Teen mum

The doctor said "your 14 year old daughter is pregnant" but that wasn't the only thing wrong I was also 37 weeks an ready to pop
Based on a true story of my life


5. The ultrasound !

I told my ex about me being pregnant as we were just starting to get really close again an he said quote to quote "I'm here for you I always will be" its 2017 an his still here (now my bf again) 

It's the day ! My ultrasound !!!!! Both mum an I were sitting an waiting for the ultrasound to be done she said if I have a girl I can keep her if it's a boy I can't as girls aren't as hyped as boys were an I still thought that was unfair an I was determined to get what I wanted ! I don't care if it's a boy or a girl I want the baby to keep an be a mum an finish school.
My name was called an we walked inside she put the gel she warmed up on my stomach to see how big the baby was an the gender ! She told me how big the baby way an that the baby was engaged an ready to come it's just a matter of days now :) she also showed me the baby's little hands an head an the heartbeat. she then asked if I would like to know the gender LF COURSE I DID  ! 

The gender of the baby is ......
Read the next Chapter to find out 

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