Teen mum

The doctor said "your 14 year old daughter is pregnant" but that wasn't the only thing wrong I was also 37 weeks an ready to pop
Based on a true story of my life


7. The next day

Hospital visits an blood test eek

we got up early the next day to head to the hospital for a very long 10 hour day. First we had to go see my midwife an get checked out an we talked an she looked at my belly to make sure Bub was still ok he was :) he was now 3/4 engaged meaning I was about to pop I still had 2 weeks left  now an it was crazy to think that in 2 weeks I'll be holding my little boy we finished my midwife appointment an went downstairs to see the guy that does epidural an gas an c-sections an to see if I wanted anything for my birth we ended up choosing the epidural because my pain tolerance is horrible Lol after that we sat down an had some lunch an talked about what was going to happen next before we knew it I was being showed the birthing suite I had the options of water birth an a normal one on the bed I got showed the beds an bathrooms (waterbirth rooms) after about 1-2 hours I was walking downstairs again to get a blood test this blood test was a bit different as I had to drink this really gross "soft drink" witch was very salty an eww they had to take my blood just before an I had to sit still for 2 hours as this was for my blood surgar to see if I had diabetties in my pregnancy 2 hours passed an they took my blood again an I didn't have diabetties i was safe Ahha I then had to go see some chick about my feelings an what was happing for Bub mum still wanted me to give him up I surly did not so we talked for hours an then we got to go home yay 


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