Short Story: The Old Fisherman


1. One

The fisherman loaded his small boat and set out into the restless sea; the sun would be rising any minute. His silver hair would be glistening in the morning’s first rays.

The other fishermen, who were fishing in groups, pointed and laughed when they saw the old man’s small boat being tossed by the tides.

They continued to mock him as he prepared his simple bait: shrimp. He carefully baited his hook and dropped his line into the sea.

“You’re not going to catch anything with that!” and the jeers began.

“If you catch anything, it may be bigger than your boat!” said another.

The old man quietly went about his work and within minutes had a fish. It was not huge but it was the first catch of the day.

“That is all you will catch today, old man!” the other fisherman laughed at the size of the fish.

He then caught 5 more fish then another 6 more. The other men were stunned at the amount of the fish the old man had caught. The little boat, which was now full of fish, was being weighed down much more than before.

As his tiny boat neared the dock, he looked back at the other fishermen, who were watching him keenly, and smiled.

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