sugar // afi // 5sos

in which ashton has cravings for a sweet girl

disclaimer: lil kinky


1. prologue.

- prologue.

"vanessa anderson?" my name got called out by mr. block.

a blush appeared on my cheeks, as i waited for my diploma.

mr block glanced down at his paper, before looking at me again. "i would like you to stay after class." he said, leaving me speechless.

why won't he give my diploma? my grades are okay, except maths, but he said i can change that. maybe he just wants to talk about my diploma. i shouldn't worry so much.

as the last name was called, everyone stood up from their seats and walked out of the classroom to go to the last lunch of the school year.

with a big sigh, i made my way to mr. block. he had his arms crossed, pressing his lips into a firm line. even though he was in his early 30's, he was a pretty attractive man.

"vanessa, i looked at your earlier grades this year, and i hate to say, your maths has got downhill. can you tell me the reason?" he spoke, looking me straight in the eyes.

i looked down at the paper he had in front of him, as i thought of what to say. the paper was sealed by a dark blue paper that exposed my name and class.

"i don't know, mister. i guess this was just a tough year. mrs. rosebud told me most students had problems with this year's tests. besides, i could easily redo them." i flashed him a sweet smile, as he finally set his posture a little more comforting.

"i know, i know. i just don't want you to stress about redoing tests that you find hard. take care, okay?" he handed me my diploma, as i gave him a nod before walking out of the classroom.


i jumped into the girl's bathroom, sliding my diploma into my dark red backpack. i took a look into the mirror, fixing a strand of my wavy dark brown hair.

my hands pulled down my black tennis skirt a little, seeing it was a bit high up my waist. didn't want people to see my ass. i quickly reapplied the pinky nude lipstick on my lips, before heading out.

but not before jumping into someone. my head bashed against the person's chest, as i let out a groan. i backed up, as i looked at the person in front of me. can i say, my heart skipped a beat.

it was ashton. he's in the highest grade, and he is so handsome. it's not like i had a crush on him, but he caught my attention often. he's so intimidating.

"aren't you supposed to be at lunch downstairs, sugar?" his lips spoke, as a tingle went through my spine when i heard the nickname.

a red color appeared on my cheeks, as I noticed his eyes scanning my chest, and seeing his height, he could probably see down my top. "i.. yes?" was all i managed to say.

ashton's lips formed into a smirk, as he took his hand out. "i'm ashton." is this a dream? my eyes looked up at him, as i shook his hand. "vanessa."

"i never really saw you walking around." he spoke, furrowing his eyebrows. i sighed, as i looked down at my freshly polished nails. "i'm not that outstanding in this sea of people, i guess."

"well, you're not that tall. not to be a dick or anything." he smiled, scratching the back of his neck as if what he just said was a mistake. i giggled, fiddling with the hem of my skirt. i bit down on my bottom lip, as i looked up to meet his eyes again, that were staring straight at me.

sounds of yelling guys filled the hallway, as ashton broke eyecontact. "i have to go. i guess i'll see you around these last couple hours, sugar." he said before heading off.



first chapter of this story! i hope you all will enjoy this story, but i kinda suck at this, sooo. i will update again as quick as possible, so yeah

bye bae's!

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