-vanessa's pov.

i wrote down the notes that were give via the board, as ashley next to me had already finished them, now playing with her phone, texting someone.

"hey, the soccer game is tonight. wanna watch the boys?" she smirked, as i put down my pen on my unfinished notes, nodding. "ashton is there." ashley hold a smile, as she continued texting. "how do you know?" i asked, packing my bag.

"ehm, i was there last year, i saw them play." she answered, completely obvious. of course. i should know. ashley loves to watch boys play sports. i smiled to myself, already happy to see ashton.

the time was currently 2 minutes before the end of class, and after class i had to deliver my project at pe class. i absolutely hated delivering things last minute, but whatever, it has to get done anyways. "okay, then i'll see you tonight here at pe classroom. it starts at 7 pm." ashley said while she stood up.


i walked downstairs with ashley, saying goodbye to her as i made my way to the pe room. my eyes scanned the small office from mr. redson. he wasn't there. i let out an annoyed sigh, spotting mrs. smith in her office. maybe she knew.

i knocked on her office, as she looked up to me. she smiled and nodded for me to come in. she set her glasses down, as i opened the door. "can i help you, dear?' she asked, as i already cringed at her voice. "eh, yeah, i'm looking for mr. redson to hand in my project." i said, as she let out a deep sigh.

i awkwardly looked around, as she didn't say anything for a good 10 seconds. "if he's not in his office, he must be in the dressing rooms or in the gymclass." she finally said as i mumbled a thank you, before heading to the gymclass. nothing to see here, except for a couple guys playing soccer.

one of them catched me in the doorway, as soon everyone looked at me. i stood there, my cheeks completely red. "i'm looking for mr. redson." they looked at eachother, giving a little laughter. "he's in the dressing room. but, don't worry, he's not changing." one of them said, who i see a lot with ashton.

"thank you." i said softly and soon they continued playing again. well, i guess i had to go into the boys dressing room then. i walked back to the dressing rooms, opening the door slowly. "mister redson?" i called out, as i now noticed the shower running, and it was soon turned off. i know i should have walked out, but i couldn't.

i stood there for a couple seconds, when somebody stepped out of the shower with only a pair of black skinny jeans on. i couldn't move, i just looked up to meet those familiar eyes i've been craving to see, and it wasn't mr. redson. "he's not here, sugar." ashton spoke with a low voice, as the water dropped down from his hair.

"i'm sorry, ehm.. they told me he was there." i stuttered, regretting this whole action. i was about to turn on my heels to walk out, when ashton's voice made me stop. "calum says shit like that, you shouldn't listen to him." he walked towards me, and right when i thought he was going to touch me, he turned to his backpack to put on his black t shirt again.

"are you going to be there tonight?" ashton asked me as he dried off his hair with the towel in his hand. i backed up against the wall, creating distance from us. "yes."

i could see ashton grin, as the blush on my cheeks became worse. ashton turned to look at me, as his eyes quickly scanned my body, lingering his eyes on mine. "hmm." the sound came out, as i looked down, and i couldn't help but also notice his bulge. i quickly locked back up to meet his eyes again, which was a wrong decision.

he catched my glance, as my hands were above my head, and my breathing got heavy. his hazel eyes stared into mine, as my eyes looked at anything but his. what is he doing to me?


- ashton's pov

i stared into her blue orbs, as they were shooting everywhere. i liked the effect i had on her. i liked it when i have this effect on any girl basically, but on vanessa, damn. every time i'm talking to her i couldn't help but get a direct hard-on.

i let go of her hands, as i grabbed her chin, trying to be a little delicate. my thumb ran over her bottom lip, as now she was able to look at me. i smirked, holding back the crave to kiss her lips. i have to control myself, i can do what i want tonight. i know she wants me to.

"what are you going to wear tonight?" i slipped out, as i watched her eyes widen. "i don't know." she mumbled, the red on her cheeks not leaving. i could tell she wanted to say more, so i just waited. her lips parted, before speaking again. "what do you want me to wear?"

i liked what i was doing. i let go of her chin, moving my hands down to her body, placing my hands on her waist, right on the place where her skirt was. "well.." i started, sliding my hands to her back, looking into her eyes to see if she liked this. her eyes were looking straight at me, and her teeth lightly engraved her lip.

i smiled to myself, as i turned her around, her ass pressing into my pelvis, making her let out a small moan. i grinned. one of my hands was still on her waist, as i used the other one to lift up her skirt, giving me the perfect view of her ass. my hand ran over her butt cheek, glancing at her as her hands were on the wall, and i could see the side of her face, she was looking at my movements, biting her lip.

i returned my gaze on her ass, smirking as i glanced at her for a second, before slapping my hand across her butt, making a loud smacking sound, and vanessa threw her head back, letting out another moan. i looked at the red print on her butt cheek, letting me know i did it right.

"did you like that?" i whispered into her ear after pulling her close to me. she let out a deep breath, nodding. "hm? do you like to be spanked?" i asked her, as she bit her lip. if she does that one more time, i might have to take her right here.

"y-yes." she spoke, as i let her go. "good. wear that skirt tonight." i said, as i packed my bag. "mr. redson is in his office now, sugar." i chuckled, as she nodded, walking out the room while pulling her skirt down a little. oh, she's gonna get it tonight.


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