''Love is expensive pleasure''

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  • Published: 5 Jan 2017
  • Updated: 5 Jan 2017
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Rich people also cries. Sometimes very bitter. Just like the good-looking Lance who meets the wrong girl to marry and pays expensive for his choice. At the end everything falls into the right places.


2. 2.

 The wedding was fairytale-like. So many guests,live band and champagne, white 5-stock cake and numerous presents. That's how the smart Kylee imagined her dream wedding and ….her dream life from that day on.

Now, eight months later, Lance and his young wife are living normally.

-See you, well, I don't know when the match will be ending exactly,but....

-Don't explain!-uninterested replied Kylee to her husband who was going to see his favorite team at the city stadium-See you after that,honey!

-OK, bye,I'm a bit late!-said Lance and went outside. It was 15:00h and the game would begins an hour later.


                                                                                         . . .

 Going alone at the game was a change for the millionaire. A time where he could both enjoy sport event and listen to his own thoughts,without Kylee being around,without anybody from his family being around. Lance was thinking how he will take his future son at the stadium and together will cheer the team or how he will attend his son future baseball games at school and support him. Lance wanted a child sooner than later. Kylee had her own opinion on the subject and one day told him that for now she doesn't see herself as a so young mother. Nothing stopped both of them to have an offspring of course.


                                                                                           . . .

Around six in the evening, Lance was walking home,preparing the words in his mind which wanted to say to Kylee when he gets home. He planned to have a serious conversation with his wife about having their own baby. But the late afternoon took an unexpected for Lance turn. He was crossing the street. The traffic-light showed green but a car forced the speed and bumped into him. The millionaire heir last saw yellow lights in front of him and then was nothing.


                                                                                      . . .


  Kylee wished her husband was dead. He nevertheless escaped the trap, not without consequences. Lance remained blind and had Lasegue disease. More than a month in the most expensive hospital didn't help him much. During that time the clever wife didn't visit him even once. Strangely, she disappeared into thin air,disappointed the guy she hired to do the dirty job failed and now she couldn't inherit her husband's fortune. If only Lance could see now Kylee's real nature and motives.

Mrs. Brockly never left her son's bedside in the hospital. She couldn't overcome the thought her only son will remain blind, maybe forever. She also cursed the cunning evil Kylee. Even before their wedding, she had felt with her gut this young woman was up to something insidious. But love is blind, isn't it. When we believe in love so much, sometimes we forget what the person next us really is. Right their,between the white corridors of the hospital, Lance realized love is the most expensive sacrifice, the most luxurious please a man can afford. But somehow this revelation came too late. Or maybe not?

Instinctively, Mrs. Brockly sent a message to her son's first girlfriend-Betty.

Betty was still not married. It was very hard for her after Lance to look another man. Now she has a chance to be happy again, with the love of her life. Without further ado, the young and good-hearted girl arrived at the hospital. The blind Lance didn't know about the surprising visit. Betty stepped in and said''Hi,Lance!''.

Lance recognized that warming voice. Then spread his arms and Betty fell into them.

-I never stopped loving you!-whispered Betty to him.

-Look at me now-said Lance-I am not the same person I used to be. I lost my ability to see! How will I see you now and all the beautiful things in the world?

-I don't care about that! You know me well, I accept people for what they are inside,not outside. I love you even blind, Lance! Have faith, I am sure you won't be blind for a lifetime!-gave him courage Betty

-I hope you're right, Betty.


                                                                                       . . .


 Betty took care of Lance after the hospital. She didn't leave him for a minute. They had so many things to catch up with after these long years not seeing each other. Betty surrounds him with so much pure love,tender care, devotion and positive energy that half an year later, the millionaire heir began seeing a bit with his left eye. A progress,without Betty would be nearly impossible. So much hatred,plots and jealousy,coming from the greedy and cunning Kylee blocked the vitality of Lance,now the joy of having back Betty again, will cure him step by step until he fully sees the world again. And so it was. Because real love is not demanding and doesn't require material things.

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