''Love is expensive pleasure''

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  • Published: 5 Jan 2017
  • Updated: 5 Jan 2017
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Rich people also cries. Sometimes very bitter. Just like the good-looking Lance who meets the wrong girl to marry and pays expensive for his choice. At the end everything falls into the right places.


1. 1.

Truth is a trap. When you realize you're in it-there's no turning back




 Lance was a man in a million. He was pretty special. There's no one who wouldn't like him because he acquires a natural charm. He was very handsome and when he turned 28,ladies literally fought for him, he was a desired object of their attention.

Lance appeal was Hollywood-like. God gave him so much like He wanted to create the perfect male and the achievement was successful-Lance had the presence of Humphrey Bogart and the charm of James Dean. He could be easily mistaken for a true movie star, a rising stallion who only needs the perfect princess beside him.


                                                                                          . . .

 A man like Lance just couldn't date an ordinary, simple girl. It was against nature and society laws. And he didn't go against the unwritten norms and broke the hearts and crushed the dreams of many next-door beauties who weren't Miss America but all had good and merciful hearts. But no ordinary middle-class girl was suitable for Lance.


                                                                                            . . .


I  t's an urban legend that rich people are not the nicest people in the world. Many of them are self-centered ego maniacs,encapsulated in their bubble and shielded themselves from the ''ordinary folks''.

Recently Lance,whose father was in a sick-bed and passed away,inherited his father's fortune. His parent owned several factories in different industries,so neither Lance,nor his mother would have to work for living from now on. Lance was lucky again but he wasn't spoil. He was never a spoiled boy. He was actually friendly and kind. If you don't know him, you'll never assume he has millions in the bank account and can afford pretty much everything. No, that wasn't him. But sly sharks a.k.a gold diggers are circling around him. Polite on the outside,with an innocent smile and fluttering eye-lashes, some girls are ready on everything to win Lance heart. Girls like Kylee. She was smarter than her competition. Even smarter than Lance and he fell into her web. Six months later only and they set a date for a wedding. Kylee was super happy and content about the course of events, her future millionaire husband was also visibly glad. Only Mrs. Brockly, Lance mother, was concerned. One day she told her son:

-I'll ask you outright,honey, are you sure you want to marry this girl Kylee?

-Mom, what's the matter? You've said you like her much!

-Yes, I did. I don't know, maybe I'm nervous about my son getting married but sometimes when she doesn't expect me to come or be in the room she is, I caught her talking on the phone and always whispering something and then when she suddenly sees me, she puts an innocent smile and stops with the talk.

-She probably speaks with her parents,mom! It's normal,don't you think?-tried to convinced her Lance.

-Son, I just want you to be happy, that's all. You remember the good Betty,right? You were so in love but then you walked away....

-That was so many years ago!-interrupted the son-we were very young and I dare say stupid, I don't like to remember. Kylee is gorgeous and funny and very smart, I am sure you will become even closer after the wedding,mom!

-I guess you're right! O.K, give me a kiss and don't pay attention to my worries anymore!-said Mrs. Brockly and hugged her only son.

-I love you, mom!-just answered Lance and kissed his mother on the forehead.

                                                                               . . .  

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